intro to vertebrates fishes vocab n.
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Intro to vertebrates/fishes vocab PowerPoint Presentation
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Intro to vertebrates/fishes vocab

Intro to vertebrates/fishes vocab

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Intro to vertebrates/fishes vocab

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  1. Intro to vertebrates/fishes vocab the ability to detect chemicals in the environment chemoreception 2. a faint line visible on both sides of a fish’s body that runs the length of the body and marks the location of sense organs and detect vibrations in water lateral line 3. one of 33 bones in the spinal column (backbone) vertebrae 4. a flexible and strong connective tissue cartilage 5. one of the hard scales that resemble vertebrate teeth and cover skin of sharks and rays placoid scale 6. in fish gills, an arrangement whereby water flows away from the head and blood flows toward the head Counter current flow

  2. 7. fish whose fins are supported by long, segmented, and flexible bony elements called rays ray-finned fish • 8. the largest part of the midbrain of a fish; receives and processes info from the fish’s visual, auditory, and lateral-line systems optic tectum • 9. the union of gametes outside the bodies of the parents, as in many fishes and amphibians external fertilization • 10. in bony fishes, a gas-filled sac that is used to control buoyancy swim bladder

  3. 11. fish that has fleshy fins that are supported by a series of bones; living species include lungfishes and coelacanth lobe-finned fish • 12. the skeleton of the head, especially the portion of the skull where the brain is enclosed cranium • 13. method of reproduction in fish, amphibians, mollusks, and crustaceans in which eggs or sperm are deposited into water spawning

  4. 14. in fish, a hard plate that is attached to each side of the head, that covers gills, and that is open at the rear operculum • 15. fertilization of an egg by sperm that occurs inside the body of a female internal fertilization 16. Organisms who regulate their body temperature internally endothermic organisms (Endotherms) 17. Organisms who regulate their body temperature based on external environmental factors ectothermic organisms (ectotherms)