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Kettlebell DVD

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Kettlebell DVD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kettlebell Training DVDs can help you build muscle strength and lose weight. Kettlebell training exercises and workouts are becoming the choice for many elite athletes.

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Kettlebell Basic Training DVD

Renowned fitness trainer Sean Armstead has launched a revolutionary fitness product into the market titled Sean Armstead Presents Kettlebell Basic Training DVD.

It contains all the kettlebell exercises which demonstrates appropriate methods of kettlebell lifts.


Kettlebell Basic Training DVD

The Kettlebell DVD has been designed keeping in mind the beginners. It will teach the users inner points of the foundational kettlebell lifts.

Basic movements are taught like the Getup, Swing, Clean, Press, Push Press, Snatch and the Jerk in a very simple step by step manner.


Kettlebell Basic Training DVD

The DVD also explains the benefits of the kettlebell lifts over other popular forms of fitness exercise being practiced by people around the world.

This Kettlebell Basic Training DVD will come as a welcome relief for people who are planning to lose weight and reduce those extra flabs around their body all from the comfort of their own home.


Kettlebell Basic Training DVD

One of the greatest advantages of the DVD is the fact that the exercises are being demonstrated by Sean Armstead who has years of experience practicing kettlebell lifts.


Kettlebell Basic Training DVD

For more information about the DVD

Please visit us at: