which country provides the most alternative energy sources
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Which country provides the most alternative Energy sources?

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Which country provides the most alternative Energy sources? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Which country provides the most alternative Energy sources?. By: Acacia Nikiel. U.S.A is……… echo friendly.

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u s a is echo friendly
U.S.A is………echo friendly
  • These are some countries that provide the most alternative Energy Sources:1. The United States. Many experiments with alternative energy technologies and vehicles have already been conducted in many universities and colleges across the country. The president feels optimistic about making the switch to alternative energy sources and replacing fossil fuels when it comes to generating energy. This will move the country away from its dependence on foreign oil and make it more environmentally friendly. I didn’t know the U.S.A was echo friendly but any way its great
the u k is echo friendly
The U.K is……….echofriendly
  • Remember to remember this because there be a marvelous quiz yarrr ( oh and I’m not a pirate) 2. The United Kingdom. This is one of the countries where renewable energy is delivered in relatively large quantities by offshore wind. This makes sense, considering that the coastal areas of the U.K. are extremely windy. It will be fairly easy and quick to make the switch to alternative energy sources in the UK, using technologies that have already been developed. I’m pretty sure I saw that on the news
germany is echo friendly
Germany is………echo friendly
  • My best friend is from Germany and she says they won two awards for being echo friends. GermanyThis is the next one in our renewable energy by country list. In recent years Germany has made sizeable investments into renewable energy technology. In 2007 Germany was the global leader in alternative energy use and solar PV production. Both solar and wind energy play a significant role in this country, which makes it thoroughly prepared for the switch to alternative energy. Wow that’s awesome!
sweden is echo friendly
Sweden Is ………echofriendly
  • Sweden , I think their alternative I think. Sweden. This is one of the oldest countries for renewable energy, because Sweden has been advocating against environmentally harmful energy sources for decades. Sweden’s goal is to be totally free from oil by 2020 and it shouldn’t have much trouble meeting this goal. I knew it I knew it and I told you. Remember I think
denmark is echo friendly
Denmark is ………echo friendly
  • I've heard its one of the happiest places on earth on Oprah. 5. Denmark. At least 20 percent of Denmark’s energy is currently generated by wind, and biomass also plays an important role. Denmark’s population frequently uses public transportation and vehicle use is also very low. There are also very strict energy requirements for homes and buildings. Ohhh and its also on of the alternative place too
india is echo friendly
India is ………echo friendly

The most herbal place could it also be the echo friendliest.6. India. This country has demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy in recent years. The country has bee very successful in these regards, especially in terms of onshore wind energy generation and the necessary infrastructure development in order to use its widely available alternative energy sources. Cool, India is echo friendly

spain is echo friendly
Spain is ………echo friendly
  • Zorro torru and olaay and maybeechooo friendlyyy. 7. Spain. It has made significant investments into wind energy, solar energy, and biomass energy. This takes Spain a big step closer to replacing energy generated by fossil fuels, which are notorious for their harmful effects on the environment. Now I hope you remembered all this because there a quiz now
q s not a s
Q’s ( not A’s)
  • What’s the fourth country that has alternative in the top seven?
  • What’s your favorite country? Is it in there?
  • Which country has the most wind? Do you think they might use wind turbines?
Plus +
  • I planned it just like I plan my jokes (and this is not a joke) I plan them out of mid air except this I’ve been planning this out of ( I think) FUN! And L is below. Use. I used this in a quiz. Self-Evaluation now I know that these countries are best to visit now I know the next place for vaccation
the end not i mean yes the end
The end (not)……( I mean yes) The End
  • all the sentences that are in green are from this website….! I got all this info { information }from bionomicfuel.com a extravagant website (that I just found out)
  • Thank you very much!!!!!