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America Takes Shape

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America Takes Shape. Unit 1, Lesson 1, PowerPoint 2. Jamestown 1619. Three events occurred that would shape America history. Arrival of women – Jamestown becomes a self-sustaining community. Slaves arrive Colonists elect representative for the first colonial assembly in the New World.

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america takes shape

America Takes Shape

Unit 1, Lesson 1, PowerPoint 2

jamestown 1619
Jamestown 1619
  • Three events occurred that would shape America history.
    • Arrival of women – Jamestown becomes a self-sustaining community.
    • Slaves arrive
    • Colonists elect representative for the first colonial assembly in the New World.
      • Virginia House of Burgesses
appointment of a royal governor
Appointment of a Royal Governor
  • The Great Massacre of 1622
    • Slaughter of more than 300 settlers.
    • Forced King James to appoint a Royal governor. Did not absolve the House of Burgesses.
puritans vs separatists
Puritans vs. Separatists
  • Puritans
    • Protestants that wanted to “purify” the church of England.
    • Tended to be more highly educated, higher ranking members of society.
  • Separatists
    • Wanted nothing to do with the church of England. Wanted to completely separate.
    • Recruited members from farmers and lower ranks of society.
      • Pilgrims
the pilgrims
The Pilgrims
  • Mayflower Compact
    • First effort at self-government in New England. They would come up with and vote on their own laws.
  • William Bradford – Plymouth’s first governor
    • Was elected within the first year of the colony. Was reelected yearly until his death in 1657.
here come the puritans
Here Come the Puritans
  • The Great Migration
    • In 1630, nearly a thousand men, women, and children set sail for Massachusetts.
governor winthrop
Governor Winthrop
  • Leader of these Puritans
  • Broadened the number of individuals that could vote in the General Court (legislature) to include virtually all male church members.
education system
Education System
  • Harvard est. 1636
    • Est. to prepare young men for ministry.
  • The Old Deluder Law
    • Passed by the Massachusetts General Court in 1647.
      • Required children to be educated so they could fight back the “Old Deluder” with scripture.
a legal blunder
A Legal Blunder
  • Salem Witch Trials
    • Some 20 women hung for being a witch. One was pressed to death with stones.
    • Convicted based on the testimony of teenage girls.
    • Known as “Spectral Evidence”
    • The Great Rev. Cotton Mather backed Spectral Evidence.
  • The Crucible
new colonies erupt
New Colonies Erupt
  • Providence, Rhode Island -- founded by Rev. Roger Williams
    • Protestants fleeing from strict Puritan rule in Boston.
    • “Forced worship stinks in God’s nostrils.”
  • Baltimore, Maryland – Founded by Lord Baltimore
    • Intended as a refuge for Catholics
  • New Netherlands – Founded by the Dutch
    • Dutch were attracted by the riches of the New World.
  • Pennsylvania – Founded by William Penn
    • Quakers
    • Complete religious freedom
the importance of new netherlands
The Importance of New Netherlands
  • England took control of New Netherlands in 1664 upon capturing the capital city, New Amsterdam.
  • This capture connected the New England colonies to Virginia and Maryland.
britain vs france
Britain vs. France
  • The French and Indian War
    • George Washington
      • Advanced his military career and made him a hero in the eyes of the American colonials.
    • Benjamin Franklin
      • Albany Plan of Union
        • First plan for a colonial union under British administration.
    • Americans were proud of being Britons. They helped defeat the French. Expected greater respect and autonomy.
benjamin franklin
Benjamin Franklin
  • “When I say such an union is impossible, I mean without the most grievous tyranny and oppression.”