the utopia of living life n.
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The Utopia of Living Life PowerPoint Presentation
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The Utopia of Living Life

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The Utopia of Living Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Utopia of Living Life
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  1. The Utopia of Living Life

  2. Inhabitant Identity People viewed as fellow people. No identity of race, sexual orientation, religion, or other separating factors

  3. Family Unit Family is very important Raising the children with morals of hard work and earning your way Partners can be chosen but all marriages must be approved by all parties of marriage if a polyamourous relationship is desired

  4. Property Can own as much land as you can afford to tend and care for. Can use said land for whatever purpose you see fit as long as it fits within the limits (That wont be hard) Basically no Brothels or Meth labs

  5. Living spaces Homes can be as big or small as you can afford Even still all will be small and easy to maintain No specific design just small and quaint to allow for adaptable lifestyles as time grows

  6. Adaptability of Society Society will ideally be able to grow as changes in science and knowledge and art are made. Has common sense not to let it go to the peoples’ heads and take over. Allows for a truly new society.

  7. Religious Views Religion will be a thing of choice. You may choose to worship any god you so choose as long it does not harm others. Example: You may not sacrifice ANYONE!!! Doing so will remove your protection.

  8. Education People can pursue as high of education and as much as they see fit for themselves. Schooling is free since everything is bartered for. Example: Doctors, Lawyers, Farmers

  9. Censorship Literally no censorship. You can read or watch or do whatever you feel you must to complete your life as a human being as long as it does not cause physical harm to another member of society. Branches with education

  10. Technology Technology is very important. Fuels education and allows for adaptable lifestyles to maintain longevity of the race. An individual in society can change the world within seconds with one discovery

  11. Interaction with Environment People must be able to live in harmony with the environment But when it comes down to it the society comes first. Citizens must be able to respect environment before being able to survive off of it.

  12. Economics Barter system with no money is the economic basis. Two people decide on a fair price and a third party may be obtained to help with negotiations. All agreements must be unanimous.

  13. Military and National security Anyone can join military Can rise as high as you choose in the military Can make a career though war is discouraged. National security measures are more for monitoring disease and invasion rather than immigration or drugs

  14. Medicine Modern medicine is allowed for serious illness but for smaller non life threatening things simpler remedies are encouraged. Will be taught to only those with the drive and ability to learn

  15. Art Art is valued not only as entertainment but as knowledge and expression

  16. Art Cont. Visual art and performance art are looked at as high forms of intellect. Art encouraged if inhabitants choose to follow it.

  17. Reasons for no money People shouldn’t feel they need to earn a wage for their job They should take pride in their work and knowing that everything they are has been put into the job at hand

  18. Government There will be little structured government except to keep the inhabitants safe from harming one another People naturally sort themselves into a government so leaders will naturally occur.

  19. Social Aid You can help yourself by way of education or hard work. You can make yourself anything you choose to work hard enough for. You can help others by taking care of the society as good citizens are encouraged to.

  20. Overall idea of Society What form of Utopia is better than merely living your life Even if bad things happen you are alive and anything that can be replaced with money or trade is not a real problem.

  21. Utopic Songs

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