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Top 10 Popular Caravan Accessories PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Popular Caravan Accessories

Top 10 Popular Caravan Accessories

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Top 10 Popular Caravan Accessories

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  1. Top 10 Popular Caravan Accessories Essential Traveling Accessories

  2. “Caravan travelling is the best option, if you are planning for travel with your family with in Australia, especially in coastal cape national park region. Caravan are generally cost effective, easy maintenance & freedom of travelling.”

  3. But……….

  4. “The caravan travelling is incomplete if you don`t carry some most important accessories which are essential if you planned your camping for long time. Here are list of Top 10 Popular Caravan Accessories

  5. #1. Water Hose System Drink water hose is a scaled down fire hose with a food grade liner, guaranteed non tainting, made from 100% polyester (no need to dry). It has a bursting pressure of 550psi, which is 7 times average tap pressure. This hoses is also available in 18m length. Top Feature • Best For Drinking Water • Easy to Use • Easy to Operate • Light in Weight • Made from food grade polyethylene

  6. #2. Electric Caravan Mover The electric caravan mover is constructed using high tensile steel components. It has a laser cut, compact drive gearbox, which produces more power whilst drawing less current than some rival chain driven designs. Top Feature • Easy to install • Easy to operate • Corrosive resistant • Direct drive gearbox • Heavy duty design

  7. #3. TV & DVD Player Caravan TV can be a best accessories for long holiday. Most of the caravan TV are compatible with all types of weather condition, with superior TV tuner feature you can get best picture quality any where. Top Feature • Low Power Consumption • Moisture Resistance • Corrosion Resistance • Best Angle View • Conformal coated circuit board

  8. #4. Door Lock Key Caravan door lock key give your motor vehicle double protection. There are variety of door lock key are currently available online. Purchase door lock key according to your caravan size and requirement. Top Feature • Improve safety • Best for door lock • Best for hook lock • Light in Weight

  9. #5. LED Lights & Bulb Caravan interior and exterior light are most essential accessories for camping. Usually most of the exterior lights are water proof and comes with diffused lens which gives more lighting area. Top Feature • Touch switch • Dimmer control • Degree beam angle • Best for bedroom area

  10. #6. Weight Distribution System Weight Distribution Systems (WDS) restore the geometry of the tow vehicle to its natural state. A WDS transfers the weight from the rear wheels of the vehicle to two places: the front wheels of the vehicle and the wheels of the trailer. Top Feature • Reduces sway movement • Fuel economy and tyre ware • Helps steering and braking • Light in Weight

  11. #7. Washing Machine The need to wait your turn to use the caravan park laundry has ceased because your now able to do your laundry when it's convenient for you. The most of the automatic mini washing machine has five process settings from a wash-rinse-spin cycle. Top Feature • 2.5 Kg load capacity • Automatic operation • Simple control panel • Stainless steel wash tub

  12. #8. Hot Water System The hot water systems comes in stainless steel tank with a overall weight of just 7.3kg and it use only 120g of gas per hour. It also features electronic ignition and controls that operate from within the van, enabling the user to be able to set temperatures up to 70 degrees from the inside. Top Feature • Short heating times • Easy to install • Easy to operate • Light in Weight • Low cost operation

  13. #9. Caravan Awning Awning is a real value for your money aswell. This big, bold and durable awning has all the famous A&E quality that RVers have trusted for years. The fabric features a beautiful polar vinyl horizon on top and is also UV protected and waterproof. Top Feature • Easy operation universal hardware • Exclusive permaloop pull strap • Ergonomic lock knobs • Waterproof • UV Protection

  14. #10. Air Conditioner Caravans, motor homes and pop tops up to 5.2m in length, the Heron 2.2 will give you relaxing environment all year round. compact and efficient split system air conditioner that allows flexibility of installation. Top Feature • Fuel efficient • Compact design • Easy installation • Suitable Caravan & RV • Available in Multi Colour

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