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  1. LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTRE By: Maria Aipinge User services Librarian

  2. The mission of the Polytechnic of Namibia Library is to support learning, teaching, research and creative expression by proving timely and effective access to information and services to the broad Polytechnic community, resulting in the improvement of institutional outcomes. The Library Mission

  3. Library Hours Days Semester Vacations Monday- Friday 8:00-22:00 08:00-17:00 Saturday 8:00-13:00 Closed Sunday 14:00-20:00 Closed Public Holidays Closed Closed EXTERNAL STUDY AREA 05:00-00:00 Closed

  4. Membership & Loan Privileges Students: 6 books for 14 days Staff : 10 books for 30 days Students: 3 books for 14 days Staff : 3 books for 30 days Depend on membership category e.g. 1/2/3 books for 14 days All students and staff of the Polytechnic are members of the Library. UNAM students and staff can become members by registering. Other Users/Students must register and pay membership fees.  

  5. Privileges Library privileges are personal and may not be transferred to others. Loan periods and policies vary, depending on the type of material, therefore it is important to check due dates and times marked on materials.

  6. Loan Periods Books 14 days CD-ROMs 14 days Videos 7 days Short Loan Items 2 hours (not to be taken out of the Library) Periodicals Non-circulating Newspapers Non-circulating

  7. Borrowing Rules Own student/ staff cards must be provided whenever Library materials are borrowed. All items must be retuned or renewed before the end of the loan period at the desk where they were issued from, i.e. Circulation, Multimedia or Study Collection. Only one renewal is allowed. Renewals can be done in person, telephonically (tel. 2072022) or via e-mail: All borrowers are responsible for materials checked out on their cards. A fine is payable when items are handed in late, lost or damaged.

  8. Library Collections Open Shelf Collection This is the main collection of books on a wide variety of subjects which may be borrowed for a normal loan period of 14 days. Engineering Collection Is a collection of books on civil, electrical, electronics and mechanical Engineering and may be borrowed for the normal loan period of 14 days. This collection is separately located at level 4. Reference Collection This collection includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and directories, etc. The items in the reference collection are to be used in the library and may not be taken out of library premises.

  9. Study (Short Loan) Collection The Short Loan Collection consists of prescribed books, materials for assignments and class notes. Materials from short loan are restricted to two hours and must be used in the library.   Namibiana Collection This is a collection of books and other publications on Namibia, as well as publications done in Namibia or written by Namibians.  Items from this collection are to be used in the library and cannot be taken out. Periodicals Collection This collection consists of latest issues of academic journals, which can be used in the library only. There are also several local and South African newspapers.

  10. Services The library provides the following resources and services:

  11. Internet Internet for Polytechnic students

  12. E-resources Online databases with full-text journal and e-books

  13. Photocopy Facilities Code operated photocopiers Level 2,3 & 4 Coin operated photocopier Level 4

  14. Seminar Room

  15. Circulation Checking in and out Library materials Level 3 OPAC

  16. Circulation Level 3

  17. Multimedia Multimedia: with necessary facilities used to view CD-ROMs, video cassettes and DVDs

  18. Namibiana Level 4

  19. Reference Level 4

  20. Study Collection Short loan items Level 4

  21. Notice Board

  22. Inter Library Loan Service This enables access to resources in other libraries, which are not available in your own library. This service is critical to serious researchers and distance students.


  24. Important Links Online Resources: The library website is linked to different Online journal databases with full text articles, e-books, research thesis, online dictionaries, etc. These are for example; Ebscohost, SAePublications, ProQuest Science and Technology, Directory of Open Access journals, and much more. PolyCat: The online catalogue is used to search and see what resources are available in the Polytechnic Library. Searches can be done from any workstation where Internet is available. Online exam Papers: Past examination papers can be viewed on the Polytechnic intranet, unfortunately they cannot be viewed off campus.

  25. LIBRARY RULES All borrowers are responsible for any materials checked out on their user cards. Using another patron’s user/membership card is prohibited and a serious offence. All Library materials should be returned / renewed before the end of the loan period, otherwise a fine of N$1.10 per day is applicable for each item and no further loans will be permitted until the fine is settled. Study Collection items are to be used inside the Library for a two hour period and are NOT to be taken out. A fine of N$1.10 per hour is payable for each item for late returns.

  26. LIBRARY RULES: continue.. For any lost or damaged item, replacement value will be determined by the Librarian. Students must make sure that all Library items in their possession are issued before they leave the Library. Unauthorized removal of Library items from the Library, shall result in strict disciplinary action and a large fine. Students found in possession of unauthorized or stolen Library materials shall be blocked from taking out Library material until a disciplinary hearing has taken place. NO person shall make noise or cause a disturbance in the Library.

  27. LIBRARY RULES: continue.. • NO smoking, eating (including chewing gum) or drinking is permitted in the Library. • ALL cell phones MUST be switched OFF when entering the Library and shall not be used at any time inside the library. • Rude or undisciplined behaviour towards staff and security, preventing them to perform their duties, will lead to a fine and disciplinary action. • All rules for the use of Library venues and equipment should be adhered to otherwise a fine is applicable. • Failure to adhere to any of these rules shall result in a fine of N$120 per offence.

  28. Unacceptable behaviors Disobeying orders from staff of security guards Damaging library materials Leaving the Library with items that are not issued Smoking Cell phones Eating Noise

  29. MAINTAINING ORDER Quietness should be practiced at any time in the library. Cellular phone must be swiched off at all times. No food or breweries are allowed inside the library.

  30. Library Fines 1. Stealing of Library items = N$1200.00 2. Late return of Library items = N$ 1.10c per day per item 3. Damage to Library items = N$ 110.00 4. Loss of Library items = replacement value + overdue fine 5. Cellular phone use in the Library =N$120.00

  31. Security Check Point

  32. Protection of Library Items All library items are protected against unauthorized removal by an electronic book detection system. Unauthorized removal of library items is regarded as stealing and shall result in strict disciplinary action and a large fine.

  33. Loss of Library Materials These should be reported to the Library as soon as possible Replacement value plus the overdue fine is to be paid

  34. Library Marketing Orientation Library Tour Library displays Newsletter Website Library User Education Programme

  35. Library tour Library tour for new students: Monday,4 February 2008 @14:00 in the Library. Please gather at the entrance of the Library. Library tour for all students will be conducted throughout February. Tour bookings can be made in the Library. It is necessary that students attend at least one Library tour. This tour is also available on request throughout the year.

  36. Library Contacts User Services Librarian: Ms. Maria Aipinge (Phone 2013) Assist readers accessing library materials, facilities and services. Inter-Library Loan Librarian: Mrs. Elbie Visagie (Phone 2614) Assist faculty and students to obtain library material not available in Polytechnic of Namibia Library. Subject Librarian: Ms. Bernadette Chanetsa (Phone 2326) Assist faculty and students to find subject specialized information for assignments and research. Acquisitions Librarian: Ms. Margrit Hoffman (Phone 2041) Purchase books, journals andother non-print materials for the Library.

  37. Please feel welcome to visit your Library!

  38. THE END