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Jordan Classified Evaluation System (JCES)

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Jordan Classified Evaluation System (JCES) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jordan Classified Evaluation System (JCES). Purpose. The JCES is an evaluation system designed to recognize and develop exemplary performance in all classified employees. Development History. In the fall of 2000, JSD contracted with the Institute for Behavioral Research in Creativity (IBRIC).

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The JCES is an evaluation system designed to recognize and develop exemplary performance in all classified employees.

development history
Development History
  • In the fall of 2000, JSD contracted with the Institute for Behavioral Research in Creativity (IBRIC).
  • A committee was formed to oversee this project.
  • Surveys were distributed to all contract employees.
  • Employees responses were reviewed; i.e. how important the item/activity was to their job, and how much time was spent in the activity each week.
  • There was a 72.3% response rate from classified employees.
jces packet
JCES Packet
  • CD
    • Presentation
    • Sample Forms
    • Sample Memos
    • Delegation Chart
    • Job Family Chart
    • Procedures Document
  • Presentation
  • Sample Evaluation
evaluation timelines
Evaluation Timelines
  • Jordan School District policy requires provisional employees (1st year) be evaluated at least once each six-month period.
  • Contract employees must be evaluated once every three years according to policy.
components of the evaluation system
Components of the Evaluation System
  • Notification to Supervisor and Employee
  • Evaluation
  • Professional Development Meeting
notice of scheduled evaluations
Notice of Scheduled Evaluations

Supervisor’s notice:

  • Cover letter
  • List of classified employees
  • Employee evaluation form

Employee Notice:

  • Employee cover letter
  • Example of evaluation form for review


An “Exceptional” rating is given only to employees who demonstrate and exemplify extraordinary performance. Specific written documentation must accompany this rating.

Totally Satisfactory

A “Totally Satisfactory” rating is given when an employee demonstrates and exemplifies outstanding performance.

Some Improvement Needed

A rating of “Some Improvement Needed” is given when an employee needs to improve his/her performance in a specific area.


An “Unsatisfactory” rating is given only when it is supported by written documentation, i.e. memo to the file.

When a rating of “Unsatisfactory” is given, a goal must be set to target the area or items that must improve.

evaluation procedures
Evaluation Procedures
  • Review all information pertinent to the employee’s evaluation.
  • Complete the performance evaluation form through the Recommended Status Section only.

* Remember to mark review date

  • Professional Development Meeting
professional development meeting
Professional Development Meeting
  • Hold a conference with the employee to discuss the evaluation and design a professional development plan.
  • Sign the form and obtain the employees’ signature.
  • Make 2 copies of the signed form.
  • Return the original to Human Resources.
  • Give one copy to the employee and retain a copy in the principals or directors file.
recommended status
Recommended Status
  • Provisional Status
  • Regular Contract

If you are recommending an employee be placed on probation, contact Moya Kessig before you conduct the review meeting.

delegation procedures
Delegation Procedures


  • A supervisor may delegate evaluation responsibility to an “authorized evaluator” who works more directly with the employee and has been trained on the JCES.
  • The “authorized evaluator” may not delegate that responsibility to anyone else.
delegation chart
Delegation Chart

Elementary Schools – Principals

 Assistant Principals

 Nutrition Service Manager

Secondary Schools – Principals

 Assistant Principals

 Nutrition Service Manager

 Head Custodian

delegation chart1
Delegation Chart

Special Schools – Principals

 Assistant Principals

* Team leads may provide input but are not authorized evaluators.

Departments – Directors

 Coordinators/Consultants/Supervisors

* Team leads/Nutrition Coordinators may provide input but are not authorized evaluators.

Administration – No Delegation

procedures for authorized evaluators
Procedures for “Authorized Evaluators”

1. Complete the evaluation form and sign in the “authorized evaluator” space.

2. Meet with the Director/Principal for completion of the Recommended Status section. Enter a review date and sign the form in the Director/Principal space.

professional development meeting1
Professional Development Meeting


  • After reviewing the evaluation with the employee, a professional development goal may be jointly set.
  • If a rating of “Unsatisfactory” is given on any item or general area, the supervisor must set a goal for improvement.
  • Goals should be measurable.

Professional Development Plan

  • Review the professional development opportunities currently available:
    • Department training
    • Classes offered by the Curriculum Department

The feedback an employee receives

from JCES will recognize and develop

the skills necessary in providing quality

service to Jordan School District.