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Technology and New Tech Gadgets PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology and New Tech Gadgets

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Technology and New Tech Gadgets
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Technology and New Tech Gadgets

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  1. Technology and New Tech Gadgets Its’  almost impossible to think life without them. We are dependent on our electronic gadgets  they don’t just live with us; they live with us. 

  2. Phones are the gadgets that are certainly available to every person on the earth, whether it is affordable or not, but time being there are various phones available with an affordable price. • The phones are present in various new models which are advanced and desirable. • Whole categories of technology rise and fall with a time span.

  3. Netbooks were the next big thing which was gradually replaced by tablets that can be seen these days with every third person around us.  • Other then phones, tablets there are several  gadgets that make our lives more comfortable and hassle free. Television tops the list to make life entertaining.

  4. There are versions of Tv available in the market the LCD TV, HD TV, Plasma TV, LED Tv  these tv’s have more advanced features and are available in different price range. • The advance technology as made laptops the handiest gadgets to stay connected with the world from your home with just one click. Several  cheap laptops are available to make it affordable to everyone.

  5. Microwave ovens to satisfy your taste buds and manages to make food fast and  refrigerator  is one electronic  gadget that could be found at everyone’s house. • As technology advanced to a vast level, and there are several gadgets coming up to make life convenient.

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