pat coordinator s meeting september 9 2014 n.
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PAT Coordinator’s Meeting September 9, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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PAT Coordinator’s Meeting September 9, 2014

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PAT Coordinator’s Meeting September 9, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PAT Coordinator’s Meeting September 9, 2014
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  1. PAT Coordinator’s MeetingSeptember 9, 2014


  3. MAINTAIN & EXPAND PAT • Evidence based program including research informed curriculum • Primarily funded via KSDE and local school district match for Prenatal to Age 3; KSBE voted to include additional $460,000 for PAT beginning in FY16 in budget request to Governor • Local programs have partnered to gain funding to expand Prenatal to K • Maternal and Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (Federal) • Early Childhood Block Grants • Kansas Preschool Program

  4. Affiliate Performance Report (APR) Thank you for submitting your APR timely! Preliminary data (prior to review) is used for initial reporting due in July such as the initial CIF report and state budget reporting. (Preliminary CIF report in packet)

  5. APRs for 2013-14 are Reviewed Your APR and resulting Performance Measurement Report (PMR) Corrections need to be submitted on the PAT National Web Portal by noon Tuesday, Sep 16. Must hit the submit button when done. Send me an email when resubmitted so I can complete the review process and finalize 2013-14 APR data.

  6. PAT National Resources • Affiliate Updates (i.e. Reflective Supervision; Policies) • Supervisor Resources within the Web Portal • Affiliate Performance Report (APR), Performance Measurement Report (PMR) • Supervisor’s Handbook & Tools • On Line Curriculum including Update Info • Tool Kit Card (can order in eStore)

  7. Connecting with Quality Standards 17 Essential Requirements Plus 100 Standards Basis for Quality Endorsement of PAT Affiliates Beginning in 2015-16 – 20% of Affiliates each Year in Kansas (5 Year Implementation) Success = all Essential Requirements along with 75% of the Standards

  8. The Process: Step 1 Because the Essential Requirements are fundamental to successfully replicating and implementing the PAT model with fidelity, the Essential Requirements Review is the first step in the endorsement process. Fidelity is demonstrated when an affiliate meets or exceeds the essential requirements.

  9. Step 2 Programs that meet or exceed all 17 essential requirements continue on to prepare the Affiliate Self-Study. Through the self-study, affiliates illustrate how they meet the 100 additional quality standards, identifying strengths and making improvements along the way.

  10. Step 3 Once all the self-studies have been submitted for a given year, the PAT reviewers at the national center conduct an administrative review of those rated as meeting 75 or more of the quality standards. The PAT reviewers then select a percentage of these self-studies for a more in-depth review.

  11. Technical Assistance Would like regions to go through Quality Endorsement at the same time (peer support and easier to provide technical assistance geographically) Will be providing limited on site technical assistance based on review of data in APR and PMR. Planning in 2014-15. PAT National will be providing a Quality Endorsement Manual with more information including documentation.

  12. Complete Screening 2014 Essential Requirements

  13. Hearing 2014 Quality Assurance Guidelines (page 18)

  14. Hearing (Continued) Quality Standards (Page 15)

  15. Purpose for Today Introduction to the Quality Standards and their connection to the Essential Requirements Opportunity for initial discussion with peers Share strategies that work to meet Essential Requirements and celebrate successes.

  16. Your Assignment Review the Quality Standards (includes the Essential Requirements) on the Topic. Consult other resources (Quality Blueprint, Quality Assurance Guidelines) Table Discussion – Any surprises? Identify successful strategies. As a table, decide on 2 or 3 top strategies, write on a post it note (please print) and post on the wall. Identify your table number on the Post it note.

  17. Round Tables First come, first serve Begin at 8:30 am (2nd floor of Library) Round Table Agenda on the back of today’s agenda