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Point Indication PowerPoint Presentation
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Point Indication

Point Indication

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Point Indication

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  1. Point Indication • class 9

  2. Hand Shaoyang Sanjiao Channel

  3. The Sanjiao primary channel connects with the following zangfu: Sanjiao (upper, middle & lower), Pericardium.

  4. THE SANJIAO LUO-CONNECTING CHANNEL • separates from the Sanjiao primary channel at SJ-5, • proceeds up the posterior aspect of the arm and over the shoulder, converging with the Pericardium channel in the chest.

  5. THE SANJIAO DIVERGENT CHANNEL • separates from the primary channel on the head and branches to the vertex, • descends into the supraclavicular fossa and across the three jiao, dispersing in the chest.

  6. The actions and indications of the Sanjiao channel points may be summarized as follows: • Reducing fever. The Sanjiao channel primarily treats fevers at the defensive and qi levels, whilst the Pericardium channel mainly treats fevers at the nutritive and blood levels. • Benefiting the ears.

  7. Clearing heat from the eyes, especially wind-heat and Liver-Gall Bladder heat. • Clearing heat from the neck, throat and tongue. • Soothing the Heart and calming the spirit. • Treating headaches. • Harmonizing the three jiao.

  8. GUANCHONG SJ-1** • Jing-Well and Metal point • ACTIONS: Clears upper jiao heat, Benefits the ears and tongue, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Tinnitus, deafness, earache, headache, redness of the eyes, sore throat, stiffness of the tongue, febrile diseases, irritability.

  9. YEMEN SJ-2** • Ying-Spring and Water point • ACTIONS: Disperses upper jiao heat and benefits the ears, Calms the spirit, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Deafness, sudden deafness, tinnitus, earache, otitis media, headache, redness of the eyes, sore throat, malaria, mania, fright, pain in the arm.

  10. ZHONGZHU SJ-3*** • Shu-Stream and Wood point • ACTIONS: Clears heat, Benefits the ears, Clears the head and eyes, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Tinnitus, deafness, earache, one-sided headache, red eyes, sore throat, febrile diseases, itching (body & face), elbow and arm pain, motor impairment of fingers. • Main distal body point for the ears

  11. YANGCHl SJ-4*** • Yuan-Source point • ACTIONS: Relaxes the sinews and alleviates pain, Clears heat • INDICATIONS: Pain in neck, arm, shoulder and wrist, malaria, deafness, wasting thirst. • JA: Tonifies Yuan Qi, treats chronic deficiency

  12. WAIGUAN SJ-5***** • Luo-Connecting point of the Sanjiao channel • Confluent point of the Yang Linking vessel • ACTIONS: Expels wind and releases the exterior, Benefits the head and ears, Opens the Yang Linking vessel, Clears heat, Activates the channel and alleviates pain

  13. Dispels exterior pathogenic factors: chills and fever, sweating with heat on the exterior, febrile disease. • Treats headache: Kidney deficiency headache, one-sided headache, pain of the vertex, frontal, temporal, etc • Pain/stiffness along channel • Constipation, abdominal pain, oppression of the chest, pain of the lateral costal region

  14. ZHIGOU SJ-6**** • Jing-River and Fire point • ACTIONS: Regulates qi and clears heat in the three jiao, Benefits the chest and lateral costal region, Moves the stool, Benefits the voice, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Tinnitus, deafness, pain in hypochondriac region, vomiting, constipation, febrile diseases, arm and shoulder pain, sudden loss of voice.

  15. HUIZONG SJ-7** • Xi-Cleft point • ACTIONS: Clears the Sanjiao channel and benefits the ears • INDICATIONS: Deafness, tinnitus, epilepsy, pain of the skin and flesh.

  16. SANYANGLUO SJ-8** • Group Luo point of the three Hand Yang • ACTIONS: Clears the Sanjiao channel, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Deafness, sudden loss of voice, pain in the chest and hypochondriac region, pain in the hand and arm, toothache. • Post operative pneumonectomy pain (CAM)

  17. SIDU SJ-9** • ACTIONS: Benefits the throat and ears • INDICATIONS: Sudden loss of voice, obstruction of the throat, sore throat, sudden deafness, sudden tinnitus, toothache of the lower jaw, shortness of breath, pain of the forearm. • JA: Neck and shoulder pain

  18. TIANJING SJ-10*** • He-Sea and Earth point • ACTIONS: Transforms phlegm and dissipates nodules, Regulates qi and descends rebellion, Calms the spirit, Clears heat from the Sanjiao channel, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Scrofula, goiter, coughing phlegm, one-sided headache, epilepsy, fright, palpitations, pain in the neck, shoulder and arm, urticaria.

  19. QINGLENGYUAN SJ-11* • ACTIONS: Activates the channel and dispels wind-damp, Clears damp-heat • INDICATIONS: Headache, pain of the eyes, jaundice, painful obstruction of the shoulder and arm.

