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Ayurvedic Healthcare and Treatment - The Rhythms of Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Ayurvedic Healthcare and Treatment - The Rhythms of Life

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Ayurvedic Healthcare and Treatment - The Rhythms of Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In our well-being suggestions, we integrate traditional eastern knowledge, rituals and modern lifestyle practices customized to each one of us personally. We bring highly qualified Yoga masters, experienced Ayurvedic doctors and trusted Chinese Supplements practitioners. Our practices are beneficial for everybody, as we help minimize the side effects of long term chemical medication.

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Ayurvedic Healthcare and Treatment - The Rhythms of Life

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Our vision is to become the destination for natural remedies, spiritual and culinary practices to overcome modern lifestyle diseases.

how ayurveda can help

How Ayurvedacan help!

Start immediately improving your overall health and wellness with the Vikruti and Prakruti Analysis by the Rhythms of Life. Start your health and wellness assessment with the Prakruti Analysis to determine different problematic areas in your life or assess your wellness history with the Vikruti Analysis

tongue analysis

Tongue Analysis

After uploading a picture of your tongue and answering our brief questionnaire, we will send you our comprehensive health assessment which uses different features and locations of the tongue to help diagnose and treat different deficiencies throughout the organs and body.

laghusoota mishrana




Disease due to Kapha , Asthma, bronchitis, Fever, Bleeding disorders, Cough, Cold, Urinary disorders, diabetes, Anaemia, Skin diseases, splenic disorders.

Pile, Sqrue, Anemia, Skin Disease, Vomiting And In Warm

Rhinitis, cough, breathlessness, respiratory ailments.

aloes compound

Aloes compound

Aj cough choornam


Productive & non productive cough, Bronchial asthama and other respiratory disorders

Improves general health: Haematinic, Liver corrective, Relieves constipation, Induces sense of well-being.

Cough, debility, vaginal disorders, hip pain, abdominal pain, paraplegia, loss of strength.





Swarabheda, swarabanga, disorders of vocal cord , nasagatharogas, galaroga, & relieves all kinds of cough and soothes minor throat irritation

Cough, breathlessness, debility, hiccough, diabetes, piles, cardiac disorders, anorexia, rhinitsis, fever,increasesbala and varna, alopacia.

Used in treatment of vomiting and gastritis, hyperacidity and gastritis, nausea, excessive salivation, vomiting, headache, abdominal colic pain, anorexia.

thank you
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