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Peterson School Mexico City, Mexico 3 rd Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Peterson School Mexico City, Mexico 3 rd Grade

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Peterson School Mexico City, Mexico 3 rd Grade
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Peterson School Mexico City, Mexico 3 rd Grade

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  1. Peterson SchoolMexico City, Mexico 3rd Grade Calmecac del Pedregal, which means “School for Noble Aztecs”

  2. Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world. We have lots of things to see and do. Here is the pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. It is more than 2000 years old. The Angel of Independence is a symbol of Mexico City.

  3. Best of both worlds Our school is very proud to be bi-cultural and bi-lingual! We celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead “Dia de los Muertos”. This was a Pumpkin Parade that the kids in Pre-first made. The pumpkins were so fun, lots of different kinds.

  4. Day of the Dead This is a picture a our day of the dead altar. In Mexico, we celebrate the dead on November 2nd. People make altars for people who have died in their family. We put a picture of the person, food and drinks that they liked and representatives of the 4 elements: earth, wind, fire and water. The colored paper shows wind moving, candles for fire, glass of water and the yellow flower “cempasúchitl”is a sign of earth.

  5. Gym Class is great! Here is my best friend Ana Pau. She is so crazy and gentle. She likes a lot pigs but seriously she is a good person! ( I am Ma Jo, I am on the ground because I hurt my ankle running during gym class! Opps!

  6. Girls just want to have fun! Witches, black cats and Draculas, we are dressed for excitement…Trick or Treat! Pucker up! Joking around with the camera!

  7. The soccer (football)guys! Here we are…taking a break to have our picture taken. We LOVE soccer (football)! We all have different favorite teams, some here in Mexico and others in Europe. In the front row: Rodrigo (Pumita) and Alberto; Back row: Chris, Luis Ma, Rodrigo and Santi.

  8. GGGOOOAAALLL!!! Recess my favorite class of the day! I can play soccer with all of my friends! My teacher calls me Pumitas, because I really love the Pumas soccer team here in Mexico City! They’re the BEST!

  9. Values we have and share for all the world to see This is Marianela, she’s our teacher of emotions and values. Her job is between a coordinator and psychiatrist Marianela is a very good person and laughs a lot! I hope you have a person like her!

  10. #1 No sick days for Poncho! This is Poncho. He is the doctor at school. Every kid at school loves him, they all the time want to go so they can eat chochitos (a special candy/medicine..they’re really yummy!) He works really hard, there has not been a day without patients in his office! NOT ONE!!  WE PONCHO!

  11. Great friends are forever! Diego Ramirez and Rodrigo Martinez Here are Diego Ramirez and Rodrigo Ruiz in the patio of the Peterson School in the Pedregal campus . Diego is hugging Rodrigo but Diego is tall. Rodrigo has a book collection in his hands, it’s of different animals. There is one tree at the back and a lot of plants.

  12. English Class This is our teacher her name is Jennifer. She is reading a book, we have reading time everyday. This teacher is very, very funny! We are reading a book that it’s name is “The Outside Dog”. Finally when we are finished reading the book, we work.

  13. Spanish Class Here is Violeta, our Spanish teacher. She is great and her sister works at the school too. These are some boys from the other group, we have 2 groups for 3rd grade. Here they are working on a play for Spanish class.

  14. Special Classes - Special teachers This is Lourdes, she’s the most creative art teacher in the whole world! Javier is our gym teacher, boy is he strict! Run, kick, jump.