  20. XIAOLUO SJ-12* • ACTIONS: Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Stiffness and pain of the nape and back with inability to turn the head, pain of the shoulder and arm, wind painful obstruction, chills and fever, dizziness, toothache, madness.

  21. NAOHUI SJ-13* • ACTIONS: Regulates qi and transforms phlegm, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Goiter, scrofula, chills and fever, eye diseases, epilepsy, madness, weakness and pain of the shoulder and arm.

  22. JIANLIAO SJ-14 *** • ACTIONS: Dispels wind-damp, Alleviates pain and benefits the shoulder joint • INDICATIONS: Shoulder pain, heaviness of the shoulder with inability to raise the arm, numbness, paralysis and pain of the arm. • Important for shoulder joint pain & restriction; often combined with LI-15

  23. TIANLIAO SJ-15*** • ACTIONS: Dispels wind-damp, activates the channel and alleviates pain, Unbinds the chest and regulates qi • INDICATIONS: Pain in the shoulder and elbow, stiffness of the neck, agitation and oppression of the chest, febrile disease.

  24. TIANYOU SJ-16** • Point of the Window of Heaven • ACTIONS: Benefits the head and sense organs, Regulates and descends qi • INDICATIONS: Sudden deafness, dim vision, eye pain, lacrimation, stuffy nose, headache, head wind, swelling of the submandibular region, throat pain, scrofula, swelling of the breast, stiffness and pain of the neck.

  25. YIFENG SJ-17*** • ACTIONS: Benefits the ears, Eliminates wind, Clears heat, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Ear problems: Tinnitus, deafness, discharge from the ear, otitis media, facial paralysis, toothache, mumps, scrofula.

  26. QIMAI SJ-18* • ACTIONS: Benefits the ears, Calms fright and pacifies wind • INDICATIONS: Headache, tinnitus, deafness, dim vision, infantile convulsions.

  27. LUXl SJ-19* • ACTIONS: Benefits the ears and clears heat, Calms fright and relieves tetany • INDICATIONS: Headache, tinnitus, deafness, ear pain/discharge, fright, tetany, infantile convulsion.

  28. JIAOSUN SJ-20** • ACTIONS: Benefits the ears, Benefits the teeth, gums and lips, Clears heat • INDICATIONS: Tinnitus, redness, pain and swelling of the eye, swelling of the gum, toothache, tooth decay.

  29. ERMEN SJ-21** • ACTIONS: Benefits the ears, Clears heat • INDICATIONS: Tinnitus, deafness earache, discharge of pus from the ear, toothache, tooth decay, swelling and pain of the submandibular region, stiffness of the lips, headache, lockjaw, neck pain.

  30. ERHELIAO SJ-22* • ACTIONS: Expels wind and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Tinnitus, headache, swelling and pain of the tip of the nose, nasal discharge, deviation of the mouth, lockjaw, swelling of the submandibular region and neck.

  31. SIZHUKONG SJ-23* • ACTIONS: Eliminates wind and alleviates pain, Benefits the eyes • INDICATIONS: Headache, dizziness, tetany, epilepsy, mania, deviation of the face and eye, blurred vision, pain and redness of the eyes, twitching of the eyelids and eyebrows, ingrown eyelash.

  32. Review for Quiz 3

  33. FEISHU BL-13***** • Back-Shu point of the Lung • ACTIONS: Tonifies Lung qi, Nourishes Lung yin, Descends & disseminates Lung qi, Clears heat from the Lung, Releases the exterior • INDICATIONS: Lung deficiency (Qi or Yin), or Lung Heat: Cough, dyspnea, chest pain, spitting of blood, night sweating, consumption, upper back pain, slouching posture.

  34. XINSHU BL-15***** • Back-Shu point of the Heart • ACTIONS: Tonifies and nourishes the Heart, Regulates Heart qi, Calms the spirit, Unbinds the chest and resolves blood stasis, Clears Heart fire • INDICATIONS: Heart patterns: Heart pain, panic, loss of memory, palpitation, cough, spitting of blood, nocturnal emission, night sweating, mania, epilepsy.

  35. GESHU BL-17***** • Hui-Meeting point of Blood • ACTIONS: Invigorates blood and dispels stasis, Cools blood heat and stops bleeding, Nourishes and harmonises the blood, Harmonises the diaphragm and descends rebellious qi • INDICATIONS: All Blood Patterns (stasis, heat, deficiency), bleeding, heart pain, pain d/t Blood stasis, dizziness, depression, vomiting, hiccup, belching, difficulty swallowing, cough.

  36. GANSHU BL-18***** • Back-Shu point of the Liver • ACTIONS: Spreads Liver qi, Regulates and nourishes Liver blood, Pacifies wind, Cools fire and clears damp-heat, Benefits eyes and sinews • INDICATIONS: Liver Patterns: hypochondriac pain, red eyes, blurring of vision, night blindness, mental disorders, anger, epilepsy, backache, ab cramps, nosebleed, jaundice.

