geometry ge1 1 vs me1 1 n.
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Geometry: GE1/1 vs ME1/1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Geometry: GE1/1 vs ME1/1

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Geometry: GE1/1 vs ME1/1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geometry: GE1/1 vs ME1/1. GEM 1/1 Geometry. GEM Super- chambers. BeamLine. I.P. The distance from the beamline to the axis of the pivoting parts of the chambers is 1274mm in “Y” direction. T he definition of X, Y, Z directions and phi, eta angles. GE1/1 Detector Layout.

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The distance from the beamline to the axis of the pivoting parts of the chambers is 1274mm in “Y” direction.

ge1 1 proto2 readout board
GE1/1 Proto2 – Readout Board

128 channels per VFAT connector


3072 channels

384strips for each eta partition

Strip’s pitch 0.8mm

Strip’s pitch 0.4mm


152.68 mm

151.68 mm

123.76 mm

122.76 mm

103.8 mm

103.8 mm

101.1 mm

102.12 mm

393.05 mm

393.05 mm

393.05 mm

393.05 mm

366.51 mm

366.17 mm

344.51 mm

344.33 mm

322.86 mm

322.51 mm

304.34 mm

304.17 mm

286.01 mm

285.83 mm

268.14 mm

267.96 mm

393.22 mm

419.934 mm

250.1 mm

970.63 mm

me1 rings and chambers
ME1 Rings And Chambers
  • ME1 stationhas 3 physical rings
  • Each ring has 36 chambers
    • Phi position of chamber #n :phi(n) = (n-1)*10o
  • Links:
    • Note on CSC numbering conventions CMS IN-2007/024
    • ME1/1 chambers details twiki




me1 1 chamber details
ME1/1 Chamber Details

ME1/1 = ME1/a + ME1/b

Continuous wire groups coverage

48 wiregroups at 29o inclination angle

WG #11-16 cross the border between 1/a & 1/b

Separate sets of strips in 1/a & 1/b

1/b has 64 strips

read out by 4 CFEBs (16 strips/CFEB)

Odd & even chambers overlap by ~5 strips

1/a has 48 strips

Currently ganged in sets of 3 and read out by a single CFEB

After upgrade will be read our by 3 digital CFEBs

Odd & even chambers overlap by ~3 strips

Sensitive volume dimensions are from NOTE-2008/026

Etas we calculated at average z between odd & even chambers










me1 1 ring layers details in r z view
ME1/1 Ring & Layers Details in r-z view

Odd & Even chambers are staggered in Z

Distance between odd & even chamber centers in z is ~293mm

Each chamber has 6 layers in z

Layer is 7 mm thick

Z-spacing between two layer centers is 22 mm

~110 mm between 1st and 6th layers

Whole chamber thickness is 147 mm





Towards IP






Towards IP





Towards IP








me1 1 and ge1 1 two chambers
ME1/1 and GE1/1: two chambers

Odd numbered CSC chambers , located farther away from IP then even ones, are also at much larger distance from their companion GEM chambers

csc chambers vs gem r z view
CSC chambers vs GEM: r-z view

All ME1/b eta range for odd numbered chambers (farther away from IP) is covered by GEMs

But the distance to GEMs would make matching less precise

Would TMB receive signal from left and right GEMs?

Even numbered chambers don’t cover in eta the top of ME1/b, but do cover a bit of ME1/a top

GEMs are close, so the precision of matching should be better

Would need different conversion for odd and even chambers

strips vs gem readouts4csc phi coverage
Strips vs. GEM readouts4CSC phi-coverage

Phi-coverage of chambers from their dimensions and known radial positions:

Each one out of 36 ME1/1 chambers: 10.945 deg

Each GE11 chamber: 10.15 deg

Phi-coverage per trigger readout:

ME1/b (64 strips): ~ 0.171 deg/strip

Most of ME1/b would be covered by GE1/1

ME1/a (48 strips): ~ 0.228 deg/strip

Only top fraction of ME1/a would be covered by GE1/1

GE1/1 (if each eta partition has 16*3 readouts for CSC with grouping of 8 GEM channels into a single readout4CSC): ~ 0.211 deg/readout4CSC

It’s somewhat close to ME1/a strip phi-coverage

Ideal grouping for matching ME1/b strip phi size would be 6.5 gem strips – not feasible!

GE1/1 with 16-grouping of strips: ~ 0.423 deg/readout4CSC

Which is ~2.5 ME1/b strips

Note: the phi granularity of CSC trigger is half-strips

wiregroup vs gem readouts4csc coverage
Wiregroup vs. GEM readouts4CSC coverage

Things are more complex with wiregroups, as they are slanted at 29deg

Naively, from 1505mm chamber length with 48 WG, we get ~ 31 mm/WG

Taking the 29deg slant into account, single WG covers in local y:

At the top of ME1/a ~ 250 mm

At the bottom of ME1/a ~ 160 mm

GE1/1 eta partition sizes:

At the top ~ 153 mm

At the bottom ~ 102 mm