emc backup for data center ready sap hana n.
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EMC Backup for Data Center Ready SAP HANA PowerPoint Presentation
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EMC Backup for Data Center Ready SAP HANA

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EMC Backup for Data Center Ready SAP HANA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EMC Backup for Data Center Ready SAP HANA
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  1. EMC Backup for Data Center Ready SAP HANA October 2013

  2. Enterprise Information – Big Data Partner Information “Public” Information Structured InformationIn Relational Databases Unstructured Information Telemetry, Location-Based Information etc. The Digital Universe Grows By 5,000 PB / Day

  3. Big Data Transforms Business Every Industry Will Feel Impact Of Real Time, Big Data Analytics Financial Telecom Retail Energy Insurance Government Healthcare Cyber Security Advertising Gaming

  4. Big Data: A Backup Challenge • Value: unique and discrete and must be protected • Velocity: needs to be protected quickly • Volume:requires deduplication to protect efficiently • Variety: protect structured and unstructured files Big Data Backup requires a system that is fast, cost effective and reliable

  5. Deduplicate SAP Landscape Backups ERP CRM Backup ERP Primary Data Center Disaster Recovery Site WAN CRM Backup BW SCM Data Domain Data Domain SCM Backup Backup Backup Backup Backup Test Test Test Test Backup BW QA1 QA1 QA1 QA1 Prod Prod Prod Prod Pre-prod Pre-prod Pre-prod Pre-prod QA2 QA2 QA2 QA2 Break-fix Break-fix Break-fix Break-fix

  6. Why is HANA Important? • HANA addresses #1 tech priority of CIO’s: • Real time analytics & business intelligence (Source:Gartner) • HANA transforms SAP BW data decision making • 100-1,000x query/reporting performance improvement • HANA creates opportunities for IT re-platforming • By 2015, all SAP applications will run on HANA • SAP infrastructure is a $5B market for Cisco & EMC • BRS has a huge stake with SAP • SAP has standardized on EMC NetWorker as their Backup product of choice

  7. HANA HANA BW CRM BI ERP SAP High-Performance Analytical Appliance SAP HANATM For SAP Data Analytics • Flexible, Multi-Purpose, In-Memory Appliance • An Integrated Stack= SAP In-Memory Software + Cisco UCS Blades + EMC Storage Infrastructure (VNX) • Real-Time Analysis on Big Data Files for Real-Time Decision Making Real-Time Data Access HANA IN MEMORY DATABASE Cisco UCS Scale-Out EMC VNX SAP HANA Infrastructure

  8. SAP HANA Deployment Models SAP ERP 1 SAP ERP n SAP BW non-SAP … SAP BW newApps HANA SAP ERP HANA HANA SAP BW on HANA HANA as a “Side-Car” SAP Suite on HANA RDBMS Driving HANA Data Center Requirements

  9. Do We Still Need Disks with SAP HANA? Well, Think About … • What Happens to In-Memory Data in Case of Power Loss? • Do You Still do Database “Commit“ if all Your Data is In-Memory? • How Can You Move theIn-Memory Data to a StandbyNode? • Does your mission-criticalenvironment need: • Data Protection ? • Disaster Tolerance? • Infrastructure Repair/Upgrade?

  10. SAP HANA Backup Customer Requirements • Enterprise Readiness for SAP HANA • HA, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery • Works with all SAP HANA configurations • Single node, scale-out, all vendor hardware configurations • DBA control via SAP HANA Studio • Single step backup and recovery to Data Domain • Scheduled backups via Centralized backup tool

  11. SAP HANA Persistence Layer • Savepoints (Data Filesystem) • In-memorydatawrittentodisk in regularintervals (5 minsdefault) • Log Filesystem • Capturing all DB transactionssince last savepoint • Restore DB from last savepointonwards • High IOPS requirement • SAP HANA Single Node • Use server internal disks (SSD‘s) • SAP HANA scale-out (multi node) • Filesystemsreside on externalstorage HANA Node Cisco UCS Blade DataFS LogFS SAP In-Memory DB DataVolume LogVolume

  12. SAP HANA Persistence Transaction logs Save points Memory time LOGS DATA Persistence Storage C B A Power Failure • Recovery Options • Until the latest point in time (Latest backup + log entries) • Until a specified point in time(Backup + log entries) • Using specified backup (Without logs)

