curating a perfect e commerce store design n.
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Curating A Perfect E-Commerce Store Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Curating A Perfect E-Commerce Store Design

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Curating A Perfect E-Commerce Store Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Create attractive ecommecre store design with Buildabazaar eCommerce solutions provide India. We provide professionals ecommerce store designer for your online ecommerce store. Live Your Ecommerce store with in 24 hrs.n

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Curating A Perfect E-Commerce Store Design

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curating a perfect e commerce store design

Curating A Perfect E-Commerce Store Design

Building a business is a never ending process. It goes double for an e-commerce. You have to integrate the

physical attributes of your business and with it also the online attributes. Fret not you have BuildaBazaar one

the best online store builder to grease the wheels through it, making the process of designing an online store

easy as pie.

E-Commerce store designs in India are generally bland and tasteless. Some believe that keeping the online

store plain and simple will improve functionality. This delusion is completely ungrounded. An online store

website can be stunning and and user friendly at the same time. BuildaBazaar one of the best e-commerce

store designers in India. BuildaBazaar understands that when you create an online store you are not just

hoping to sell some products or services but establish a brand. Which is why when you create an online store

with BuildaBazaar you are actually making sure that your website provides customers satisfaction on all

fronts from a great design to stunning visuals to the perfect user interface.

Every e-commerce business website needs to have certain qualities but BuildaBazaar goes above and beyond

to provide you the best e-commerce store design in India.

consistent and easy to use design

Consistent and Easy To Use Design

BuildaBazaar theme store Themejungle lets you choose a theme template and use it throughout your entire

site. There is no mix and match between designs, it confuses users. Your navigation, content, and design

should all mesh well together to bring the right user experience and Themejungle makes certain of it.

Themejungle also organizes products into categories and subcategories that make sense thus allowing users

to easily find what they are looking for and drill down for more products.

Reliable, Robust Platform

buildabazaar is an incredible e commerce platform

BuildaBazaar is an incredible e-commerce platform offered as a hosted platform. Choosing to build an

online store with BuildaBazaar would mean you don’t have to worry about anything except managing your

business and collecting profits. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model ensures you get a robust and high

performance platform without having to worry about software upgrades and hardware maintenance.

BuildaBazaar is continuously updating the platform to create online store with new features to help you

increase your sales and keep you ahead of the curve.

Effortless Call To Action

Look at any big brand ecommerce website design and the call to action (CTA) is obvious, but not pushy.

Notice that the buy buttons are standout CTAs that tell the user exactly what must be done to buy the

product. If a visitor has enough interest to search your store, they want to know what they need to do to get

the product to their front door. “Add to Cart,” “Buy Now,” and “Get It Now” are three CTAs that tell the

user exactly how to get what they want. BuildaBazaar cleverly places every action call in a manner that it is

easy to spot and the product display pages (PDP) also provide every necessary information to users in a

single glance.

Mobile Responsiveness

In these fast moving times where people barely have any time to waste shoppers prefer the availability and

mobility that tablets and smartphones provide. If your ecommerce design isn’t responsive or optimized for

mobile, you eliminate thousands of potential sales and customers. Every website designed by BuildaBazaar

and Themejungle is completely mobile responsive no matter what device it is accessed on.

effortless checkout process

Effortless Checkout Process

This is obviously an important element of an ecommerce site and still many overlook this part. If your

website has a poorly implemented checkout process, none of the previous elements will be of any use. There

are many factors that contribute to a great checkout experience. The most important ones are speed, guest

checkout option, easy form filling, progress indicators and persistent cart summary and BuildaBazaar pays

extreme attention every single one of them.