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RobotStudio TM. VirtualRobot TM Technology. RobotStudio. Early adapters Competitive advantage. Product Design. Robot Programming. Traditional. Today. RobotStudio True Offline Programming.

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robotstudio tm


VirtualRobotTM Technology


Early adapters Competitive advantage






robotstudio true offline programming
RobotStudio True Offline Programming
  • “RobotStudio is the easy-to-use, low cost software for visualization and offline programming of ABB robots”
  • “It is the tool you need to maximize your productivity”
virtualrobot tm technology

VirtualRobotTM Technology True Offline Programming

VirtualRobotTM Technology
  • VirtualRobot is an exact copy of the S4 controller
  • Robot programs and configuration parameters can easily be transferred between robots and PC
improved comprehension
Build new solutions quickly:

Evaluate alternatives

Initial feasibility studies

Initial cycle-time calculations

Visualize solutions:

Share a proposed solution with users on all levels

Address problem areas at an early stage

Include 3D simulationsin quotations

Improved comprehension
risk reduction
Risk reduction
  • Verify new designs quickly:
    • Check reachability
    • Avoid collisions
    • Detect singularity issues
  • Secure project feasibility and success
time to market

Shorter time to market and quicker start-up!

Time to market
  • Start programming before the system is installed:
    • Motion programming
    • I/O programming
  • Enables parallell workflow between you and your sub suppliers
  • Less capital tied up!

Improved part quality

  • Exact robot programs
    • Positions calculated from CAD data
    • Improved tolerance for deviations between batches
  • Verified path accuracy through simulation
what can robotstudio do for me
What can RobotStudio do for me?
  • How can I improve the comprehension of my quotations?
  • How can I reduce the riskfor costly mistakes?
  • How can I reduce cost of programming?
  • How can I benefit from a quicker start up?
from six months to six days

Contract manufacturer plasma spraying details to make them heat-resistant

Online programming had been going on for half a year

The customer did not approve the part quality


Higher part quality With RobotStudio the CAD data was utilized to quickly generate a very accurate program

Cut programming time

A new program was created with RobotStudio in half a day

Reachability RobotStudio showed that the robot could be placed in a better position in relation to the part

From six months to six days…
system integrator improved comprehension

A system integrator is quoting a robot system

Before presenting the offer to the customer a simulation was built in RobotStudio

RobotStudio showed that the robot could not reach as required


Improved comprehension.The realistic simulation prevented a costly mistake

System integrator improved comprehension
large sub supplier quicker startup time

Sub-supplier welding big cabins for trucks

Required offline programming to minimize disturbance

A competitor got the initial order but failed to offline program the station


Reduced risk the integrator knew they would succeed where the competitor failed

Shorten startup-time at customer site

Large sub-supplier quicker startup-time

The ABB solution was awarded the next order!

subcontractor cut time to market
Subcontractorcut time-to-market
  • Situation:
    • Automotive subcontractor that needed to shorten time-to-market and increase the product quality
  • Benefits:
    • Cut time-to-marketby 50% when using RobotStudio for more exact robot programs
    • Cut programming time 50% programming offlinecompared to online

“RobotStudio is very easy to work with and very exact”, says Max Mortensen,

Core Process Responsible at Fuel Tech.

small company cut programming time

Small company welding and cutting bullet traps for shooting ranges


Reduced riskRobotStudiocan project the cycle time for each component, so bigger and more complicated projects can be planned.

Cut programming time

Torsten has become a better robot programmer, he dares to test different solutions in RobotStudio

Small company cut programming time

“RobotStudiocuts programming time by 50%”, says Torsten Werner, CEO at Comtri.