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Energy Transformation

Energy Transformation. Marissa Bohlman, Matt French, Brian Hauschild. Energy. 7 major types Energy- is the ability to perform work Kinetic Potential Chemical Nuclear Thermal Radiant Electrical. Chain #1.

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Energy Transformation

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  1. Energy Transformation Marissa Bohlman, Matt French, Brian Hauschild

  2. Energy • 7 major types • Energy- is the ability to perform work • Kinetic • Potential • Chemical • Nuclear • Thermal • Radiant • Electrical

  3. Chain #1 • Cow >Cow Dies >Turns into fertilizer > Corn grows (with a little help from the sun and water) >Corn used as bio fuel > Consumed by car >car is crushed > Smelted

  4. Collage

  5. Cow Chain #1 • Its dead carcass decomposes in a compost pile • It then is used as fertilizer in the corn field • On a beautiful summer afternoon a cow waddles around minding his own business. • Then it catches mad cow disease and dies shortly after. • The farmers leaves the carcass in the compost pile. • The corn grows super tall with help from the dead cow, the CO2 released from the sun and also from the rain water. • The corn is sent to a factory where it is processed and turned into bio fuel

  6. Cow Chain Continues • Eco-friendly car Car compacted Smelted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chain #2 • Train > Train uses coal to run > burning coal heats water >steam turns cylinders > Train moves through the country >helps goods arrive on time.

  8. Train Chain (no rhyme intended) • Metal Recycled from old car made into train. • The locomotive is coal-powered • The coal is burned into steam and the train runs (Chemical) Heats the H2O to high pressure (potential) • The train is used to transport things through the county • Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga CHOO CHOO! • The steam released moves the turbines. (Mechanical)

  9. Chain #3 • Sun>Solar panel> Toaster Oven> Yoda Pizza> Airbud Slams it down/ Catches TD pass

  10. Dog chain • Sun (nuclear) Sun into panel (Electrical) Electricity into oven (Thermal) Dog has energy to dunk a basketball and dive for a football (mechanical) Yoda pizza is cooked (Chemical)

  11. What is the smelting process? • It’s only the coolest thing in the world! • Entropy

  12. Now it is really the End

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