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Install Software in Ubuntu. Do you have Internet?. Everything is on the Internet and Free!. Install VirtualBox: from third party . Download at Windows(.exe) Click  " VirtualBox 4.0.2 for Windows hosts x86/amd64 " Ubuntu(.deb)

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Do you have internet

Do you have Internet?

Everything is on the Internet and Free!

Install virtualbox from third party
Install VirtualBox: from third party 

  • Download at


    Click "VirtualBox 4.0.2 for Windows hostsx86/amd64"


    Click "VirtualBox 4.0.2 for Linux hosts"

    Click "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS("Lucid Lynx")i386"

  • The downloaded package is virtualbox-4.0_4.0.2-69518~Ubuntu~lucid_i386.deb

  • Remember where you have saved the software package

  • Double click the package and Click "Install package"  

Set up an ide for programming
Set up an IDE for Programming

IDE is Integrated Development Enviroment. 

It is a programming software, convenient for programmers to edit, compile, debug, and run the program.


programming tools:  gcc/g++, gdb, make/Java

IDE: IBM Eclipse, Oracle Netbeans, GNU Anjugate

Install from synaptic
Install from Synaptic 

gcc stands for "GNU C Compiler"

gdb stands for "GNU DeBugger "

make is a compiling utility to compile multiple program files into one binary executable file.


Go to "System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager"

1. Put the keyword in the "Quick Search" Box

2. Click "Search"

3. Browse and look for the software package

4. Right click it and Select "Mark for Installation"

5. Click the button "Apply"

Install java
Install Java

Try to install Java, using synaptic package manager!

Test Java:

    java -version

    javac -version


Package name:  sun-java6

Try to install chromium-browser?

Install ide the third party software
Install IDE: the third-party software

Install Oracle Netbean

Download from here:      (sh is a script file which can be executable.)


1.Right click and change the permission to "Allow executable files as program"

2. sudo ./ to run it

One way to install package install tool
One way to install: Package Install tool

Go to "System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager"

1. Put the keyword in the "Quick Search" Box

2. Click "Search"

3. Browse and look for the software package

4. Right click it and Select "Mark for Installation"

5. Click the button "Apply"

It looks for the packages on the Ubuntu Repository server and download, install, configure the software automatically for you.

i.e. Try to install wireshark

Another way to install binary install
Another way to install: Binary Install

Look for the software on the Internet 

Download the prebuilt binary

Follow the installation instructions

 if it is .deb package, double click and  install it

if it is a self-extrating package, make it executable and run it

Try to install chrome browser

One more way command line
One more way: Command Line

There is a command for install the package:  "apt-get"

  • Open a terminal window

    Click "Applications->Accessories->Terminal"

  • Search a package and get the package name

    Type on the terminal "apt-cache search  xxxxx  | more"

         Notes: press "Space bar" to display next page

  • Install a package from Internet

    Type the command "sudo apt-get install  xxxx"  

         Notes: You may be asked to your login password

                    You also may be asked "Y/N" for confirmation

    i.e. Try to install gdb, Java, etc. 

The last way to install
The last way to install

Download the source code

Compile and install it, using the command "make install"

That's how you programmed and executed it.