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Hi kids! Nice job on your presentation. I made some comments for you. Hopefully they will help. Keep up the good work. – Dr. Knotts. YUCKY POO. Mary Rains, Luke Baker, Laila Azimzadeh, Brady Anderson. What We Were Learning.

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yucky poo
Ms. Moffitt’s Class

Hi kids! Nice job on your presentation. I made some comments for you. Hopefully they will help. Keep up the good work. – Dr. Knotts


Mary Rains, Luke Baker, Laila Azimzadeh, Brady Anderson

what we were learning
What We Were Learning

We are learning about different types of molds and bacteria. We did a lot of different types of experiments, and looking into a microscope and we looked at bacteria and weird looking mold. We got to look at moldy tomatoes and oranges.

Don’t forget to tell your audience how they smelled! 

Moldy tomato

Moldy orange

Ms. Moffitt’s Class

experiment 1
Experiment #1

Look to see if other groups got some pictures you can borrow.

In this experiment we took 2 different types of bread {factory and bakery} we took a piece of both of them and put them in separate bags with a cotton ball with water to make the mold grow faster. It turned out that the bakery bread had more mold then the factory bread because the factory bread had preservatives, when the bakery bread

was fresh. Which meant it would mold faster.

Ms. Moffitt’s Class

experiment 2
Experiment #2


UW- 105 colonies

W- 65 colonies

SW- 16 colonies

5S- 41 colonies

First in this experiment we took an orange and we didn’t wash it at all, and then we swabbed it with a q-tip and then put it on to a slide. Then we washed it with water no soap, and then swabbed it and then put it on to a different slide. Then we washed the orange with soapy water and swabbed it and put it onto a slide. Finally we tested the five second rule. We rolled the orange on the ground for five seconds we swabbed the orange then put it on a slide. You think it will be the dirtiest well we will find out.

Explain the symbols: UW = unwashed, W = washed, etc.

Ms. Moffitt’s Class

experiment 3
Experiment #3

Explain what the numbers mean.

In this experiment we looked at different types of cleaners. Such as Lysol Multi Purpose, Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Multi Surface, Pine Sol, and regular Bleach. From our results, Bleach was the worst because it did not clean, and Lysol Multi Surface was the best out of all of them because there was not any visual bacteria as we could see. This is how we got our results. First, we took a piece of paper then we dipped in the sterilized water and then we dropped it in the petri dish with the cleaning products.


Lysol Multi- purpose- 10mm

Scrubbing Bubbles- 15mm

Lysol Multi Surface- Clear Field

Pine Sol- 17mm


Point out that you inoculated agar plates with a starting solution of bacteria, put the treated paper on the agar, and watched to see how the cultures grew.