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—bringing everyone closer together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The UN. —bringing everyone closer together. What do you know about the UN?. New York The USA. Where is the headquarter of the UN ?. What do you know about the UN?.

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Presentation Transcript

The UN

—bringing everyone closer together


What do you know about the UN?

New York


Where is the headquarter of the UN ?


What do you know about the UN?

The current United Nations emblem was approved on 7 December 1946. The design is "a map of the world representing an azimuthal equidistant projection centred on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree, in gold on a field of smoke-blue with all water areas in white. The projection of the map extends to 60 degrees south latitude, and includes five concentric circles".

What is the emblem of the UN ?


What do you know about the UN?

In the center of a light blue field there is the white badge of the UN - a simplified map of the world between the North Pole and 60 degrees south with all the inhabited continents shown in outline. The map is flanked by two olive branches... Blue and white are the colors of the UN, the olive branches symbolize world peace, and the map of the world shows the extent of the UN's sphere of influence.'

What is the flag of the UN ?


What do you know about the UN?

Former Scretary-general Kofi Annan

Present Scretary-general

Ban Ki-moon

Who are the present and former Secretary-General of the UN ?

when is united nations day
When is United Nations day ?

What do you know about the UN?

  • October 24
  • United Nations Day was established by Presidential Proclamation to commemorate the establishment of the United Nations in 1945.It is celebrated very generally by all countries which are members of the United Nations for the purpose of informing the people of the world as to the aims, purposes, and achievements of the UN.

What do you know about the UN?

The Earth Summit

The purposes of the United Nations are to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these ends.

What is the purpose of the UN ?


What do you know about the Goodwill Ambassodor?

What do you think the UN do to help the world ?


What do you know about the Goodwill Ambassodor?

  • Roger Federer accepts his appointment as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador at UNICEF House on 3 April 2006.

What do you know about the Goodwill Ambassodor?

  • Actor Khaled Abol Naga is appointed UNICEF Egypt Ambassador
  • CAIRO, 10 April 2007 - UNICEF Egypt has announced the appointment of leading actor Khaled Abol Naga as an Ambassador.

What do you know about the Goodwill Ambassodor?

  • CIUDAD VIEJA, Uruguay, 31 March 2005 – Football superstar Diego Forlán has long been a hero to many Uruguayan children. In March he was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, giving his young fans even more reason to cheer.

What do you know about the Goodwill Ambassodor?

  • One of the most exciting pianists of our time, Lang Lang, age 23, is UNICEF’s youngest celebrity recruits, becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador on 20 May 2004.

What do you know about the Goodwill Ambassodor?

  • Jackie Chan, world-famous actor and martial arts expert, was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) during a visit to Cambodia in April 2004.

Fast reading

1.Who is Tang Ning?

Tang Ning is a successful businesswoman and a UN Goodwill Ambassador.


2.How many countries belong to

the UN?

191 countries

3.Which countries has Tang Ning


She has visited countries where the UN operates programmes to help people.

c2 true or false questions
C2 True or False questions



  • 1. Soldiers representing the UN wear green berets.
  • 2.The UN was set up in 1945 by 57 countries.
  • 3.The UN has a charter with four main purposes.
  • 4.Tang Ning gets paid for her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.
  • 5.UNIFEM is a group that helps women.
  • 6.The UN has a website.




is not paid





Reading strategy

Understanding a speaker’s attitude



  • enthusiastic tone;
  • positive adjectives/ aspects
  • negative adjectives
  • I am pleased to have…
  • I’m very happy to have …
  • As you know, …everywhere.
  • …horrible
  • conflicts.

Further Reading: analyze the text

Part1 (1-2)

Brief introduction of the UN

Part2 (3-4)

What Tang did as a UN Goodwill Ambassador

Part3 (5)

The problems the UN helps solve


An international group...that want to…


In Oct, 1945 by 51 countries


The UN (Para1-2)

191 countries all together


Being a…means that I visit…

A Goodwill Ambassador?


To keep… To develop…

To co-operate… To be a center …


The UN (Para1-2)

From different countries that belong to the UN.


With the help of…, the UN assists …

The UN assists?



To visit countries where…


If I visit…, the television and press will…,this will increase…

My job (Para3-4)


In South Africa



Some women


One rand…

In South Africa

add it to…

to sell…

to buy…

to expand…

Who set up?




Para 5

Urgent problems caused by…

The UN helps

Other problems such as…

Try and meet …2015

agreed to?

A UN meeting in 2000

One is …fresh drinking water…

What goals?

Another is… all children…


further understanding
Further understanding
  • Read the text again and complete the following

Goodwill Ambassador for the UN


be voluntary to visit countries where the UN has programs


be reported by the television and press

increase awareness of the UN’s work

attract and encourage the local people

the united nations
The United Nations

After the second World War in October 1945

(originally) 51 countries

(recently) 191 countries

Helps end some of the world’s most horrible conflicts; protects human rights; improves international laws; helps with other problems such as lack of education, lack of food, poverty, disasters and diseases

the united nations1
The United Nations

To keep international peace; to develop friendly relationships among nations; to cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights; to be a centre for organizing the actions or work of different nations.

