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Agenda for ATLAS CB Meeting 27th February 2004 13:30 Procurations, establishment of the quorum

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Agenda for ATLAS CB Meeting 27th February 2004 13:30 Procurations, establishment of the quorum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agenda for ATLAS CB Meeting 27th February 2004 13:30 Procurations, establishment of the quorum 13:45 Welcome by the CB Chairperson S Bethke 13:55 Spokesperson election by ballot S Bethke 14:10 Collaboration composition matters P Jenni

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Presentation Transcript

Agenda for ATLAS CB Meeting 27th February 2004

13:30 Procurations, establishment of the quorum

13:45 Welcome by the CB Chairperson S Bethke

13:55 Spokesperson election by ballot S Bethke

14:10 Collaboration composition matters P Jenni

- Status of contacts (no pending decisions)

14:15 Endorsement of the CB Chair Advisory Group S Bethke

14:25 Endorsement of the guidelines for appointing physics S Bethke working group conveners (B Kersevan invited)

14:40 Endorsement of the new members for the S Bethke Publications Committee

ATLAS Collaboration Board


14:50 Endorsement of the appointment of the joint P Jenni Commissioning Coordinators

15:00 Selection of the venue for the Physics Workshop 2005 P Jenni

15:15 Follow-up matters from the Plenary, P Jenni

including the LHCC Letter of Intents

- Heavy Ions

- Forward Detectors and Luminosity

15:30 Computing manpower matters and proposal T Åkesson

15:55 Brief status of Common Projects M Nessi

16:15 Resources matters M Nordberg - Status and planning for the RRB

- Approval of new in-kind contributions

16:35 Main (policy) issues for the medium-term future P Jenni

16:50 Follow-up comments on the initial discussion on the S Bethke publication policy 2007+ (P Wells invited)

17:05 AoB

ATLAS Collaboration Board


Spokesperson election

(Copied from the mail of 1st December 2003)

The Search Committee reviewing the nominations of candidates for ATLAS Spokesperson, at the end of Peter Jenni's present term of office, consisted of the CB Chairman and Deputy Chairman, members of the CB Chair Advisory Group and Matteo Cavalli-Sforza. (The latter, who was CB Chairman at the previous Spokesperson election, provided valuable advice to the committee on this occasion, for which we are most grateful.)

There were nominations for eight candidates, some coming from individual ATLAS members and some in the name of institutes. The Search Committee carried out a careful review of the nominations and prepared a short list of candidates.

Following discussions with the short-listed nominees to ascertain their availability and willingness to stand in the election, we have to inform the CB members that our recommendation is that in the election in February, there will be only one candidate on the ballot, namely our present Spokesman, Peter Jenni. This is because the other nominees were unwilling to stand against Peter, on the contrary offering him their strong support in continuing in his present office as Spokesman.

In turn this implies that the election will ask for a simple vote in favour or against re-appointment of Peter as Spokesman, and I remind CB members that, in accordance with the ATLAS consitution, such re-election requires a two thirds majority in the ballot. We hope that an announcement at this date will allow time for proper consultation within groups ahead of the election in February, and look forward to your participation in that process.

Ken Smith and Siggi Bethke

ATLAS Collaboration Board


CB Chair Advisory Group

One of the first official duties of a new CB chair is to propose the composition of the CB advisory group. Most of the current members of this board have served for longer than 2 years.

I therefore decided to relieve most of the current members from this duty and to put this task onto the shoulders of a new group of colleagues.

In order to assure a certain degree of continuity in the transition from the current to the new group, I propose that two of the current members, Jim Siegrist and Marko Mikuz, will continue to stay for another two year's period. Keeping the previous size of the group to a total of 12 members, my proposed list of candidates is the following:

Abramowicz, Halina Tel Aviv Israel (Muon)

Azuelos, Georges Montreal Canada (LArg)

Huston, Joey Michigan SU USA (Tile)

Kawamoto, Tatsuo Tokyo Japan (Muon)

Mikuz, Marko Ljubljana Slovenia (ID)

Siegrist, Jim Berkeley USA (ID)

Solodkov, Alexander Protvino Russia (Tile)

Susinno, Giancarlo Cosenza Italy (Muon)

Tapprogge, Stefan Mainz Germany (TDAQ, SM WG)

Tong, Guoliang Beijing China (Muon)

Teixeira-Dias, Pedro London RH GB (TDAQ)

Wingerter-Seez, Isabelle Annecy France (LArg)

The CB is invited to endorse these appointments at its next meeting on February 27, 2004.