  13. Scheduled HANA backupsintosharedbackupfilesystem AlwaysFull Backup CreatesCopies on external DD990 for fast Restore Use File system backup for integration with HANA studio or NetWorker Benefits De Duped Backup capacitycustomizablebased on customerrequirements Change ofbackuphasnoimpact on certified HANA configuration HANA Backup Methodology Cisco & EMC HANA Appliance Backup System DD990 Cisco HANA RackUCS Blades & Network EMC HANA Rack Backup FS HANA1 D NetWorker or Studio L D HANA2 Backup Copies L Sunday HANA3 D L D HANA4 Monday L 4 -16 nodes 1 -3 VNX5300 Saturday

  14. SAP HANA Backup Components • 4 backup components: • Data Backup (online) • File Write Process specified by Configuration Parameters • Log Backup (automatic) • Series of service-specific log segment files • Automatically written until disk is full • Configuration Backup (manually) • Standardized per node • Backup Catalog • XML Files supported by HANA Studio and DBA Cockpit

  15. HANA “FILE” backup options Configuration, backup catalog, kernel, log files Data Volumes Log Volumes Execution source Config settings in global.ini HANA Studio External SAP system DBAcockpit Linux/SQL script frequency Automatic Ad-hoc scheduled flexible NFS PBBA (Purpose Build Backup Appliance) SAP note 1651055

  16. Protection Storage Architecture

  17. SAP HANA Backup and DR SAP HANA Studio to Data Domain via NFS • Simplified DBA Administration using SAP HANA Studio • Single Step Backup and Restore • Fast, secure, network-efficient replication for DR • Optionally use EMC NetWorker with other Backup Target WAN Local Data Center Disaster Recovery Site DB SAP HANA Studio NFS Logs Data Domain System Data Domain System SAP HANA

  18. SAP HANA Persistence and Backups Transaction logs Save points Memory time LOGS DATA Persistence Storage LOGS DATA Backup Storage Data backups Log backups Power Failure

  19. Why Data Domain for SAP HANA? • High-speed, Scalable Systems • Throughput Of Up To 31 TB Per Hour • Reduce Storage with inline deduplication • Reliable Recovery • Data Invulnerability Architecture • Network-efficient Replication • Send Only Deduplicated Data Across The Network • Seamless Integration • Works with all SAP HANA configurations • Optimized and SAP Certified Integration with SAP HANA Studio in 1H’2014 and Backint for NetWorker in 2H’2014

  20. Generate Checksum Verify Data Re-Checksum and Compare Verify the file system metadata integrity File System Deduplication Verify user data integrity Local Compression RAID Verify stripe integrity Data Integrity: Data Invulnerability Architecture • End-to-end data verification • Checksum • Deduplication, write to disk • Verify • Self-healing file system • Cleaning • Expired data • Defrag • Verify • Other • RAID 6 • NVRAM • Snapshots End-to-end data verification

  21. Data Domain Systems Data Domain Software Options Large Enterprise • DD Boost • DD Encryption • DD Extended Retention • DD Replicator • DD Retention Lock • DD Virtual Tape Library • DD Management Center Midsize Enterprise Small Enter./ROBO NEW NEW NEW NEW • 1 With DD Extended Retention software option

  22. Integrating HANA in SAP Landscape Backups Primary Data Center ERP CRM HANA Disaster Recovery Site Backup ERP BW SCM WAN CRM Backup Data Domain Data Domain Backup Backup Backup Backup SCM Backup Test Test Test Test QA1 QA1 QA1 QA1 Prod Prod Prod Prod Backup BW Pre-prod Pre-prod Pre-prod Pre-prod QA2 QA2 QA2 QA2 Break-fix Break-fix Break-fix Break-fix

  23. SAP HANA Data Protection Best Practices • Only Full Backups are supported today • Restores • Full restore of your last backup • changes and logs after the backup are lost • Full restore up to your latest possible consistent point in time • your backup and all available logs after the backup are used to recover the system • Point-in-time restore • your backup and a subset of logs that were created after the backup are used to restore your system

  24. EMC Backup for SAP HANA • Data Center Ready Backup and Recovery • Fast, Efficient, Scalable Disaster Recovery • Data Invulnerability Architecture provides end to end protection • Operational Simplicity - Lower administrative and operational costs

  25. Thank You

  26. SAP HANA In-Memory Computing • Takes data from SAP or third party supported sources • Processes the data in-memory • Delivers the results from memory • Provides control over rapidly expanding Data Volumes • Fulfils the need for real-time decisions – “Need for Speed”

  27. SAP HANA external storage Multi-Protocol – Multi-Purpose Cisco blade B440M2 SAP HANA System/Boot Device Non-shared, 30GB FC HANA Install FS shared, 100GB NFS Persistence Layer HANA DATA FS MPFS shared, 2TB HANA LOG FS MPFS shared, 600GB storage devices per SAP HANA node