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Colona School District #190

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Colona School District #190. Consolidation Presentation. September 4, 2013. Mission Statement. The Mission of the Colona School District is to promote student growth by providing rigorous and relevant learning opportunities in order to succeed in an ever-changing world. . Brief History.

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Colona School District #190

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Colona School District #190

Consolidation Presentation

September 4, 2013


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Colona School District is to promote student growth by providing rigorous and relevant learning opportunities in order to succeed in an ever-changing world.

brief history
Brief History
  • UT and the partner districts are considered dual districts.
  • Carbon Cliff/Barstow, Colona, East Moline, Hampton and Silvis are the five elementary partner districts who send students to UTHS District #30.
  • There are approximately 100 high school only districts in Illinois. UTHS officially was incorporated in 1915.
  • The concept of the township high school was to provide small elementary schools and communities a more cost-effective high school. In 1915, there were multiple small school districts that could not afford to provide a quality 9-12 education for their children, thus the formation of United Township.
  • Partner districts resumed discussions about consolidation shortly after Governor Quinn proposed moving to county- wide school districts in 2011.
  • Upon this proposal, Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon was tasked, under state law, with developing ways Illinois school districts could improve student learning opportunities and reduce duplicative administration costs. This task was called the “Classrooms First Commission.”
  • The Commission proposed a variety of shared services and other ideas for reducing duplicative services.
  • During and after this process, partner district superintendents began further discussions and approached their respective boards to study consolidation.
process continued
Process, continued
  • A variety of consolidation studies have occurred over the years, with the most recent study in 2004.
  • What’s changed?
    • Prior to 2008, consolidation law stipulated that if a consolidation vote occurred and voters in one district defeated the measure, the consolidation could not happen even if other districts approved the measure.
    • In 2008, this law changed, allowing dual districts to form a hybrid district and the elementary districts who fail to pass the measure to remain an elementary district, with their students attending the same high school as before.
study overview
Study Overview
  • Participating Boards of Education contracted with retired superintendent David Bills to conduct the study. Mr. Bills (Riverdale) was assisted by retired superintendents Dr. Harold Ford (Geneseo)and Richard VanKerrebroeck (Annawan).
  • The study produced 10 recommendations.
summary of study recommendations
Summary of Study Recommendations
  • The five districts should consider conducting discussions about the feasibility of coming together as one district.
  • All 10 schools in proposed study should remain open. Two junior highs (Glenview and Silvis Northeast), instead of four could be utilized.
  • In-depth review of elementary curriculum should be done, stressing horizontal and vertical alignment of K-8 curriculum incorporating Common Core Standards.
  • Extra-curricular and intramural activities could be enhanced for all students at the junior high/middle school level.
summary of recommendations continued
Summary of Recommendations, Continued
  • Student population provides that current certified teaching staff should be similar. Teacher salary differentials would be covered by the projected large increase in General State Aid. Reduction of duplicative services may further reduce expenditures.
  • Student transportation efficiencies could result in transportation savings.
  • Update financial data (as it becomes available) used in making final revenue predictions/recommendations.
summary continued
Summary, Continued

8. Tax Rate recommendations (maximum)

  • H.S. Ed Fund $1.30
  • Elem. Ed. Fund $2.70
  • HS O&M $0.25
  • Elem. O&M Fund $0.25
  • HS Sped. Fund $0.10
  • Elem. Sped. Fund $0.10
  • Transportation $0.20
  • Working Cash $0.05
  • Lease $0.05
  • HLS $0.05
  • IMRF $0.16 (as needed)
  • Soc. Sec./Med $0.19 (as needed)
  • Tort $0.30 (as needed)
  • Total $5.70 (without bonds)
current tax rate comparisons 2011 levy collectable 2012
Current Tax Rate Comparisons2011 Levy/Collectable 2012
    • FY 2011 UT Levy = 1.8982
  • UT/EMSD $5.6167
  • UT/Silvis $5.7834
  • UT/Colona $4.5636
  • UT/CCB $5.0242
    • $5.70 is the maximum rate, recommended, without debt.
summary of recommendations continued1
Summary of Recommendations, Continued
  • Capitalize on state incentive money – estimated at $20,350,000. This money should be used to fund necessary, one-time expenditures such as transportation, equipment, signage, etc. and not used in planning for continual, yearly expenses
  • The five boards should meet as soon as possible to determine interest in moving forward.
what does this mean to colona
What Does This Mean to Colona?

How would consolidation affect educational programs?

  • Curriculum – Improvement with better vertical and horizontal alignment in all subject areas across all grade levels and teachers – Better communication.
  • Content – Common Core Standards and uniform background knowledge prior to HS
  • Student Assessments – Improvement in uniformity and consistency of assessments
what does this mean to colona1
What Does This Mean to Colona?
  • How would consolidation affect educational programs?
  • Class sizes – Currently, Colona has very small class sizes with student numbers under 20. Class sizes may increase.
  • Student support programs – Colona offers Response to Interventions, Special Education, ZAP (Zeros Aren’t Permitted) and individual student Psychological and Social Worker services. Most of these programs are mandates that would continue.
what does this mean to colona2
What Does This Mean to Colona?

