flexibility strategy the keys to a successful contingent workforce n.
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Flexibility & Strategy: The Keys to a Successful Contingent Workforce PowerPoint Presentation
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Flexibility & Strategy: The Keys to a Successful Contingent Workforce

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Flexibility & Strategy: The Keys to a Successful Contingent Workforce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flexibility & Strategy: The Keys to a Successful Contingent Workforce. Your Presenters. Emily Elder serves as a subject matter expert within the Randstad Sourceright Contractor Compliance organization. Prior to joining Randstad Sourceright , Elder served as a

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Presentation Transcript
your presenters
Your Presenters
  • Emily Elder serves as a subject
  • matter expert within the Randstad
  • Sourceright Contractor Compliance
  • organization.
  • Prior to joining Randstad
  • Sourceright, Elder served as a
  • Human Resource Generalist and
  • Business Partner for a number of
  • Fortune 500 companies in the
  • high-tech and financial service
  • Industries, as well as the HR
  • Director/Manager on a contract
  • basis for several companies in the
  • Bay Area.
  • Janice Urban serves as the
  • Global Process Owner of
  • Oracle Corporation’s Contingent
  • Workforce Program and is
  • based in the company’s
  • corporate offices in the San
  • Francisco Bay area.
  • Prior to joining Oracle, Jan
  • Served as the Contingent
  • Workforce Program Manager for
  • VeriSign.
today you will gain insights as t o
Today, You Will Gain Insights As To:
  • Whytraditional full-time workers are engaging in contract work
  • Howthat impacts the way companies think about traditional labor
  • How the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacts employers
  • How companies will address the uptick in Independent Contractors (ICs) in the workforce
  • Whysourcing/onboarding free agent talent requires a strategic approach
  • Howcompanies can mitigate risk and streamline the process to ensure compliance
rise of the contingent workforce
Rise of the Contingent Workforce
  • Economic Downturn + Health Reform =
  • Rising Numbers of Contingent Workers
  • Today, there are more than 2.5 million workers in temporary positions.
  • More than 2 in 5 employees say they are more interested in non-traditional employment since the recent recession.
  • 26% plan to work as a temporary/contractor for the foreseeable future or until they retire.
  • 33% of ALL workers are more likely to consider or pursue a career as a temporary or contractor if affordable health insurance options areavailable to them as a result of health care reform.



Mid-2013 research conducted by the Aberdeen Group indicates that 26% of the average company’s contingent workforce will be comprised of independent contractors this year.

  • Elance, the leading online work marketplace, reported that 50,000 new freelance jobs were created in September 2013.
  • Nearly one-third of the entire U.S. workforce is considered independent, a category not captured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The State of Contingent Workforce Management research study found that, over the

next three years, the average contingent workforce will grow by nearly 30%. And, with

the lines being blurred between so many different categories of contingent labor

(services, consultants, Statement of Work or SOW, traditional temporary labor,

independent contractors, etc.), the modern organization will have to take a multi-

faceted approach in 2014 in order to effectively maintain a sharp balance between

spend, talent and performance management within their contingent workforce(The

Ardent Group).


Research from Aberdeen, Gartner, Deloitte and others says that less than 1 in 5 HR

leaders today accept accountability for planning, sourcing, managing, and releasing “all

forms of labor” in use by the organization.

tangible benefits to an integrated staffing model
Tangible Benefits to an Integrated Staffing Model





Of companies think that the flexibility of a contingent

workforce has allowed them to remain nimble during

economic ups and downs

Of employers believe that an integrated hiring

strategy for contingent & full-time workers results in

higher workforce quality

Of companies agree that the flexibility of a contingent

workforce has allowed them to protect their full-time


Of employers are considering, or currently have, an

appropriate mix between contingent & full-time



80%of wage and hour complaints filed result in violation.

When risks are managed through tighter process control, policy development and awareness, the probability and severity of lawsuits is reduced (Staffing Industry Analysts).

How much would just one cost your organization?.

Benefit #1 – Cost Savings

Many companies realize a savings of $25 or more per invoice after

automating the invoicing and bill-pay processes (Staffing Industry Analysts).

Benefit #2 – Cost Avoidance

the evolution of the talent acquisition function
The Evolution of the Talent Acquisition Function


2014 & Beyond



General recruiting domain expertise

Quantity over quality of candidates



Specialized recruiting domain expertise

Linear processes

Quality over quantity with focus on active candidates

Electronic search and documentation

Point of need/business-based

Tailored sourcing & engagement capabilities

Predictive search and intelligence

On-demand, blended workforce

Community and networking of passive candidates

getting started
Getting Started
  • Contract labor focused
  • Program adoption around key skill areas (not comprehensive)
  • Core technology functionality
  • Annual Vendor and Program audit
  • Core focus around cost savings
extended flexible workforce
Extended Flexible Workforce
  • Ensure all contract labor skills captured
  • Launch worker classification program for 1099 and consulting
  • Install services module for Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Conduct quarterly client and vendor business reviews
  • Expand use of tool functionality and business intelligence
  • Focus on sustainability and quality
total cost model
Total Cost Model
  • Establish a Rate Card for labor provided through services
  • Achieve complete business process outsourcing (BPO) model around contingent labor
  • Identify services spend targeted for program participation
  • Leverage open-supply collaboration with strategic partners
reflect define next gen road map
Reflect & Define Next-Gen Road Map
  • All non-FTE labor/services captured within program
  • Expansion of program to client’s core strategic partners (Open-Supply)
  • Integration with alternative talent acquisition strategies, such as recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO) for more robust solution
  • Operational review of technology use and expanded functionality
start the conversation
Start the Conversation

Does our brand appeal to all types of talent?

  • How can we effectively use free agents?

How do we assess our workforce compliance programs?

Are we optimizing recruiting across all categories of workers?

Are we able to track the cost of all types of talent?

Do our hiring managers understand how to leverage a blended workforce?

How are we building our talent communities?

How do we include free agents in strategic workforce planning?

Do we have a single view of our workforce?


The expansion of self-employment free agency is ever-present and will only

increase as technology, society and cost come together to create a portable

dynamic work environment.

Embracing a strategy that promotes flexibility, efficiency and collaboration is

also great for business. Successful companies have learned a blended

workforce strategy is also cost-effective.

The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change…that is

the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any

longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world

as it will be.

— Isaac Asimov