Will an extra r20 000pm make a difference in your life
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Will an extra R20 000pm make a difference in your life? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Will an extra R20 000pm make a difference in your life?. (and more). THERE. ARE ONLY THREE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY. You work for your money = A Job You have your money work for you = Investments You have people work for you = Own Business.

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Will an extra r20 000pm make a difference in your life
Will an extra R20 000pmmake a difference in your life?

(and more)





You work for your money = A Job

You have your money work for you = Investments

You have people work for you = Own Business

Robert Kyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, formulated the quadrant to better explain the different income categories.

People are divided

in 4 category’s (Quadrant)

E … Employee

S … Self Employed

B… Big businesses

I … Investors

There are TWO TYPES of Income


Employees and Self Employed People

earn Linear Income

More than 90% of people around the world are accustomed to the source of income known as Linear Income


For that reason most people are NOT financially independent. Linear Income, also known as work income means you receive a pay check based on how much time you work. The same counts for small business.

Linear Income requires continued work.

Most Professionals receive linear income.

It is considered to be an honorable form of earning a living. Some people can earn good money, BUT it stops when they stop working.

Big Businesses andInvestors receive Residual Income

Residual Income is different. It is the most powerful and profitable source of income. Residual Income is the income of the rich. It is a source that keeps coming in on a regular basis from working once. Big business create jobs for the employees.

It is also called passive income. People are working hard to generate an income for them. These businesses are only profit driven.

Strikes,the volatility of the stock market, interest rates and recessions can have a big influence on businesses and investments.

There are careers that one can choose to have a residual income such as Insurance Brokers, Authors, Musicians and Movie makers who receiving royalty's,Real Estate and Guest House owners.

It takes many skills to continually improve

to become successful and remain successful


Self Employed

Big Business



  • A self-employed person is an individual who operates a business or profession as a sole proprietor, partner in a partnership, independent contractor, or consultant.

  • Self-employed people are responsible for people working in his/her business .

  • Cash-flow, fuel cost and the economy can have a big influence on their businesses.

  • Self employed people can never leave their business for more than 6x weeks and hope their business can go on without them

  • No Work No Income

  • Investors are people that invest in properties,

  • share markets, Bonds etc..

  • In reality, market volatility, risk, fees and a list of other factors will effect the investor and a lot of money is needed to be an investor.`

  • Investors are Asset driven.

  • Money works for them.

Corporate businesses is profit driven enterprises.

Job creators and receiving residual income

People work for them and make them rich.

They are normally working in structures from highest level (CEO),

President, managing directors, managers, to the floor personnel.

Banks, Insurance Comp.,

Food enterprises, Hotels,

Hospitals. factory's etc………

An employee is anyone that works for another person and receives remuneration.

Around 3% of the working population retire financially Independent. If you look around you, you will see that more and more people use overdrafts to pay school fees or credit cards to repair their cars. The richer gets richer and the poorer gets poorer.

They have to change something or otherwise the later part of the their lifeline is going to be a repeat of the first.

Employees are living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

With our high unemployment figure in South Africa, Big business will replace you without any hesitation with someone younger and more qualified.

No Work No Income

Big businesses create jobs and remunerate people working for them and then

Money moves fast!

In Your Pocket and back

to the B/B Again………

What do you keep for

Trading your time and

Your Life month after

Month, after month?.....

Big Businesses create jobs and remunerate people working for them and then?:

Income tax……………Government

Bank cost……………. Your bank

Bond ………………… Your bank

Electricity……………. Eskom

Water ………………...Silulumanzi

Petrol………………….Petrol Company’s

Groceries……………..Food supplier

Insurance……………..Insurance Company

Car ……………………Bank

Education …………….Government

Cell phone ……………Supplier

Internet …………….....Supplier

Medical Aid……………Insurance Company

Credit card ……………Bank

Employees and Self Employed people CAN

create themselves a Residual Income with Network Marketing

It’s easy, it’s lucrative and any

body can do it!




serious stuff

if you know

How It Works!



  • The concept of NETWORK MARKETING is very simple It consist of only

  • two primary principles.

  • Network marketing organization relies on its independent representative to sell its products or services.

  • This saves the company the expense of marketing its products.

  • How do you spread a product/products?

  • You join the business, choose your monthly product/s and refer it to your friends and family and when they join you get paid for you effort


Anyone that tells you that it doesn’t work is simply IGNORANTof THE FACTS!

There’sWAYto much EVIDENCE proving the EFFECTIVENESS of network marketing to discount it as a VIABLE SALES MODEL.

Maybe you don’t believe me.

Then read on…….

Network marketing is the best opportunity to earn both linear and residual income

Low startup Cost / No risk

You can start Part Time

You work with like minded people

You can do it online

There’s Power in Duplication

There’s Power in Leverage

Double a cent every day and see the results after 30 days!

NetworkmarketingIs The Best Opportunity toEarn Both Linear and Residual Income

Network marketing
Network Marketing

is one of the most unique, yet misunderstood industries in the world. No other industry provides the opportunity for individuals to take advantage to multiply their own efforts – without employing anyone or having to lay out the start-up costs associated with traditional business.

In 2012 the DSA (Direct Selling Association) in South Africa celebrated their fortieth birthday. That means there’s been over forty years of Network Marketing in South Africa. Most of the company’s are from overseas.

We are discussing the First South African Company registered in 1990 and launched in 1994

It s not


Market related or

Interest related and

The Economy has NO influence on this business!

It’s People related and

The Business pays for itself.

The time is now
THE time is NOW?

