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EASYASK NLP to SQL Translator

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EASYASK NLP to SQL Translator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EASYASK NLP to SQL Translator. Aditya Khandekar Ashish Jain Kunal Dabir Praveen Awasthy. Contents. Introduction and concept Chosen platform Objective Application. Introduction & Concept. 21st century is the information age BUT some facts about our country India

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easyask nlp to sql translator
EASYASKNLP to SQL Translator
  • Aditya Khandekar
  • Ashish Jain
  • Kunal Dabir
  • Praveen Awasthy
  • Introduction and concept
  • Chosen platform
  • Objective
  • Application
introduction concept
Introduction & Concept

21st century is the information age


  • some facts about our country India
  • population = 100 billion
  • literacy rate = around 65 %
  • estimated no of computer users in 2003 = 23 million
  • use of Computers largely confined to Eng speaking population(10%)


  • in developing countries like India, computer usage has not even

attained 1/10 of ideal

why so
Why So?
  • Software developed at the inception of computers was cryptic
  • Uses were also limited, so did not appeal to the normal person

THEN in the 90s, came GUI

  • Provided a graphical interaction between user & system

BUT still, GUI was found wanting in some cases

  • language constraints
  • size of forms
  • information retrival-always a problem
nlp nli

Problem solved with the concept of NLP (Natural Language Processing)

"Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technology that allows

computers to understand the main linguistic concepts within a question or

solution. Its goal is to design and build Computers that analyze,

understand and generate language that humans use naturally."

Using the concept - NLP & NLIs (Natural Language Interfaces).

Helpful coz:

  • Don’t require knowledge of technical jargon
  • Eliminate language problem
  • Work better than GUIs
  • Are highly modifiable
  • Do not require excessive typing or clicking
our project
Our Project

Coming to Project :Easy Ask, an NLP based info retrieval

System (translates queries from English statements to SQL)

Why we chose this project:

  • Information the world over, stored in databases
  • Information retrieval by SQL, limited to tech people
  • By way of forms (GUI) is inefficient & rigid

We hope, that our software Easy Ask can overcome these problems

platforms used
Platforms used

No compromises

  • Easy-of-use versus power
  • Safety versus efficiency
  • Rigidity versus extensiblity
why java
Why Java
  • OS Independent
  • Easily Available
  • Resources Available
  • Reusable Classes Available


Trends in Technology



backend database
Backend Database
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Access
  • To create a software that provides a Natural Language Interface to a database Application
  • Desired requirements
    • To make the above application as generic as possible (OS, DB)
    • Generate relevent results efficiently.
easyask working
EasyAsk Working





Back End Database


similar work
Similar Work
  • English Query (MS SQL Server)
  • KDA (knowledge-based database assistant)
  • SQ-HAL

NLP applications

  • User interfaces
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Information retrieval
  • Translation

Practical uses of our project

  • Railway enquiry
  • Banking enquiry
  • Online troubleshooting
  • Directory system
  • Database systems that do not comply with SQL are not supported.
  • The software works well only for small designs, typically having not more that 5-6 tables.
  • Results obtained may not be very efficient and according to user expectation.
  • The same errors may be repeated if error reporting is not supported.
  • Support for large databases
  • Support for multiple languages (other than English)
  • Automatic Learning capability from previous mistakes


  • http://research.microsoft.com/nlp
  • http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/hons/projects/2000/Supun.Ruwanpura/