state of montana project management office vision chuck diaz msm pm state of montana pmo l.
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State of Montana Project Management Office Vision Chuck Diaz, MSM PM State of Montana, PMO PowerPoint Presentation
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State of Montana Project Management Office Vision Chuck Diaz, MSM PM State of Montana, PMO

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State of Montana Project Management Office Vision Chuck Diaz, MSM PM State of Montana, PMO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of Montana Project Management Office Vision Chuck Diaz, MSM PM State of Montana, PMO
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  1. State of MontanaProject Management OfficeVisionChuck Diaz, MSM PMState of Montana, PMO

  2. IT Program Management Office (PMO) Charter Mission StatementTo ensure partnership in the delivery of quality Program/Project Management services and oversight on all identified enterprise projects. Providing a channel of communication for project status, financial health, identification, communication, and mitigation of issues, risk and dependencies across projects, agencies, and/or divisions. Key drivers for the PMO will be: • Clear definition of the project manager’s role • Standardized Deliveries • Standardized reporting, ensuring that information shared is delivered in a consistent and standardized fashion. • Setting policy and process to be used in the management of projects • Grow the project management community in the skill sets required to manage projects successfully. • Mentor, train, and guide the organization’s project teams as they learn, and then adopt, Project Management best practices in their projects • Standardize toolset used to manage the business. State of Montana Project Management

  3. Identifying The Committees, Teams, and Groups • State’s Information Technology Board (SITB)Made up of members from the Governor’s cabinet and agencies, this committee’s responsibility is to prioritize all IT efforts in relation to the business requirements and for achieving a common vision between the business and IT on the business and on the role of Enterprise Architecture and technology. • Architecture Review Board (ARB)Is the committee that is responsible for reviewing and approving the conceptual and domain architectures, including products, domain technologies and standards. • Architecture Team (AT)Team is responsible for facilitating the enterprise architectural process, creating and maintaining deliverables, communicating architectural standards to all interested parties, and reviewing technology infrastructure projects for compliance to the architecture. State of Montana Project Management

  4. Identifying The Committees, Teams, and Groups (Cont) • Domain Architecture Team (DAT)Team is responsible for selecting product standards, defining configuration standards, and collaborating on component architecture design principles with the architecture team. • Project Management Office (PMO)Responsible for tracking all projects, resources, budgets, and project interdependencies. • Project Management Office Advisory Group (PMOAG)A group of agency project managers who proactively identify project management issues and collect/develop project management best practices. • Project Management Users Group (PMUG)An informal discussion group that discusses project management issues and topics. Group is open to anyone within state government that is interested in project management. State of Montana Project Management

  5. Governance State of Montana Project Management

  6. Project Manager Roles Ensure classification and identification of the Project Manager’s position and their responsibilities. • Positions • Advanced • Project Managers • Level I • Level II • Level III • Entry Levels • Project Coordinators • Level I • Level II Each position identified, with expectations, responsibilities, and deliveries set. Mentor capabilities from those doing the work to those that would like to grow in the field. State of Montana Project Management

  7. Standardized Deliveries Behind each identified deliverable, stand instructions and templates State of Montana Project Management

  8. Standardized Reporting • Status Reporting; • Weekly reports containing; • Activities Completed since last report • Completed Milestones • Scope/Cost/Schedule Updates • Issues & Risk • Activities/Milestones that are to be completed by the next reporting date • Overall Project Status • Performance Reporting; • On Time / On Budget • Adherence to Budget • Resources Providing Clear and Accurate Reports State of Montana Project Management

  9. G Project Number and Name Project Status Report: Date Reporting for Project Manager: Clear Identification of PM Scope BRIEF OUTLINE OF PROJECT’S SCOPE Activities completed since last status report: BRIEF OUTLINE OF ACTIVITIES Current Status OUTLINE OF PROJECT STATUS Activities to be completed in next 30 days • OUTLINE OF ACTIVITIES OVER THE COURSE OF THE NEXT 7, 14, OR 30 DAYS • Completed Milestones: • LIST OF COMPLETED MILESTONES FOR REPORTING PERIOD • Upcoming Milestones: • LIST OF UPCOMING MAJOR MILESTONES Awareness Items: OUTLINE OF ITEMS EXECUTIVES SHOULD TAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF • Scope/Schedule/Cost Updates: CLEAR IDENTIFICATION OF ALL SCOPE/SCHEDULE/COST IMPACTS • Cost: - Identifying Cost to date • Schedule: - Identifying whether we are on schedule or not • Scope: - Identifying changes or possible changes to the scope • Issues/Risks: • Clear Identification of Major Issues and Risk State of Montana Project Management

  10. Standardized Toolset • Project Portfolio Management SolutionThe need is for a PPM Solution that will give us; • Project Portfolio Management • Program & Project Management • Application Portfolio Management • Visibility to Work Item Demands • Management of; • Resources, • Time (specifically one that will integrate with our time reporting app) and, • Finances, • Reporting • On project Health • Dashboards • Project Visibility State of Montana Project Management

  11. Policies and Processes Establishing policies and procedures that are clear and direct, and established by all participants. Enforcement of established policies and procedures is the critical path to our success. State of Montana Project Management

  12. Skills Growth Growing our project management community through; • Skill Set Assessment • Training • Classroom • On-Line • On The Job • Mentoring and • Recognition State of Montana Project Management

  13. Roadmap Work still remains to identify all legislature work that needs to take place in order to ensure support is in place. State of Montana Project Management

  14. Conclusion • One Goal, One Direction • Defined Policies and Procedures • Clear Standardization • Clearly Identified Responsibilities for those on the team • Delivery Ownership • Tools For the Job • Concise easy to read status, financial, and business reports • Growth From Within State of Montana Project Management