Get a Life – future work life simulation tool for university students
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Get a Life – future work life simulation tool for university students Finland Futures Research Centre Leena Jokinen, Johanna Ollila, Mikko Vähätalo FFRC Conference Trends and Future of Sustainable Development 9-10.6. 2011. Methods explored.

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Get a life future work life simulation tool for university students

Get a Life – future work life simulation tool for university students

Finland FuturesResearch Centre

Leena Jokinen, Johanna Ollila, Mikko Vähätalo

FFRC Conference Trends and Future of SustainableDevelopment 9-10.6. 2011

Methods explored
Methods explored university students

  • Long-term future scenarios on the development and changes in working life

  • An online simulation tool for students in the career-visioning process

  • Pedagogical model and a virtual handbook for career counselors

  • Combining these methods in a novel way in creating a future work life simulation

Scenario building process
Scenario building process university students

  • Futures table

  • Expert group produced variables

  • Key variables including: core competences, status, organization, hierarchies, tradition and culture of work, societal, economic , technological and environmental drivers

  • Project team formed 5 different scenarios

  • Partner organizations (public and private employers) were involved and contributed to the scenario building process

  • Many partner and stakeholder groups have contributed to the producing of futures images e.g. science fiction writers, teachers, students, employment professionals…

  • Future news headlines based on each scenario

Get a life simulation
Get a Life! simulation university students

  • Time frame: 2010-2030, location: Finland, users: tertiary level students

  • Includes >900 simulated situations from the working world of the future

  • Each situation entails several plausible choices

  • Choices lead to consequences so diverse that sometimes even a proactive mind cannot anticipate

  • Initiates contemplation of one’s capabilities, life and the various scenarios of the future work life

  • Unlike the real life, the simulation provides the user with an opportunity to go back and choose differently and thus explore various future paths

S imulation as a futures tool
S university studentsimulation as a futurestool

  • Simulationsareaboutfuture

  • Qualitativemodelling

  • Explorative

  • Safetestingenvironment of opportunities and decisions

  • Reflection and contemplation

  • One-timeexperienceormultipleuses

  • Possible to undo, redo

  • Individual and groupprocesses

  • Possible to modify to otheruses: public and corporatedecision-making, environmentalscanning, scenariobuilding and testing etc.

Learning in simulations
Learning university students in simulations

  • Learning to:

    • Know (new information, cognitive processes), which is intertwined with learning to:

    • Do (decision-making, choices based on cognitive processes) that results in learning to:

    • Be(in a new, unprecedented situation)

  • Simulation produces new situations of which the user hasn't any previous experience

  • The user combines existing information and seeks likenesses using also others' experiences (friends, parents) and other information as reference and acts (=chooses) based on the combined knowledge.

Holistic and future oriented approach to counseling
Holistic and future-oriented approach to counseling university students

  • Planning one’s own life and transition to the working world

    • Supports the student’s self-efficacy and the individual’s vocational development in different stages of studies

  • Exploratory rather than normative model of decision-making

    • Emphasis on alternative futures, happenstance, uncertainty, context

  • Promoting critical reflection

    • Futures consciousness , independent thinking, reflection on one’s capabilities

Get a life future work life simulation tool for university students

Get university students a Life -project





Work and career path

Education path

Life path


Meaningful career path

Self-efficacy and personal choises

Quality of life


I learn

I plan

Counselingmentoring coaching

I develop

I reflect

I challenge

The dynamic and holisticmodel for counseling

Contributions further development of the tool
Contributions & further development of the tool university students

  • Long-term future orientation contributes significantly to student career counseling theory and practices

  • The career decision-making discourse is contributed by combining the facilitation of complex decision-making with stochastic perspectives

  • Future work life simulation tool is a unique innovation and combines the contributions of various scientific frameworks

  • Both the technical features and the contents of the simulation will be developed and further refined in a following project

  • Changing perspective from national to international

  • Introducing localization possibilities (content-checking, terminology, language)

Thank you
Thank university studentsyou!


Get a Life! simulation demo in English: