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Explore and Conquer . Spain Explores. Ponce De Leon Searched for the Fountain of Youth. Spain Explores. De Soto explored the southeast US 1 st to discover Mississippi Cruel to Native Americans. Spain Explorers . Gellin ’ like Magellan 1 st to sail around the world!

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Spain explores
Spain Explores

  • Ponce De Leon Searched for the Fountain of Youth

Spain explores1
Spain Explores

  • De Soto explored the southeast US

  • 1st to discover Mississippi

  • Cruel to Native Americans

Spain explorers
Spain Explorers

  • Gellin’ like Magellan

  • 1st to sail around the world!

  • His mission…to reach China/India

Spain conquers
Spain Conquers

  • Cortes goes crazy! Conquers might Aztecs.

  • Technology helps: Guns, Steel, Horses,Diseases (small pox)

Spain conquers1
Spain Conquers

  • Coronado explores/conquers land in the Southwest US.

  • Searches for 7 cities of gold

New spain
New Spain

  • Exploration gave the country of Spain great wealth and resources.

  • Their costs were greatly shadowed by the millions $$ they benefited.

England becomes interested
England Becomes Interested

  • Spain becomes wealthy $$$$$

  • Wealth = Large Navy, More Troops, More Guns.

The team with the most bullets wins!!!

A northwest passage
A Northwest Passage???

  • England believes the key to riches is not in making colonies but by getting to China/India

They feel that they can accomplish this by sailing through North America.

Henry hudson
Henry Hudson

  • Sailed through North America searching for the Northwest passage.

  • Discovered the Hudson Bay

While stuck in the ice, out of food, and refusing to turn back, his men forced him onto a small row boat with his supporters.