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analysing a quotation n.
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Analysing a quotation PowerPoint Presentation
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Analysing a quotation

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Analysing a quotation
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Analysing a quotation

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  1. Analysing a quotation N5

  2. Steps for analysis • Look for any techniques • Explain what the writer is telling the reader • Describe how it is important • Pick out any specific words from the quotation that stand out and explain what they mean • Be as detailed as possible

  3. Techniques • Imagery (simile, metaphor, personification) sight • Alliteration • Onomatopoeia • Pun • Hyperbole • Litotes (understatement) • Euphemism • Paradox • Oxymoron • Juxtaposition • Characterisation • Plot • Symbolism • Word choice

  4. Techniques

  5. Techniques

  6. PEE • Point: What is the point you are trying to make? E.g. One way Carol Ann Duffy highlights relationships is through the character’s emotions.

  7. PEE • Evidence: What quotation proves your point • E.g. “Beloved Sweetheart Bastard.”

  8. PEE • Explain: What does your quotation highlight? How is this relevant to your task? • E.g. The poet’s use of oxymoron shows how she is experiencing confused emotions. The short sentence make her comments more abrupt and dramatic therefore illustrating the strength of her negative feelingstowards the man who left her. The use of the word “bastard” contrasts with the idea of him being “beloved” and therefor shows that while she has memories of the good times she is dominated by hate. So, it is clear to the reader that she clearly hates men and has a negative relationship with the man who jilted her.

  9. Quotation To explain a quotation always include the following details. • Identify a technique • Explain denotations/what the quotation means • Explain connotations/what the quotation suggests • Link to the question

  10. Try this! • “Beloved sweetheart bastard” • “I’ve dark green pebbles for eyes” • “Don’t think it’s only the heart that b-b-b-breaks.” • “Not a red rose or a satin heart.” • “I give you an onion. It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.” 6. “It will blind you with tears like a lover.” 7. “spools of suffering set out in ordered rows.” • “All flesh is grass” • “a half-formed ghost” • “the dark ground seems to drink the light of the sky” • “he was spitting out the teeth of the rich.” • “Separate beds. In fact, I put a chair against my door, near petrified.”

  11. Try this! • “soft, unaccented voice” • “dark, competent hands” • “Her voice was not quite steady” • “The inspector lost his joviality in an instant” • “They probably do like it better if a white person....” • “Damn you!” • “if only I could pay you half of what you’re worth” • “Turn right at the corner, Mandy-Lou” • “old enough to have a flock of pickaninnies” • “Mandy got her degree, did she? Dog my cats!”

  12. Task • Read the 3 examples of analysis and write 2 strengths and one target for each example. • Pick one example and write an improved version in your jotter • Finish the “Try this” examples and produce a paragraph to analyse each quotation. • Pick another 3 quotations from a Jackie Kay poem of your choice and analyse them either as a paragraph or a spider diagram.

  13. “Big Blastit Bed” Through the repetition of the “b” sound a harsh and negative tone is created which mirrors the old woman’s attitude to her life confined to her bed. Additionally Kay further illustrates this negative view through the use of the word choice “blastit” as this suggests that the woman is almost swearing with hatred and anger towards her situation and imprisonment in this bed. This creates an interesting view of the speaker as the majority of people would have positive thought regarding their bed but she wants to escape this lifestyle.

  14. “father your breath smells like a camel’s and gives me the hump” The simile shows that the teenager girl is annoyed because her dad’s breath smells like a camel’s. She is being very insulting.

  15. “Close stranger” By Kay’s use of an oxymoron the reader is given the impression that although the mother and son have previously developed a strong bond she feels like a stranger as she excluded from his gap year and he new experiences he is going through. This is highly important in providing an insight into the family relationship between Kay and her son as she is undergoing an internal conflict where she is torn between maintaining the closeness of their relationship and allowing him to become an independent adult. Therefore this is important because it shows how important her son and his presence in her life is to her.

  16. Try this! • big blastitbed - bed • Am her wean noo - bed • father your breath smells like a camel’s and gives me the hump - divorce • Close stranger – gap year • My heart soars like the birds in your bright blue skies – gap year • Time is outside waiting – keeping orchids • Buds closed as secrets - keeping orchids • Sad crysanthemums - lucozade • Orange nostalgia - locozade • Here is home- My grandmother’s houses • The sideboard solid as a coffin – my grandmother’s houses

  17. Steps for analysis • Look for any techniques • Explain what the writer is telling the reader • Describe how it is important • Pick out any specific words from the quotation that stand out and explain what they mean • Be as detailed as possible

  18. Close up on Andy’s face in the courtroom • What does this show us on his face? • What does this tell us about him? • What is the purpose of the director using this technique? • How does it make the audience feel about him and why? • What is interesting/unusual about using this technique?

  19. “dark competent hands” • What technique is used? • What does this tell us about Marian and the other characters? • Analyse the word choice and what this suggests to the reader • How does this make the reader feel about Marian and the other characters? • How is this important to the story as a whole?

  20. Essay Plan • Copy down the essay title you want to use • Pick 3-6 pieces of evidence to answer this and analyse them • Write this full essay for homework and hand in on Thursday 23rd February

  21. Essay Planning • Choose a novel or short story in which the method of narration is important. Outline briefly the writer’s method of narration and explain why you feel this method makes such a major contribution to your understanding of the text as a whole. • Choose a novel or short story in which there is a moment of significance for one of the characters. Explain briefly what the significant moment is and discuss, with reference to appropriate techniques, its significance to the text as a whole.

  22. Initial thoughts • Mindmap or bullet point anything that you think you could use to answer this question • You do not need to look things up in your notes just write your first ideas.

  23. Structure • Introduction • Main body (PEE paragraphs x 5) • Conclusion

  24. Introduction Bullet point this information • Name of text • Author/director • Summary • What will your essay be discussing/techniques

  25. Main body • Point: what is one specific idea that answers the question? • Evidence: what quotation/technique backs up your point? • Explain: What does your quotation/technique tell us? What does it mean? How does this link back to the question/task?

  26. Conclusion Bullet point this information • Name of the text • Name of author/director • Your opinions about the text • How did you fulfil the demands of the task? What was your answer?