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ISG Company: New Business Models PowerPoint Presentation
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ISG Company: New Business Models

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ISG Company: New Business Models - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISG Company: New Business Models. About ISG. Russian company, incorporated by Russian founders. Rated 27 th among biggest Russian IT companies according to CNews Ratings 200 7’s turnover: $ 155 M Planned turnover for 200 8: $ 24 0 M 320 highly qualified employees

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ISG Company: New Business Models

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ISG Company:

New Business Models

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

about isg
About ISG
  • Russian company, incorporated by Russian founders. Rated 27th among biggest Russian IT companies according to CNews Ratings
  • 2007’s turnover:$ 155M
  • Planned turnover for 2008:$ 240 M
  • 320 highly qualified employees
  • Possibility of investments
  • Availability of all required licenses and certificates
  • Management of geographically distributed support services
  • The managers’ track record includes the work in the largest Russian and foreign companies
  • ISG’s Mission: Implementing the most efficient business models in the Russian economy

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

company structure
Company structure

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

consulting from strategies to outsourcing
Consulting:From Strategies to Outsourcing

Strategic consulting

  • Operational business planning
  • Organizational reformation
  • IT strategy
  • Sourcing strategy

Activities optimization

  • Customer relations management consulting
  • Logistical consulting
  • IT consulting
  • Risk management

Corporate Information Systems

  • CIS architecture design
  • Business processes reengineering during ERP/CRM/CPM systems implementation
  • Design of front-to-back business processes as part of business applications integration

Branch technological solutions

  • OSS systems-based solutions

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

managerial consulting
Managerial Consulting

Organization Management

  • ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ business process modeling
  • Resource models development (management objects model)
  • Role models development
  • Organizational structures modeling
  • Regulative documents development
  • Generation of information managerial model

Finance & Economics

  • Development of key performance indicators and balanced indicators system
  • Development of models for strategic business costs management
  • Development of managerial accounting and budgeting models
  • Development of investments management system
  • Development of staff motivation system

Methodology Implementation in IT Environment:DION Software Suite

  • Customer workplaces system
  • Data entry / view / editing rights management system
  • Database data storage
  • Different approaches to data management
  • Models scaling

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

comprehensive integration equidistance from vendors
Comprehensive Integration:Equidistance from Vendors
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  • SCM: Supply Chain Management
  • BI: Business Intelligence
  • KM: Knowledge Management
  • EAM: Enterprise Asset Management

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

industrial outsourcing
Industrial Outsourcing

IT and Telecom Technologies Outsourcing

  • User workplaces
  • Network and Server equipment
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Applied software
  • Technological software
  • Telecommunication equipment

Business Processes Outsourcing

  • Fiscal, tax, businessaccounting
  • Human resources management
  • Client interactions
  • Security services

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

features of industrial outsourcing
Features of Industrial Outsourcing
  • Services rendered across a geographically distributed area
  • Possibility of investments into the Customer’s infrastructure
  • Long-term contracts
  • In-depth knowledge of the Russian market’s distinguishing features
  • Simultaneous services to multiple Customers

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

project management general responsibility
Project management:General Responsibility

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

isg as base element
ISGas Base Element

ISGis managing the integration process with the Customer’s interest in mind

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

isg product
ISG Product

Analysis of the Customer’s needsand their transformation into terms and tasks

Replacement of obsolete solutions with new ones, and/orsolutions withdrawal

Selection of best-suited technologies, solutions, vendorsand subcontractors

Conception and management of the solution implementation project;

Solutions support and upgrades

Full or partial financing of all stagesof solutions implementation

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

licenses and certificates
Licenses and Certificates

GOST R ISO 9001-2001 Certificate of compliance

License for research and development of confidential information protection tools

License for technical protection of confidential information

License for the assembly, repairs and maintenance of fire safety assurance systems in buildings and installations

License for fire prevention and fire-fighting activities

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

licenses and certificates13
Licenses and Certificates

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

isg s customers
  • State organizations
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Large enterprises with spatially distributed branches network from other sectors of economy

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

isg s customers15
ISG’s Customers

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

examples of completed projects national projects monitoring system gas upravlenie

PNP Administration

PNP Administration

Control of PNPsImplementation

Data for Monitoring

Roadmap;Planning forms

Data for Monitoring


Administrator forReportingCollection


Administrator for interaction withexperts

Examples of Completed Projects.National Projects Monitoring System: GAS ‘Upravlenie’



PNP Administration

1st Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russia

PNP Superviser

Assignment of Charges;Preparation of Events

PNP IS Data Storage


Assignment of Charges;Preparation of Events

Control of PNPsImplementation


Network traffic entry; Reporting entry

Controlling Authorities

Reporting forms export

Reporting forms distribution

Reporting data collection


© 2008, Integrated Services Group

data storage processing centers
Data Storage & Processing Centers

Investments into the deployment of regional network comprising 8 Data Centers: more than 1 billion rubles

Moscow Data Center –

Pilot in ISGs’ Federal Network

  • Went live in September 2007
  • Total area:more than 1,000 sq.m.
  • Capacity: 230 telecommunication cabinets

Europe’s Largest Data Center in Dubna

  • Construction started in 3rd quarter of 2008
  • Total Investments: 1 billion rubles
  • Total area: 4.3 hectares (10.6 acres)
  • Capacity: 3,200 telecommunication cabinets

© 2008, Integrated Services Group

benefits of partnership with isg
Benefits ofpartnership withISG
  • Increase of management efficiency owing to the optimization of decision support system based on real time monitoring.
  • Stability and transparence of financial performance.
  • Sound strategy selection.
  • Controlled growth of capitalization.
  • Improved company market standing among the competitors.
  • Reduction of all kinds of risks.
  • Decreased terms of implementation of large complex projects.
  • Decreased cost of non-specific functions (such as IT).

© 2008, Integrated Services Group



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Phone / Fax:+7 (495) 223-45-50/55

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