Siggi Bethke

ATLAS Collaboration Board


CB Chair Advisory Group

Composition of the old (outgoing) CB Chair Advisory Group:

Bosman, Martine Barcelona Spain (Tile; Physics)

Guyot, Claude Saclay France (Muon)

Holmgren, Sven-Olof Stockholm Sweden (TDAQ)

Kobayashi, Tomio Tokyo Japan (Muon)

Lellouch, Daniel Weizmann Israel (Muon)

Patricelli, Sergio Napoli Italy (Muon)

Pilcher, Jim Chicago USA (Tile)

Richter-Was, Elzbieta Cracow Poland (ID)

Taylor, Geoff Melbourne Australia (ID)

Tikhonov, Iuori Novosibirsk Russia (LArg)

Many thanks for their valuable help - and for the time they devoted to this task!!

ATLAS Collaboration Board


New members for the Publications Committee

(Copied from the mail from 11th February 2004)

The Search Committee (CB chairperson and deputy, spokesperson and deputy, plus Anna Di Ciaccio and Tatsuo Kawamoto) is pleased that the call for nominations for the renewal of members for the Publications Committee has resulted in a good number of replies and candidates:

A total of 41 replies were received (including two post deadline) proposing 31 different colleagues.

The Search Committee has considered all candidates, with the task to propose a set of 6 new members to be added to the continuing members of the Publications Committee, as announced in the call for nominations.

An important criterion for the proposal was to arrive at a well-balanced overall composition for the Publications Committee.

ATLAS Collaboration Board


Proposed new members:

Jon Butterworth (UC London)

Christine Kourkoumelis (University of Athens)

Bianca Osculati (University of Genoa)

David Rousseau (LAL Orsay)

Peter Schacht (MPI Munich)

Sally Seidel (University of New Mexico)

Continuing members:

Shoji Asai (ICEPP Tokyo)

Eilam Gross (Weizmann Institute)

Sten Hellman (University of Stockholm)

John Huth (Harvard University)

Maria Smizanska (Lancaster University)

Pippa Wells (CERN)

The CB is invited to endorse the proposed 6 new members for the Publication Committee

(Their term of office is for two years, starting in March 2004)

The Search Committee has also discussed the Chairperson for the coming year, and we are pleased to announce that Pippa Wells accepts this task

We take the occasion to thank the outgoing members, Alain Blondel, Lutz Koepke, Michel Lefebvre, Heinz Pernegger, Marc Virchaux and last but not least the Chairperson Stephen Haywood, for the dedicated and professional service to the Collaboration over the last two years!

ATLAS Collaboration Board


Appointment of the joint Commissioning Coordinators

(Copied from the mail from 10th February 2004)

As announced end of November it has been decided by the EB to proceed in setting up an organization for the overall commissioning activities for ATLAS, following the initial discussions over the past months, also during the last ATLAS Week at Prague.

Thank you to all who have responded to the invitation to make nominations for candidates to coordinate this new activity, and for the constructive comments received.

In total 10 colleagues have been nominated as possible candidates, in 14 nomination mails. The appointment is made by the ATLAS management for a period of two years, and the coordinators will become members of the Technical Management Board (TMB) and will be invited to the EB for the technical part in the mornings as the TMB activity managers for commissioning.

Following also some of the comments, we have concentrated for this initial phase mainly on technical, electronics, and TDAQ expert knowledge.

The proposal is to appoint for a two years term of office (starting in March 2004):

Giuseppe Mornacchi (CERN, oriented mainly towards TDAQ aspects)

Pascal Perrodo (LAPP Annecy, oriented mainly towards technical and electronics aspects)

Both have amply demonstrated experience in these fields previously

The CB is kindly invited to endorse this joint appointments

ATLAS Collaboration Board


Physics Workshop 2005

(Copy from the mail from 3rd February 2004)

Three attractive proposals were submitted in time to host the 5th ATLAS Physics Workshop in 2005 (plus CERN, always being the standard alternative):

Cambridge (UK)


Eilat (Israel)

Rome (Italy)

A very brief summary of the proposals as well as additional information made available by the proponents was distributed previously.

In spite of many arguments to hold meetings at CERN, the experience shows that to have some of the meetings outside CERN is a clear benefit for the spirit and motivation of the Collaboration.

However, as in previous years, the CB will have the opportunity to consider also a CERN-based meeting during the selection vote.

Decision: ballot at the CB meeting, following the standard rules

(If none of the four possible venues achieves the absolute majority of the present and represented votes, the two places with the highest vote count will be retained for a second round where the winner will be decided upon by a single majority)

ATLAS Collaboration Board


Expression of Interest for a future meeting:

An interesting possibility has been offered by the teams from the Boston area. They could accommodate 250 – 300 people in the Student Village in suites at a reasonable price (53 USD per night and person)

This information came past the deadline, and in agreement with the Boston colleagues this information is given here in view of possible future meetings

ATLAS Collaboration Board