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Collections, how would we go about doing that? PowerPoint Presentation
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Collections, how would we go about doing that?

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Collections, how would we go about doing that? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collections, how would we go about doing that?
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  1. Volusia County Clerk of the Court Collections, how would we go about doing that? Compliance Program

  2. How we got started Improving Performance Measures

  3. On target with most of Performance Measures Woefully under achieving on Misdemeanor Collections Goal was 40 % Volusia Collection Rate 32% What should we do about that? • Formulated in court forms for payment plans • During sentencing defendants were enrolled • Terms set for satisfaction over 6 months • Signed by defendant in courtroom • Limited involvement, got payment plans started

  4. Collections went down From 32% to 29%

  5. Why did this happen? • No incentive to pay- sign and go home • Incomplete explanation of process No follow-up after initiation

  6. 90 days to implement- Got to haves Support from administration Go Getter as your Lead Compliance Officer One judge-One Courtroom implementation at a time

  7. Flexibility in your approach With as much automation as you can apply

  8. What makes things work • Compliance Software – I-Plow- Automates payment plans and tracks due dates • Integrates to • Case Management DHSMV, Voice Messaging • 3rd Party Collection Agency Prints Management Reports and Post Card notices

  9. What makes things work Office process incorporates applicants to front counter, acquaints customers and staff with waiting for next available counselor, creates plan on-line including image of signed plan at time of initiation.

  10. What makes things work Application captures all relevant credit and asset information. Allows flexibility in regular obligation (not one cost divided evenly over a time frame). Puts responsibility back on applicant. Must keep in contact with office if situation changes.

  11. What makes things work Notify often using multiple methods. Post cards and voice messaging calls delivered prior to payment being due, upon late prior to DL suspension, at DL suspension, and prior to delivery to 3rd Party Collection Agency.

  12. What makes things work Cooperation with Court teams. Judiciary meetings one on one to determine what works in each courtroom. One by one rollout to properly manage expectations.

  13. Results? In first 6 weeks raised collection rate from 29% to nearly 35% All 6 judges implemented in less than 9 months at 2 locations Needs to become a priority at all levels to gain real momentum

  14. What has happened since then? Great cooperation from the Court Front Counter staffing completing plans and updating negotiated adjustments Automation actively creating plans, mailing postcards, making calls But what’s the bottom line?

  15. Despite Focus- Collections Lag Working Plan but Plan isn’t producing – misdemeanor assessments hover at a 30% or lower collection rate Causes?? Clerks as Collectors- New Territory Need Additional ways to create convenience payments Need to treat financial sanctions as penalties

  16. Can’t keep running in place Gathered information on Collection Success Stories • Seminole County • Focused Team of Collectors • All Misdemeanor Assessments paid directly to Clerk • Citrus County- Automated Payment methods • ACH- Checking & Savings at enrollment • Website payment ability Keep what works, revise what doesn’t

  17. What is planned next steps? More automation planned to integrate data entry steps Revising focus to Misdemeanor plans only in County Court Limiting payment plan adjustments- pay or perform community service Beefing up Collections knowledge through training & experienced agents Adapting alternative methods for payment (ACH & Web payments)

  18. Remove doubt about effort Volusia County will continue to push for collections wherever possible Constrained by budgeted resources- requires scaled down implementation Make dollars budgeted create a revenue producing difference

  19. Contact Information Volusia County Clerk of the Court Compliance Program Volusia County Clerk of the Court Don K. Murphy, PMP Director of Court Operations 386-822-5709