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  2. The print media is known as one of the most successful industries nowadays. This medium is also specifically very famous to achieve the target audience for advertisers. The various types of print media provide a range of choices for people to reach a diverse group of customers. So, whether it is newspapers or magazines, each medium have their specific benefits, a thing which should be regarded to be of highest value by all advertisers and clients. Even so, print media also offers its own drawbacks. Here, we will have a glance at the pros and cons of print media.

  3. PROS • Several types of print media (magazines and newspapers) possess devoted readers. This is very helpful for advertisers compared to promoting online. • If you're focusing on a specific geographical location, this can be done effortlessly by means of print media. For instance, a local newspaper will be a perfect medium to promote about a fresh shopping complex. • You can select the size of the ads space. This will aid to organize the cost of the expenses to be sustained while advertising.

  4. PROS • Selected types of print media possess a loyal fans following when it comes to readers. This would assure you extra audience. • Magazines and newspapers are always in the attention among the public. Magazines are read for a month, which provides more focus on an advertisement. • You may also advertise via brochures or leaflets based upon your target audience. When the details are in detail, a brochure can be a suitable choice. A leaflet consequently, could be helpful for a short message.

  5. CONS • The price sustained can often be costly thinking about the medium you decide on. • The life-span of any specific print medium is restricted. Newspapers for instance, are amongst the public eye just for a day. • This medium might not often provide you with a extensive reach. Internet, however, can aim for a worldwide audience.

  6. CONS • There's a restriction with regards to the type of individuals who might actually read your information. The specific newspaper may not actually be obtainable every time to your preferred class, meaning, your information may be skipped! The Internet alternatively, can be used from anywhere. • You might need to schedule months in advance to advertise in print media. It doesn't give you versatility when you're up against a restricted due date. • Ads could get misplaced in all the mess of editorial and ads by competitors.

  7. PROS AND CONS OF PRINT MEDIA • Hence, we can notice, there are particular benefits and drawbacks of print media. With the right planning, you can select the proper type to achieve optimum coverage and make the best of this method!

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