  37. PlSHU BL-20***** • Back-Shu point of the Spleen • ACTIONS: Tonifies Spleen qi and yang, Resolves dampness, Raises Spleen qi and holds the blood, Regulates and harmonises the qi of the middle jiao • INDICATIONS: Spleen qi / yang deficiency: abdominal distension, diarrhea, bloody stools, profuse menstruation, edema, heavy limbs, no appetite, prolapse, backache.

  38. SHENSHU BL-23***** • Back-Shu point of the Kidneys • ACTIONS: Tonifies the Kidneys and fortifies yang, Benefits essence, Nourishes Kidney yin, Firms Kidney qi, Regulates the water passages and benefits urination, Benefits and warms the uterus, Benefits the ears and eyes, Strengthens the lumbar region

  39. INDICATIONS: All Kidney Patterns: Nocturnal emission, impotence, enuresis, irregular menstruation, leukorrhea, low back pain, weakness, weak knees, blurring of vision, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, edema, asthma, diarrhea. • Use for any Kidney symptom.

  40. WEIZHONG BL-40***** • He-Sea and Earth point • Gao Wu Command point of the back • ACTIONS: Benefits the lumbar region and knees, Activates the channel and alleviates pain, Cools the blood, Clears summer-heat and stops vomiting and diarrhea, Benefits the Bladder

  41. INDICATIONS: Low back pain, motor impairment of hip joint, contracture of tendons in popliteal fossa, muscular atrophy, pain, motor impairment of the lower extremities, hemiplegia, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, blood-heat skin disorders, injury by summer-heat, difficult urination, nosebleed. • N.B.: Due to differences in numbering Bladder channel, often referred to as BL-54

  42. DAZHU BL-11**** • Hui-Meeting point of Bones • Point of the Sea of Blood • ACTIONS: Benefits the bones and joints, Expels pathogenic factors and firms the exterior, Regulates Lung qi and alleviates cough • INDICATIONS: Bone diseases, headache, pain in neck, scapula and back, cough, fever, neck rigidity.

  43. DACHANGSHU BL-25**** • Back-Shu point of the Large Intestine • ACTIONS: Regulates the intestines, Transforms stagnation and alleviates pain, Strengthens the lumbar region and legs • INDICATIONS: Low Back pain, borborygmus, abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation, muscular atrophy, numbness and motor impairment of the lower extremities.

  44. GAOHUANGSHU BL-43**** • ACTIONS: Tonifies and nourishes the Lung, Heart, Kidneys, Spleen and Stomach, Nourishes yin and clears heat, Calms the spirit, Fosters the original qi, Resolves phlegm • INDICATIONS: All kinds of deficiency, consumption (TB), cough, asthma, spitting of blood, spontaneous or night sweating, poor memory, nocturnal emission, scapular pain.

  45. KUNLUN BL-60**** • Jing-River and Fire point • ACTIONS: Clears heat and lowers yang, Pacifies wind and leads down excess, Activates the entire Bladder channel and alleviates pain, Relaxes the sinews and strengthens the lumbar spine, Promotes labor • INDICATIONS: Headache, stiff neck, pain in the shoulder, back and arm, pain behind the knee, heel pain, difficult labor, abdominal pain, blurring of vision, eye pain, nosebleed, epilepsy.

  46. SHENMAI BL-62**** • Confluent point of the Yang Motility vessel • Sun Si-miao Ghost point • ACTIONS: Pacifies interior wind and expels exterior wind, Calms the spirit and treats epilepsy, Benefits the head and eyes, Opens and regulates the Yang Motility vessel, Activates the channel and alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Epilepsy, mania, headache, dizziness, insomnia, stiff neck, backache, aching of the leg.

  47. JINGMlNG BL-1*** • Meeting point of the Bladder, SI, ST, GB and Sanjiao channels with the Governing, Yin Motility and Yang Motility vessels • ACTIONS: Benefits the eyes, Expels wind and clears heat • INDICATIONS: Redness, swelling and pain of the eye, itching of the canthus, tearing, night blindness, photophobia, color blindness, blurring of vision, myopia.

  48. TIANZHU BL-10*** • Point of the Window of Heaven • ACTIONS: Regulates qi & pacifies wind, Benefits the head & sensory orifices, Calms the spirit, Activates the channel & alleviates pain • INDICATIONS: Headache, nasal obstruction, dizziness, sore throat, neck rigidity, pain in the shoulder and back, epilepsy, mania.

  49. FENGMEN BL-12*** • ACTIONS: Expels wind and releases the exterior, Strengthens the defensive qi and firms the exterior, Disseminates and descends Lung qi, Benefits the nose • INDICATIONS: Common cold, cough, fever and headache, neck rigidity, backache. Opens the lungs, disperses wind, regulates qi.

  50. JUEYINSHU BL-14*** • Back-Shu point of the Pericardium • ACTIONS: Spreads Liver qi and unbinds the chest, Regulates the Heart, Regulates and descends qi • INDICATIONS: Heart pain, oppression of the chest, palpitations, agitation and restlessness, rebellious Stomach qi.