Athletic/Intramural Programs – Colona currently offers boys and girls athletic activities in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, and track.

These activities would likely continue or expand similar to United Townships’ present programsand might include swimming, soccer, football, wrestling, etc. as school sponsored sports at the Middle School level.

what does this mean to colona3
What Does This Mean to Colona?

Extracurricular – Colona offers Band, Scholastic Bowl, Astronomy Club, Builder’s Club, Chess Club, and new 21st Century Program activities for students. Most of these programs would likely continue or expand to meet the interest levels of many more students.

Choir/Speech/Debate, Foreign Language become possibilities.

what does this mean to colona4
What Does This Mean to Colona?
  • Educational and Support Staffing?
  • Consolidation would level the current wide salary disparitybetween Colona teachers and other districts.
  • Maintaining equitable class sizes would require similar staffing requirements.
  • Support staffing would become more centralized, stable, and specialized increasing efficiency of services.
what does this mean to colona5
What Does This Mean to Colona?

Superintendent position reduced to 1 person but would require additional administrative personnel specializing in areas such as Curriculum and Instruction, Human Resources, Operations and Maintenance, Transportation, Public Relations, Safety/Security, Business, Etc.

Building principals are necessary as the Instructional Leaders in each building site and perform a combination of critical student functions each day.

what does this mean to colona6
What Does This Mean to Colona?
  • Budget Information Background, Tax Rates, and the Impact on Educational Programs and Opportunities for Colona children
  • Revenue and Expenditure Trends and Potential Options for Colona…
  • A side note: Colona School District is in Henry County, which recently passed a 1-cent county wide sales tax. The revenues from this tax can only be used for “school facility purposes”.
revenue trends 2008 2014
Revenue Trends 2008-2014
  • *Based on projections, all other information based upon audit reports 2008 to 2012
general state aid trends
General State Aid Trends
  • *Based on projections, all other information based upon audit reports 2008 to 2012
expenditure trends 2008 2014
Expenditure Trends 2008-2014
  • *Based on projections, all other information based upon audit reports 2008 to 2012
education fund trends
Education Fund Trends
  • *Based on projections, all other information based upon audit reports 2008 to 2012
tax rate comparisons bureau henry stark
Tax Rate ComparisonsBureau, Henry, Stark

2012 Taxes Payable in 2013


AlWood 55,088,153 3.4500 0.5000 5.5376 384.24

Annawan43,864,123 2.9000 0.5000 4.3109 349.47

Bureau Valley107,590,494 2.7500 0.5000 5.4260 1,042.40

Cambridge 45,517,314 3.0000 0.5500 5.1085464.50

Colona 37,792,147 0.9200 0.5500 2.6601 423.80

Galva59,275,242 2.3332 0.6702 4.6939 538.14

Geneseo 319,452,991 2.3500 0.5000 4.0679 2,523.59

Kewanee 72,892,363 1.8400 0.5000 4.0950 1,696.81

Ladd G.S. 30,069,220 1.7239 0.2421 2.9532 222.39

Orion 128,176,623 2.9000 0.5000 4.7827 999.82

Princeton G.S. 233,825,172 1.4000 0.2500 2.7498 1,087,70

Princeton H.S. 248,051,969 0.9200 0.2500 2.0849 555.03

Stark County 90,723,108 3.0764 0.7325 5.3845 696.10

Wethersfield 50,158,164 2.6000 0.5000 4.4978 601.52

tax rate comparison rock island surrounding
Tax Rate ComparisonRock Island & Surrounding


