microsoft dynamics crm 3 0 and office integration n.
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and Office Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and Office Integration

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and Office Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and Office Integration. Presented by: Karl Iuel. What is CRM?.

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what is crm
What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy to select and manage the most valuable customer relationships. CRM requires a customer-centric business philosophy and culture to support effective marketing, sales, and service processes.*


what are the benefits of a crm solution
What are the benefits of a CRM solution?
  • “I can’t get a single customer list together!”
  • “ I have no idea what my sales team are up to!”
  • “My departments don’t talk to each other and don’t know what the other one is doing, on the same customer!”
  • “I hate doing my weekly sales reports! Its all manual and I don’t have access to the information”
  • “ I can’t see what my customer’s complaints are and how they are being resolved! I’m on the back foot the moment I arrive at the customer”
  • “I've just had a sales guy leave and I have no idea where he was up to with our customers.  The next guy we hire is going to have to start from scratch - again!".
crm projects fail
CRM Projects Fail?!

A 2004 AMR Research study found that:

28 percent of CRM projects failed to go live

33 percent had serious user adoption problems

A 2005 Forrester Research study found that:

Two-thirds of respondents were unhappy withthe ease of use of their CRM system

More than half of respondents were not satisfied withtheir CRM system's return on investment (ROI).

what are the reasons for project failure
What are the reasons for project failure?
  • CRM is a strategy not a technology!
  • There is no management buy in!
  • There is no change management in place
  • The CRM Software is to hard to use!
  • The CRM Software is not inside Outlook!
  • My business and staff have to change to fit the CRM Software!
why microsoft crm
Why Microsoft CRM?

Works the Way You Do

Microsoft CRM is the easiest and most natural way for your people to use CRM

Works the Way Your Business Does

Microsoft CRM is the easiest and most natural way for your people to use CRM

Works the Way Technology Should

Microsoft CRM is the easiest and most natural way for your people to use CRM

works the way you do
Works the Way You Do

The easiest, most natural way to use CRM

  • Native Outlook folders and command bars
  • Contact, calendar, task, and e-mail synchronization
  • Quick views of relevant information

Track activities with a single click

Share views across your organization

Use sales and marketing data right from within Outlook

works the way you do1
Works the Way You Do

Works with the 2007 Office system

  • Enhance your productivity even more by working inside Outlook 2007
  • Use the context based Ribbon UI to perform common tasks

Track e-mail with the Outlook 2007 ribbon

works the way your business does
Works the Way Your Business Does

CRM that fits your exact needs

  • Create workflows based on standard or custom data
  • Evaluate conditions across multiple systems
works the way technology should
Works the Way Technology Should

Fast, flexible and affordable

Flexible deployment

Choose Outlook, browser, or mobile device

Choose to deploy as on-premise or hosted

Standard Toolsets

Relies on common IT tools and skills

Office, SQL Server, Visual Studio, XML …

Integration and Extensibility

Native Web services / service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Connect multiple systems in real-time

reasons customers have chosen microsoft crm
Reasons customers have chosen Microsoft CRM
  • Familiar interface
  • Reduces risk
  • Complementary to existing infrastructure
microsoft dynamics crm
Microsoft Dynamics™CRM

At a glance

  • Over 7,500 customers
  • Over 250,000 users
  • Full suiteSales, Marketing, Service, Service Scheduling
  • Native Office experience
  • SOA/Web Services-based architecture
  • Flexible, fast and affordable
  • Available in over20 languages


Microsoft CRMWorldwide Customer Growth






Quotes from the analysts

This really rounds out the product. I think this new release will make the out-of-the-box product meet a wider range of needs.Liz Herbert Forrester Research, Inc.

Microsoft always has a hosted option through partners, but what they didn't have was a full-blown strategy on how to handle that. I think this is a great strategy. I fully endorse it. They're on the right path. Sheryl Kingstone, Yankee Group


Integration with Outlook

Email, Appointments, Tasks and Contacts

Integration with Microsoft Excel

Pivot Tables

Integration with Microsoft Word

Mail Merge

Integration with SharePoint

Microsoft CRM Webparts

Microsoft Dynamics SNAP

microsoft dynamics snap
Microsoft Dynamics SNAP

Realizing benefits is a snap!

  • Familiar – Minimal training required, employees will be able to access and incorporate vital business data using the Microsoft Office programs they already know.
  • Convenient -- Allows employees to accomplish tasks from within the Microsoft applications they use most frequently leading to more efficient work streams and timely results.
  • Controlled – Set user access privileges to specific Microsoft Dynamics data, to help ensure the right information is available to the right individuals to do their jobs effectively.
  • Accurate – Access real-time data directly from Microsoft Dynamics applications, helping to ensure data is current, and eliminating errors caused by rekeying.
  • Integrated – Maximize your current investment through innovative integration of Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office solutions.
business data lookup
Business Data Lookup

Business Data Lookup allows an information worker to search for and insert Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics CRM data into a Microsoft Office Word document, Excel spreadsheet or Outlook email, all without ever having to leave the Microsoft Office interface.  The document or spreadsheet that is created can also be attached to the Microsoft Dynamics record for later reference.

custom report generator
Custom Report Generator

Custom Report Generator enables an information worker to extract, view and analyze data residing in Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics CRM as neatly formatted reports within Microsoft Office Excel. Creating a new report or editing an existing one is easy since the reports are generated from meta-data that defines what data to show, where to surface it and what formatting to apply.

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