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Spa in Dubai is the heaven of body and soul. The moksha spa offers spa treatments to improve body wellness.Healthy living with an emphasis on natural beauty and spa treatments in spa in Dubai.\n

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We take you to the transcendent (Moksha)state when you enter the serenity of Moksha Spa. The tranquility deepens as you enter the gate, in to an exotic world of beauty, serenity and pleasure.

Moksha spa is the place where you get the authentic combination of rituals and body mechanics of Thai massage, Ayurveda,Yoga, Acupressure, and Japanese Shiatsu.

ABOUT US the serenity of

In the heart of Khaleed Bin Waleed Street, “Moksha Spa” is a renowed authority which provides all kinds of body works at affordable rates. Easy appointment over the phone is appreciated. We respect your busy life and provides flexible appointments for working men & women.

OUR SERVICES the serenity of

We offer a wide selection of spa services:

  • Thai-Shiatsu Massage

  • Swedish Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Ventosa

  • Sport Massage

  • Candle Oil Massage

  • Lomi Lomi Massage (4 Hands)

  • Signature Massage

  • Foot Refelexology

  • Express Massage

  • Champissage

  • More…

THAI-SHIATSU MASSAGE the serenity of

A combination of rituals and body mechanics of Thai massage, Ayurveda, Yoga, Acupressure, and Japanese Shiatsu (“finger pressure”).

This unique fusion of traditional bodyworks is an all-time favorite of individuals who want to achieve deep relaxation, strain-relief and flexibility without oil.

SWEDISH MASSAGE the serenity of

Swedish massage therapy is very effective at relieving anxiety and is often used to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and depression.

It’s impossible to feel stressed during and after a Swedish massage. The pressure applied during the massage relaxes tight muscles and relieves tension.

VENTOSA the serenity of

Ventosa Massage Cupping Therapy is performed by placing glass on specific accupoints on your back.

In order to have the maximized benefit of a therapeutic massage, we recommend a DEEP TISSUDE MASSAGE after a Ventosa Cupping massage.

TURKISH BATH the serenity of

The body when subjected to heat, accelerating their metabolic functions: increasing ventilation, accelerating blood circulation and stimulating the nervous and hormonal systems, resulting in an overall improvement of health.

Get in touch the serenity of

Al-Abbas Building Block-B, 6th Floor, Bank Street, Khalid bin Walid Road, Bur Dubai, Dubai

+971 4 3599025+971 4 3599026

[email protected]