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Icelandic folkstories

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Icelandic folkstories. Elven rock. Elven rocks . Elves are mythical creatures from the early times of men. They live in rocks or even hills. Elves usually appear in norse mythology or even fairytales. Are elves real?. Many people think that elves really do exist

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Icelandic folkstories

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elven rocks
Elven rocks
  • Elves are mythical creatures from the early times of men.
  • They live in rocks or even hills.
  • Elves usually appear in norse mythology or even fairytales.
are elves real
Are elves real?
  • Many people think that elves really do exist
  • And a well respected news agency called DV asked a people from a random pick that if they belived in elves.
  • Majority answered YES
elve rock on klapparh l
Elve rock on Klapparhól

Álfhóll is a famous hill in Kópavogur where elves live. It is located near a school called Digranesskóli. The rock is largely covered in gras and moss.

a video
A video

Here is a video of Iceland and elves

elves return a baby
Elves return a baby
  • Once a man who lived in the East side of the land had a new born baby. One day he had to travel and leave the baby alone with the village people. He told them never to leave the baby alone but one day they didn‘t listen and left the baby alone for a while.
  • When he returned to the village the baby was acting like a lunetic. He then examined the baby and noticed that it wasn‘t his. He was furious and went to an elf rock and cursed it and said he would blow the rock up if they wouldn‘t return his baby. He went home then and told every people in the village to go for a while
continue part 2
Continue part 2
  • And when they returned to the house the baby was alright and had been returned and the other elven baby taken.
erla stef nsd ttir1
Erla Stefánsdóttir
  • Erla Stefánsdóttir is a highly respected elf specialist.
  • Early in the year 1990 she took a walk through Árlahóla and experienced paranormal activity when she saw a dwarf-like creature for the first time.
  • She described the Elves as happy, exciting creatures, they dressed in bright colorful clothes.
belgian folkstories
Belgian folkstories



Manneken Pis

  • 18th century
  • Ghent
  • Man locked in prison
  • Got no food sohe would starve
  • Everyday his daughter breastfed him so
  • He stayed alive
  • The guards saw that as a miracle
  • So he wan`t guilty
  • Roman Ages
  • Bruges
  • Old seaman had a daughter, Minna
  • Arranged a marrige with Horneck
  • In love with Stromberg
  • Stromberg had to fight
  • Received eternal love
  • Minna forced to marry Horneck and
  • Ran away
  • Stromberg came back
  • Found Minna and she died
  • Made a grave and destroyed a dam
  • „Minna-water“
manneken pis
„Manneken Pis“
  • 12th century
  • Brussels
  • Many different stories
  • 1st: saved the town by urinating on a
  • burning fuse
  • 2nd: gift of merchant to locals because they found his son
  • 3th: boy urinated on enemy troops so they won the battle