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welcome to artyom n.
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Welcome to Artyom ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Artyom !

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Welcome to Artyom !
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Welcome to Artyom !

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  1. Welcome to Artyom !

  2. Historical Information • The city of Artyom was established as a center of coalmining and power engineering in Primorye. The city is located in the northern part of Muravyov-Amurskiy Peninsula. • The history of Artyom is bound up with the coal fields discoveries in Southern Primorye and with opening the mine “Zybunniy”.

  3. History • The entrepreneur Startsev was the first to build small-scale shafts and mines in the area of the railroad station “ Ugolnaya”. In 1924 thenearby settlement was named in commemoration of F. A. Artyom( aka Sergeyev), the revolutionist and the first chairman of the Central Committee of All-Russian Metal Mining Industry Workers Union.

  4. Places of interest Palace of culture of coal miners The young creative collective of theater "Apex" appeared on the stage of the House of Culture. There is  a language school “Lingvo +” in Artyom. And the most remarkable thing in this city is a branch FEFU

  5. Places of interest Cinema “Shahtyor” We must visit the cinema «Shahtyor». The only cinema is in the city but  it is very popular!

  6. Places of interest Park “Aviator” Look at the Park «Aviator». It was opened in honor of the pilots of Second  World War!

  7. Places of interest Adult park Stroll around the Adult Park. It was opened in memory of the fighters for a Soviet Government!

  8. Places of interest Tank T-34 In our city you can see the memorial of Tank T-34 of the column «Artyom’s Miner» installed in 1995. In 2001 the stele «Exploit of the City» was added to the memorial.

  9. Places of interest Administration You can see the historical building of the Administration which was built in the year the Soviet Union.

  10. Places of interest Walk of Fame miner There is The miner Walk of Fame  in our city.It is located in close proximity to the city administration!

  11. Places of interest Church of Christ the Savior Visit the church. This church is located in the city center. It is quite young but very popular among  citizens!

  12. Places of interest Historical museum We must be sure visit educational centers Exhibition center “Galleria” You can know all about nature of the territory in the exhibition center. You can know all about history and culture of the territory in the exhibition center and also single town.

  13. Places of interest Fitness center Swimming pool Be sure to visit brand new building fitness center and swimming pool which are ideal of active recreation!

  14. Places of interest Children's Park “ Artyomka” Children's Park is a place of rest for children and adults. The circus tent stops here. It is very nice in summer.

  15. Traffic Bus station Artyom – is a small through town. A single route bus carries people from  one end of the town to another. The route from  Vladivostok runs through Artyom to all towns of the territory.

  16. Shopping Visit  a supermarket Russia”. It is the first supermarket of the town!

  17. The most popular shopping centers of the city! In Artyom there are many shopping centers.  Here you can buy Artyom’s souvenirs and many other things.

  18. Accommodation Hotel “Svetlana” Hotel “Artyom” There are two hotels in Artem where tourist can stay. They are located in the city center.

  19. Entertainments Two of the most popular night clubs of the city! The best DJs from all over Russia come here! Here you can have fun and enjoy very tasty cocktails.

  20. Thank you for attention!