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hypnotherapy for weight loss PowerPoint Presentation
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hypnotherapy for weight loss

hypnotherapy for weight loss

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hypnotherapy for weight loss

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  1. Welcome to Adam designs the most sophisticated therapy models acquired from 20 years of training with the leading hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the world which guarantees you the most comprehensive hypnotherapy treatments available. Rapid changes can begin to be made at the deepest levels of your unconscious mind to easily and naturally to get the results you want.

  2. hypnotherapy for weight loss “Australia’s nicest hypnotist” is a reputation Adam has been building for two decades now given Adam is no stranger to the helping profession. Every day Adam continues to help 1000’s of men and women overcome their challenges in life and reach their true potential in Australia’s biggest hypnotherapy shop in beautiful Brisbane Queensland Australia. Adam has worked for 20years in various therapeutic roles and managing many health and community services including: Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health, Family Support and Youth Services, just to name a few.

  3. hypnotherapy for smoking cessation Frustrated and disillusioned with the government services that seemed more interesting in supporting the workers climbing their way up the ladders rather than the actual client’s moreover unnecessarily medicating clients, and traditional psychology therapies that just don’t work effectively and the alternative 12step anonymous cults that do way more harm than good. Adam knew there had to be a better, more powerful way of helping people and as a result became interested in many of the alternative treatments available.

  4. hypnotherapy mp3 Fortunately Adam was raised in an open minded home where he was exposed to many different spiritual healing and self-development environments from a young age and as a result understood that the real answers to people's problems in life were available through a connection with ones higher self. Years of his own inner spiritual development had given him this insight and understanding but how could he demystify all the new age nonsense that seems to go hand in hand with these type of treatments and turn his knowledge and experience into a therapeutic process that could be evaluated and proven to give consistent measurable outcomes.

  5. hypnotherapy australia Unfortunately like most people who start seeking alternatives to traditional therapies Adam had to overcome the fraudsters out there and go to the ends of the earth to seek out the true masters costing him untold amounts of money in the process to uncover the genuine secrets that have as a result led him to develop the most sophisticated therapy model known to man today.

  6. hypnotherapy course Adam also realised that for therapy to be of any benefit in the real world today it had to be easy, quick and effective. Being famous for his 60min sessions Adam works with issues ranging from addiction and physical problems to diagnosed mental health disorders and does so with life long lasting results and in less time than it takes for the client to just complete the paperwork when signing up for a lengthy therapy process with a psychologist (who generally still prescribes to Fritz’s pearls of wisdom or Sick-man the Fraud, unable to comprehend that the problems can not truly be resolves at a purely conscious level.)

  7. adult hypnosis Adam regularly does public demonstrations promoting Hypnosis and the power of the mind producing what is regularly referred to as miracles by the people whose lives he touches as well onlookers and other helping professionals who come to learn from the True Master Hypnotist leading to Adam being regularly requested to demonstrate his life changing methods at professional hypnotherapy trainings held locally and around the world.

  8. hypnosis orgasm Unlike most that make it big Adam has stuck to his guns and spends the majority of his time devoted to helping the people of Australia and of course those people from the various parts of the world who access Adams help through the various mediums available such as his life changing Digital Media Products. Adams dream is to help the world to heal by expanding the minds of those in the helping professions by teaching his amazing techniques that continue to lead the world in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy

  9. weight loss hypnosis • Qualifications • • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy • • Diploma Hypnotherapy • • Certified Hypnotherapist – IAPCH • • Certified Hypnotherapist - HHC • • Diploma of Profession Counselling • • Diploma of Community Services Management • • Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs Work • • Diploma of Youth Work • • Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training • • Certificate IV Small Business Management

  10. free hypnosis mp3 • Free Initial Consultation • In order for you to determine whether hypnotherapy is right for you, I offer a free initial consultation by telephone, during which you can discuss your issue with me in COMPLETE CONFIDENCE • At this time you decide whether to proceed with therapy, or to choose some other path • The choice is entirely yours and is without any obligation, pressure or cost on your part • Just fill in the form and we will call you back at a time convenient for you. • Or call -------0488 072 502 • Or visit our shop at • 133-137 Redcliffe Parade • Redcliffe QLD 4020 • Australia

  11. hypnotherapyhypnotist Thank for your attention!