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Huskies Cheer PowerPoint Presentation
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Huskies Cheer

Huskies Cheer

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Huskies Cheer

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  1. Huskies Cheer

  2. Cheer Binders You will be required to keep a cheer binder with the following inside: • Practice attire schedule • Warm-ups and tumbling progression sheet • Game schedules • Football cheers • Basketball cheers • Cheer constitution/informational sheet • Discipline Form • Any other information handed out during the year

  3. Expectations Cheerleaders should uphold the highest moral standards. • Honesty • Responsibility • Reliability • Cooperative • Loyal • Self-disciplined

  4. We are Ereckson! Keep in mind that we represent the community and our school. We need to show our high morals in every aspect of our lives.

  5. Lockers/Locker Room • You must use the locker assigned to you. • When you change, you must put everything back in your locker. • It is okay to put your bag on top of the lockers, but not on the floor. • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the gym or locker room!!

  6. OTI’s • We will assign OTI’s for messy locker rooms. • It is everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean. NO FOOD OR DRINK!!! • If you see trash or clothes, pick them up. This could save your whole team from receiving an OTI. • You are a team. You are all responsible for the locker room.

  7. Uniforms • You must keep your uniform in good condition. • No alterations allowed. • You may not wear you uniforms outside of school or a game. • If you stay at a game after cheering, YOU MUST CHANGE into regular clothes. • YOU MAY NOT WEAR YOUR WARM-UP JACKETS unless it is worn with your cheer uniform!! • You may not loan any school issued cheer wear to another person not on the squad.

  8. What will happen at practice? • Daily Warm-Ups • Tumbling • Stunting • Cheer Work • Pep Rally/Half-time dances (Everyone will participate unless you have a doctor’s note, or OTI’s will be assigned.) *Teacher is in charge of the daily plans. No cheerleader should question the lesson plan.

  9. Practice • Cheer shoes should worn at games and practice. • No silly socks at practice. • Hair needs to be up high at practice. • No jewelry of any kind. • No gum. • You may wear sliders under your shorts but not by themselves.

  10. Practice Deductions • 2 points off per each item incorrect or missing item: shoes, socks, shorts (only one roll allowed), shirt, jewelry, or hair not up. • 5 points off for GUM/CANDY • 10 points off for lack of participation or talking or disrupting practice. !!!20 points off for disrespect to coach or fellow teammate!!! No silly socks!!

  11. Practice Deductions (per week) • 1st Warning: Points deducted • 2nd Warning: Points deducted and OTI’s • 3rd Warning: Points deducted and sit out next game or event • 4 or more warnings: Teacher will decided consequence at that time. Detentions, sit out for two or more games or events, OTI’s, essay, etc.

  12. Practice • If you have to leave practice for any reason, you must put your school clothes back on. You may not go into the halls in your shorts. • You may not leave lunch early to get to practice. • You may not leave the gym after practice until the bell rings.

  13. Game Days • Always wear a sports bra under top. • You must come to school dressed from bow to toe in the correct uniform. • On days below 50 degrees, wear your body suit under your cheer top. • You must wear your warm-up over your uniform at school. • You must arrive on time to the game, or you will sit out.

  14. Deductions at Games • -10 talking/disrupting • -20 lack of proper dress (wrong bow, bra, shoes, etc.) • -20 lack of participation • -20 any disrespect to a coach, teammate, property, or any person at the game.

  15. Other Expectations • You must maintain a 70% in all classes • You must maintain at least a 90% attendance rate throughout the year. • If you miss a required practice, event or game, without the coach’s permission, you will be benched for the next game, event, or function . • If you are absent on a game day, you can not cheer that night. • If you are assigned a lunch detention, you will be assigned OTI’s at the next practice. • New rule: You cannot miss more than 3 games per school year for any reason besides sickness. If you do, you will be benched for all other games.

  16. 3 Steps for Written Warnings • First warning: Parents will be notified and cheerleader will be benched one game. • Second warning: Parents will be notified and cheerleader will be benched two performances. • Third warning: Removal from the squad for the remainder of the year. * If you are benched a game, you still must show up in full uniform, pay attention to the game, and cannot use electronic devices.

  17. Automatic Removal • Drugs • Alcohol • Fighting • Possession • Sexual contact • Suspension from school • Lewd or profane internet behavior

  18. Set up Binders 5 TABS: • REGULATIONS: Cheer constitution/informational sheet • SCHEDULES: Practice attire schedule and Game schedules • PRACTICE: Warm-ups and tumbling progression sheet • CHEERS: Football cheers and Basketball cheers • DISCIPLINE AND GRADES: Discipline/Grade Form

  19. Committees We will form these committees to support school and community involvement throughout the year. • Staff Appreciation • Athlete Appreciation • Community Service • Student Body Spirit Support