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Mountain States

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Mountain States. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah. By: Mitchell, Daniel, Elena. Physical Features.

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Mountain States

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mountain states

Mountain States

Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah.

By: Mitchell, Daniel, Elena.

physical features
Physical Features

In the Mountain States, we have snowy mountain peaks all year. We also have deep valleys in between the mountains. We have geysers that shoot hot water and steam. Our favorite is Old Faithful. Don’t forget we have mesas too, which are small but high plateaus. This is the place to be year round!


In the Mountain States, instead of farming they have lots of ranching. It also is good for tourism, for skiing and snowboarding on the mountains.


There are fewer people in the Mountain States than any other region. Wyoming has the densest population than any other state in America. People ski and snowboard year round.



map of state goes here

If you go to Colorado, you might see Pikes Peak or Mt. Elbert. There is also the Continental Divide. Here’s something special. Daniel made a motto for Colorado. He said, “ If you don’t see a mountain in Colorado, you’re BLIND!” After you memorize his motto, go to a Denver Bronco’s game. Colorado is the only state in the Mountain States that has a professional baseball team, football team, and basketball team.

the gunnison campground
The Gunnison Campground
  • One room, and two room cabins.
  • No tents available at Gunnison.
  • Free wireless internet.
  • And deluxe camping cottage.

Activities at Gunnison

At Gunnison you can:

Golf: At Dos Rio, Crested Butte, and Skylark.

Fish: Gold medal fishing.

Scenic View: Take a scenic view of Gunnison Camp.

cost of trip
Cost of Trip
  • The cost is $ 214.83 for two nights.
  • For pets it’s $ 5.00 a night per pet.
  • Cost of gas is $129.34
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From Shenandoah Valley Elementary to Gunnison Campground it’s 981.91 miles! It takes 15 hours and 36 minutes to get to Gunnison.