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The Indiana CTSI HUB PowerPoint Presentation
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The Indiana CTSI HUB

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The Indiana CTSI HUB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Indiana CTSI HUB
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  1. The Indiana CTSI HUB Bill Barnett Director, Information Infrastructures, Indiana CTSI

  2. What is the Indiana CTSI? • The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute • Translational = translating basic to pre-clinical and clinical research to products and therapies that improve health outcomes • One of 46 Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) across the country. • A collaboration of the IU School of Medicine, IU Bloomington, Purdue, and Notre Dame

  3. CTSA/CTSI Goals • Build national clinical and translational research capability • Provide training and improve career development of clinical and translational scientists • Enhance consortium-wide collaborations • Improve the health of our communities and the nation • Advance T1 translational research to move basic laboratory discoveries and knowledge into clinical testing

  4. How do we develop HUB services? We determine needs, then take a least cost, rapid development approach to developing HUB tools and services to meet those needs: • We prefer to use existing HUB components or Joomla! software Extensions (4699 as of 4/12/2010). • We then look for existing open source Web 2.0 applications we can easily plug into the Joomla! (eg., HUB) framework. • We then adapt existing non Web 2.0 applications into the HUB • If all else fails, we develop our own Joomla! Extensions or applications.

  5. HUB Accomplishments for Years 1 and 2 • Put Clinical Trials Listings on the HUB • Added PubMed and IUSM faculty publications into integrated search (IU grants coming next) • Developed a Grants Management Tool for internal grant programs • Put the Project Development Teams (PDTs) Online • Developed a web presence for CHEP • Put the Indiana CTSI Cores online (the TTR Service Cores) • Provided Discussion Forum, Form, and Survey Tools • Authentication through Federated Identity with 6 other institutions (including NIH) • Redesigned the home page to improve usability (more coming)

  6. Current HUB Projects(partially funded by a CTSI ARRA Supplement) • Federated Identity support for all applications • Ontology tagging for all content • Alfresco Share Private Group Collaboration • Industry Partner Discovery Tool • REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) from Vanderbilt • OpenMRS Patient Recruitment • Online submission of next year’s annual report via forms • Next phase of usability improvements • Hosting to be moved to IU cyberinfrastructure

  7. Current HUB Projects: Cyberinfrastructure • Federated Identity support for all applications • Ontology tagging for all content

  8. Current HUB Projects: Alfresco Share Private Group Collaboration • Based on expressed need of researchers at different institutions to privately share documents for grant proposals and projects • Will support ePHI data sets • An open source product used by over 50 organizations internationally

  9. HUB Prototype: Discover Industry Licensors • Database of Industry licensing reps by specialization and disease • Partnership with Cook Medical, IURTC, IHIN, and Biocrossroads • Currently over 1,000 names in the database • Business model in development.

  10. The Indiana CTSI HUB Team • Bill Barnett (Lead) • Anurag Shankar (Technical Lead) • Mike McLennan (HUB Architect) • Lilith Reeves (Chief Scientist, Indiana CTSI) • Bob Davis (Usability and Data Management) • Joe Hunt (Evaluation) • Samantha Scahill (Content Management) • Jere Odell (Education and Bioethics) • Elaine Skopelja (Library Informatics) • Beth Whipple (Library Informatics) • Craig Sanders (Development) • Jim Mullen (Development) • Michael Grobe (Development) • David Altenhof (Development)