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Mentor/Mentee Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Mentor/Mentee Meeting

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Mentor/Mentee Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mentor/Mentee Meeting
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  1. Mentor/Mentee Meeting January 12, 2012 4:30-6:30pm ARL Media Center

  2. Welcome Introductions Please find the mentor in the photo Introduce yourselves Each person should share one thing they learned during a classroom visit(s) or something they implemented because of a classroom visit(s)

  3. Agenda • Welcome – 5 minutes • Information Updates – 10 minutes • Business Focus: Tier 1 Support – 15 minutes • Instructional Focus: Pull Outs & Missed Time –20 minutes • Mentor & Mentee Work Time – 1 hour • Share Out & Wrap up – 10 minutes

  4. Welcome! OIT Points of Contact are Geordie & Bob

  5. Information Updates • Extra sub day to visit mentor/mentee (can be used in ½ days). Use code 301 and submit rainbow form. • If you have not planned your sub visit with your mentor/mentee yet, please try to do that during today’s work time. • Reminder: 3rd & 4th Grade Assessment data is due January 27. • Reminder: Follow Up Needed for Feb PD

  6. Tier 1 Support

  7. Tier 1 Support • 10 minutes then ticket (use discretion) • Create a school process with your LMS and partner TT • Check useful conferences:  CLC FAQ, ERO FAQ, Aspen Users, Wikispace FAQ, Wikispace Account Request • Visit OIT wiki • “Google it” • Shadow your technician when possible

  8. Scenario 1: Pull Outs It is the second quarter and you are teaching grades K-3.  You are also piloting the STEM EiE curriculum for grades 2 and 3.  You are working hard to come up with lessons that support the content that is being taught in the grade-level curriculum as well as integrate the technology objectives and tech literacy skills.  In your STEM classes in particular you are finding it difficult to fit everything in on a daily basis.  Finally, you don’t have much support in your inclusion classes.In addition to all of these challenges you find that you have a constant stream of students coming in and out of your class for music sectionals and reading interventions, including a few students with IEPs.  You find it very difficult to meet the needs of all of the students especially the students who are missing parts of the class each week.  Your third graders have an assessment coming up and you are concerned that the pullout students in particular have missed many of the technology objectives.  

  9. Scenario 1: Pull Outs • What strategies and/or supports can you put in place to work with the students being pulled out (music sectionals, reading interventions, students with IEPs)? • How would your strategies and/or supports change based on the reason for the pull out?

  10. Scenario 2: Missed Time You have worked hard to get the 4th grade team to co-plan with you on a long term project on “Safety” to support the health curriculum.  This is your first time working with this team despite several failed attempts of asking them to work with you in the past.  You see your 4th grade classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Your responsibility in the project is to work with the students on creating podcasts and iMovies where students will create PSAs on Public Safety. Each student group has a different topic.  You are halfway to the end of the project and you notice that your Wednesday class is well ahead of your other classes. In fact you have one group of students finished already from that class.  You are concerned that the Monday and Friday groups will not get finished in time. In addition, you are wondering what to do for the students who have completed their project in the Wednesday class.  You are starting to panic as the 4th grade teachers want to submit the videos into the school enrichment fair in a few weeks.    

  11. Scenario 2: Missed Time • What strategies and/or supports can you put in place for the Monday and Friday class to help them finish on time? • What strategies can you put in place for small groups within the same class that complete the project at different times? • What agreements would be important to establish with the team when co-planning future projects?

  12. Scenario 2: Missed Time

  13. Work Time Focus on Semester 2

  14. Share Out

  15. Wrap Up • Evaluation link will be emailed to you • Next meeting is April 11, 2012 • Ideas for future meeting topics? Please email Geordie