Thermage: Step towards youthful look.
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Get the significant change with Thermage treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thermage is a procedure that helps in tightening of the loose and sagging skin. For more information about it, visit

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Get the significant change with thermage treatment

Thermage: Step towards youthful look.

In this competitive era, who wouldn’t wish for a young and energetic look? Everyone does have the

desire of an appearance that makes them young. And in this case, people search for the best method to

restore their youthful skin. Among all the treatments of anti ageing or skin tightening, Thermage is

considered to be the best non surgical procedure that tightens the skin that has got loose because of the

natural loss of collagen.

What exactly is a Thermage?

A skin tightening and lifting treatment through radio frequency technique. Thermage is a famous and

popular treatment for tightening the skin by boosting the production of natural collagen fibre. A long

lasting treatment that people prefer to get it, because it gives a wonderful result like a face lift surgery,

although it is a non surgical treatment.

What is the procedure like?

As said, it is a radio frequency technique, the Thermage tip has already fix shots that should be given for

the perfect effect. With the shots, you will feel the heat generating on the skin. This heat goes deep

inside the layer of the skin. Indirectly this causes skin tightening. The collagen and elastin which are

natural skin elasticity factors are rebuild and boosted through the heat.

Why should I choose Thermage?

The first and most important reason is that it is a non invasive treatment. It has the capability to give

you the effect that a surgical procedure can give you in terms of tightening and contouring. There is no

downtime post the treatment and you can resume your normal activities without taking any


How long Thermage procedure takes?

The time taken on Thermage treatment is approximately one hour to half an hour. You can get this

treatment done quickly and resume to your work.

When can I see the effect and for how long?

Post the procedure, you may see a little change in the skin texture, you will find it smoother. The best

effect can be seen in about 2 to 3 months, the firm and tighten effect can stay on for 14 to 16 months or


Thermage treatment is indeed very helpful for people who are looking for treatment to younger looking

skin. If you wish to get more details about this treatment and its related benefits visit