the jealous big brother n.
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The Jealous Big Brother

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The Jealous Big Brother
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  1. The Jealous Big Brother Tony Fiegen

  2. Matt always wanted a little brother. He asked his mom if he would be an only child forever.

  3. Matt thought that the day would never come when he would become a big brother. One day, Matt’s mother brought him some news.

  4. She informed him that she was going to have a baby and it was going to be a boy. Matt became so excited that he was going to become a big brother.

  5. The day finally came. Matt finally had a little brother, Joe. He was so excited that he could finally call himself an older brother.

  6. After the first couple of months with Joe at home, Matt became jealous because his mom gave Joe all of her attention. He became sad and thought that his mom loved Joe more than him.

  7. Matt was destined to somehow get his mother back to showing him attention like she used to. He told his mom that she should love him more because all that Joe did was cry, eat, sleep, and soil his diaper. Matt’s mom became upset.

  8. As they both grew older, Matt became more and more jealous of Joe. When Joe said his first words, the parents gave him all of their attention. This made Matt angry.

  9. Matt thought of a way to get back at Joe. He taught Joe how to say Matt, so that every time Joe said his name, his parents would turn their attention to Matt. The day when Joe said Matt’s name, his parents kept all of their attention right on Joe. His plan had failed.

  10. After years had passed, Joe finally became potty-trained. Their parents showed all of their attention towards him, and this made Matt angry.

  11. Matt came up with a plan to get his parents to give him some attention. He snuck in to Joe’s bedroom one night and put his hand in a bowl of warm water while he was sleeping. When Joe woke up the next morning, he found that he had wet the bed. Matt’s plan was brilliant.

  12. When the parents saw what had happened, they became angry at Matt and asked why he would prank Joe in such a way. Matt’s plan didn’t work after all.

  13. When the day came for Joe to start school, all of his parents’ attention was on him. This made Matt angry and very jealous. He thought of a plan to get back at Joe.

  14. On the first day of school, Matt volunteered to help Joe get dressed for the day. He showed Joe the ‘cool’ way of dressing up on the first day of school.

  15. When Joe got onto the school bus, all of the kids began to laugh and point at him. This was because Matt told him that it was cool to wear your underwear on the outside of your jeans. Matt had got him good this time.

  16. At supper that night, the parents scolded Matt for doing such a thing to Joe. Matt finally gave up on trying to get back at Joe.

  17. When Christmas vacation rolled around, Matt found that he had nothing to do for entertainment. He found it in himself to be nice to Joe for a change, asking him to play dinosaurs with him.

  18. They had a great time and played different games with each other all day. At the end of the day, the parents approached Matt and thanked him for being so nice. From that day forward, Matt felt better as his parents showed him more attention and treated them equally.

  19. Matt decided that it was fun being a big brother after all.

  20. THE END