We are all aware of the fact that we can’t rely on “TRADITIONAL METHODS” to make money, or trust other to TAKE CARE OF OUR FINANCIAL SECURITY.

Having a “PLAN B” Isn’t just a NICE IDEA, It’s a TOTAL NECESSITY.

There’s a big wake-up call happening – which is inspiring many more Corporate Execs and Working Professionals to look to less traditional ways to generate capital, including network marketing. And this trend is going to continue, as the reputation and credibility of the network marketing/direct sales profession continues to elevate around the world.

The Economy is NOT in a good shape lately, interest rates are low, exchange rate of our currency is high, stock market is unstable and real estate became less attractive while the petrol prices are rising on a regular

basis. All of this makes Network Marketing more effective to create wealth

Especially because you can work from home and run your business online.

Dip Your Toe & TEST the water BEFORE you

take the PLUNGE

We Have A Simple Solution

That Works!

Before your pay out all your money

Pay yourself first !

and let this money work for you!




Your Life for

Less than


What do you get for r350pm
What do you get for R350pm?


Turn R350 into

And thenR20 000pm

Become PART OF a Buying Club

and Save a LOT of Money



First R500pm


BUTthat’s not ALL

then R5000pm

then R10 000pm

We Save Money In A NETWORKStructure

It’s more affordable and much more fun.

Network structures is exactly the same as big business and you are the ceo of you own business
Network structures is exactly the same as big business and YOU are the CEO of you own business

Hierarchy of a Big business

Network structure the power of duplication
Network StructureThe Power of Duplication

Your Family

Your Friends

Down to your


What is leverage

Your team work here

YOUwork here


Leverage is when you earn rebates on every product the people spend in your club. Some people enrol 3 and some people enrol up to 10 and more. Duplicate down to your 9th level

and this can work out a substantial amount of money.

For example, if you build with 3 to the power of 9 it Is 29523 people. Multiply this figure

with only R4pp and see the results (R118 092pm) and YOU only enrolled 3 people.

It Has A Ripple Effect

…..Like Throwing A Stone Into

The Water…it Ripples From The

Inner Circle To More And Bigger

Outer Circles

Getting started is as simple as 1 2 3
Getting Started is as Simple as 1 2 3!

Any one can take part

As long they are South African Citizen and between

18 to 70 years






Funeral plan with a difference

Your vehicle to create an income

Every body likes to shop

Especially when you have money

Every Body Needs A Funeral Plan

This one is different – It creates an income for you

Assettron Cover R163.17pm

Emergency Medical Service

Legal Assistance

Funeral Assistance

Subsidiary of SantamLtd provide the

Funeral Cover /Accidental Death or Illness Cover

Turn R163.17pm

Into R5000 pm

on your 3rd level

with this product

Set a little aside each month for medium term investment (unit trust) R100 with

Met Odyssey Conservation Funds of Funds

More product information available on the web

U tron exclusive shopping club
UtronExclusive shopping club

Turn R163.17pm

Into R5000 pm

on your 3rd level

with this product

When we Shop together

we Save together & Profit together

Join the Club and become part of an Exclusive group of people who enjoy

special lifestyle offers and fantastic

savings plus receive regular updates and

exclusive special offers ( R163,17 pm)

Exclusive Specials

MORE Financial Products

To Choose From.

Home and Car Insurance

Auto & General (Pty) Ltd

Cell phone contract with Vodacom

Medical Aid Underwritten by

Discovery Health

Or Resolution Health

What s in it for you

What’s in it FOR YOU?

1.Fast Start Bonuses

2. Monthly referral rebates

3. Once off and Monthly bonuses.

4. Travel Incentives.

5. 13th Cheque

6. Great savings on Top Brands.

7. Grocery & Shopping Vouchers

8 Freedom!!!!!!

How the company boosts your income

Plan your work and work your plan
Plan your work and work your plan!

KEEPyour turn around time 60 days

and teach your TEAM to do the same,


When Husband and Wife enrol under each other you can double your household Income

When you join both the products together, you DOUBLE UP your income for the same effort

“A man dies when he stops dreaming.

Fear not that you shall die.

Fear rather that you shall stop living before you die”

Don’t waste your time with negative people, you don’t need them in your team!

Just thank them for their time and move on. Some people will always think they are more clever than you!

It s not only about the products it s about you
It’s NOTONLY About The PRODUCTS It’s About YOU!

If a Simple R350pm

Can help you to fulfill your dreams!

Share this business tell your friends by word of mouth or word of mouse
Share this business?Tell your friends by word of mouth…orWord of mouse

Pass on the CD or…..

Email / Face book / Twitter

Balltron pty ltd

The Company that provides the products has been in business for

19years.They pay your rebates, bonuses, Incentives and administer your whole network.


Financial Services Provider.

FSP License number 15007

Member of the DSA.

Unit 306, The Colosseum

Century Boulevard

Century City


Tel : 086112233


  • Balltron Is A Pioneer South African Company.

  • Registered In 1990 And Launched In 1994 After Years Of Research and Development,

  • We Are The First To Combine One Of The Oldest Industries In the world in South Africa.


Don’t be a sitting Duck

People are often afraid

to try something new

because they fear that they won't get results with it......if you don't at least do something, you'll never get results!

Let’s get the ball rolling

Thank you for watching this presentation
Thank you for watching this presentation

Most people just don’t get it, I hope you do NOW!

It’s like running a rally. It’s all about TEAM work.

Join under the person who told you about this opportunity

Get his details and his ball number and get the ball rolling.

Make money while you sleep (just like the rich people)



Enter here www.balltron.co.za…..Register on the right side and choose your

product/productson the left side and start making money.