Carbon Cliff-Barstow 25,779,661 1.6488 0.3492 3.1260

Colona 41,208 0.9200 0.5500 2.6654

East Moline 332,615,888 2.4200 0.2500 3.7194

Erie 175,827,528 1.9742 0.3948 2.6165

Hampton 27,173,881 1.1910 0.2500 3.2142

Mercer County 2,013,412 2.7000 0.7000 4.2402

Moline 840,683,546 3.2700 0.7500 5.0600

Orion 9,502,709 2.9000 0.5000 4.7557

Riverdale 141,508,189 2.4400 0.5000 4.3376

Rock Island 548,347,910 3.2000 0.7500 5.1200

Rockridge 177,539,841 2.6000 0.5000 4.1948

Sherrard 44,704,161 2.5900 0.5000 4.6644

Silvis 71,021,743 2.6200 0.2500 3.8852

United Township 456,632,380 0.9200 0.2500 1.8982

consolidation options
Consolidation Options
  • Option #1: Colona existing unchanged and UTHS existing unchanged.
  • Tax Rates: Colona ($2.6654) + UT ($1.8987)= $4.5641
  • Ed. Fund Rates @ $0.92 will not sustain current programs and services for students. In order to balance future budgets and avoid further deficit spending, programs and the staff who provide the services must be reduced.
consolidation options1
Consolidation Options
  • Option #2: Colona existing unchanged and UTHS consolidated with other elementary districts.
  • Tax Rates: Colona ($2.6654) + UT ($2.65) = $5.3154 / An increase of $0.7513 for Colona
  • Ed. Fund Rates @ $0.92 for Colona will remain an unsustainable rate for our programs, even though the Colona and UT rate combined will increase.
  • Produces no benefit to Colona district.
consolidation options2
Consolidation Options
  • Option #3: Colona Passes Education Fund increase of $1.1746, for an Education Fund rate of ~$2.0946, with an overall rate of $3.84, while UT remains unchanged @ $1.8987.
  • Tax Rates: Colona ($3.84) + UT (1.8987) = $5.7387 / An increase of $1.1746 for Colona alone
  • Provides for continuation of present services and programs, but unlikely due to UT consolidation with other elementary districts and need for Colona tax rate increase
consolidation options3
Consolidation Options
  • Option #4: Colona Passes Education Fund increase of $1.1746, for an Education Fund rate of $2.10, with an overall rate of $3.84(Sustainable Alone), while UT consolidates with other elementary districts with a new high school tax rate of $2.65
  • Colona Rate ($3.84) + UT Rate ($2.65) = $6.49
  • An increase of $1.9259 for Colona tax payers
consolidation options4
Consolidation Options
  • Option #5: Colona consolidated with UTHS and other interested elementary districts.
  • Colona’s new tax rate for schools becomes 1 combined rate @ $5.70, an overall increase of $1.1359.
  • Projected sustainability for Colona elementary students and the new school district for 20 to 30 years.
summary of options tax rates
Summary of Options/Tax Rates
  • No Consolidation Option #1: Will not sustain Colona current programs beyond next year
  • No Consolidation by Colona while UT does consolidate with other districts #2: Colona programs not sustainable and tax rate will still increase
  • No Consolidation by Colona or UT with other districts, Colona passes an Education Fund increase of $1.1746 to remain sustainable #3: Both scenarios are highly risky for continuation of student programs and services
  • No Consolidation by Colona, UT does consolidate with other districts, Colona passes an Education Fund increase of $1.1746, #4: The new combined tax rate goes to $6.49
  • Consolidationwith UT, option #5: New District K-12 Rate = $5.70 Assumes new district is sustainable for 20-30 years, best case scenario of all options for Colona School District for the future
consolidation tax impact
Consolidation Tax Impact
  • Property tax impact on a home-owner with a home market valued at $100,000:
  • Option #1: No change
  • Option #2: (Increase of .007513) x $100,000/3 = $250.43
  • Option #3: (Increase of .011746) x $100,000/3 = $391.53
  • Option #4: (Increase of .019259) x $100,000/3 = $641.97
  • Option #5: (Increase of .011359) x $100,000/3 = $378.63
potential timelines
Potential Timelines
  • If districts choose to move forward, what happens next?
    • Joint school board meetings?
    • Investigate and set possible timelines?
    • Appointment of Committee of 10?
committee of 10
Committee of 10
  • Who can it be?
    • Board appointed, must be community member.
  • What is their task?
    • Develop the ballot question.
  • What needs to be on the ballot?
    • Consolidation question (yes/no).
    • Tax rate information, with distinct tax rates for:
      • Education, O&M, Special Education (both HS & Elem)
      • All other tax rates are at the state allowed maximum.
if consolidation occurs what next
If consolidation occurs, what next?
  • Newly elected BOE would:
    • Hire superintendent.
    • Begin all other planning and implementation:
      • District name
      • Grade configurations, if any changes
      • School calendar
      • Transportation
      • Collectively bargain new contracts with multiple bargaining units
      • Other tasks too numerous to list
possible timelines
Possible timelines
  • First week of May 2014 - Committee of 10 files petition to Regional Office of Education (ROE).
  • May-August 2014 - Period of review by public & various Government entities.
  • November 2014 – Election with consolidation question
  • Spring 2015 - Election of BOE for new district
  • May 2015 – New BOE seated
  • July 1, 2015 – New district forms, no students – year of planning and organization.
  • July 1, 2016 – New district with students begins full operations.
if a consolidation were to occur what does it mean for me
If a consolidation were to occur, what does it mean for me?
  • If you have no students in the educational system, the question is largely economic. Depending on where you live, one could see a property tax decrease, where others may see an increase. Also, what is the impact of a quality education system on quality of life, job opportunities, property values, etc.?
  • If you are a high school student (or parent), very few things will likely change.
  • If you are an elementary student (or parent), curriculum may change, calendar changes, opportunities as well as junior high/middle school arrangement/placement.
  • If you are an employee, it also depends on the service provided. The number of teachers needed will likely remain. All other employees, it depends.
presentation questions
Presentation Questions…

Colona School District #190