Eight goals, one of which is to ensure that fresh drinking water is available to everyone and another is that all children complete primary education.

C1 answer the following questions:
  • 1.What is the UN?
  • An international group made up of countries that want to increase peace.
  • 2.How does Tang Ning feel about being a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN?
  • Honoured and happy.
  • 3.Where do the UN soldiers come from?
  • They come from different countries that belong to the UN.
  • 4.Which countries does Tang ning visit?
  • She mainly visits countries where the UN has programmes to help people.
C1 answer the following questions:
  • 5.What do the group of women in South Africa make? And why?
  • Baskets, They sell them at the market.
  • 6.Apart from wars and conflicts, what other problems does the UN help with?
  • Lack of education, lack of money, lack of food, poverty, disasters and diseases.
  • 7.What are the two of the UN’s development goals that they want to meet by 2015?
  • Access to fresh drinking water for everyone and primary education for all children.
d match them
1.referred to




6.the press

7.apart from



a. work together with somebody else in order to achieve something, join forces.

b. lack of money, want of money

c. (of something) that needs to be dealt with immediately

d. mentioned or spoke about

e. in addition, as well as, besides

f. proud and happy

g. disagreements, fighting

h. newspapers and magazines


D. match them

Fill in the blanks

Tang Ning gave a great speech on TV yesterday about her work as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN.


She is a successful businesswoman who feels _______ to work for the UN. She started by explaining that the UN is an ___________ group made up of 191 countries.




It has a charter which sets out its main ________. One of the jobs of the UN is to protect human rights and improve ____ on behalf of people who need help. The UN helps with many problems such as wars, earthquake, typhoons, and_______.





There seems to be many victims of natural ________as well as civilian victims of wars and conflicts around the world. People like Tang Ning visit UN projects and _________people working in remote places.




One of the aims of the UN is to make sure that fresh _____________ is accessible to everyone by 2015.

drinking water



1.Tang Ning is a successful businesswoman. How do you think that would help her in her role as a Goodwill Ambassador?

2.Would you like to be a Goodwill


Why or why not?




  • 1.The UN-bringing everyone closer together.
  • bring...together 使。。。和好,团聚。
  • ①The loss of their son_________the two of them _______.
  • 丧子使他们重归于好。
  • ②The policeman's help __________ the parents and the lost son ___________.警察的帮助使父母和走散的儿子团聚
  • bring on 引起;导致 ;帮助;提高; 改善
  • bring out 生产;制造
  • bring round使苏醒 使改变主张
  • bring under镇压;压制;使就范:
  • bring up教育;养育; 提出;引出呕吐
  • bring in产生(利益); 赚到 引进; 吸收参加
  • bring about引起; 致使; 造成; 达成
  • bring along带来
  • bring down使落下, 使倒下, 击落
  • bring back回忆; 使忆起 使返回; 归还; 带回来
  • bring forward 提出 出示; 展示




bring on

bringing out

  • ①Working out in the rain for a long time may ______________ a fever.
  • 在雨中工作很长时间可能使人发高烧。
  • ②They succeeded in ________________ a new kind of soap
  • 他们成功生产了一种新肥皂
  • ③________________ to our point of view.
  • 让他赞成我们观点
  • ④The frost fire has been ___________________.
  • 森林大火已被控制住。
  • ⑤The general manager _______________________ a new reform plan on the personnel system for the company.
  • 总经理为公司提出了一份有关人事制度改革的新方案。

Bring him round

brought under control

brought forward


brought forward to

  • ⑥The final examination will be ____________________________ June instead of July.
  • 期终考试将由七月提前到六月举行。
  • ⑦The boys ____________________ £60 a week.
  • 这些男孩子每周赚60镑。
  • ⑧They tried to make the shop ___________________ the price of the computers.
  • 他们试图使让商店降低电脑价格。
  • ⑨This would ________________a lowering of the general level of intelligence in the population.
  • 这将使人口一般智力水平下降。

bring in

bring down

bring about

2.I am pleased to have this chance to talk to you about the United Nations or the UN, as it is more often referred to.
  • referred(常与to 连用) 涉及;提到 ;查资料;提交;交付;
  • ①Keats is___________ ____ epic poetry when he mentions Homer's 'proud demesne'.
  • 当济慈提到荷马'骄傲的领域'时,他指的是史诗。
  • ②The new law does not ______ _____ farm land.
  • 新法律与耕地无关。
  • ③The shop _________ the complaint _____ the manufacturers.
  • 商店把投诉转交给制造商。
  • ④The invention of the compass is __________ _____ China.
  • 指南针是中国发明的。

referring to

refer to

Referred to




referred to

referred to

  • ⑤The teacher __________ him _____ Chapter V.
  • 老师叫他看第五章。
  • ⑥The visitors are________ ____ the information desk.
  • 让来访者到问事处去。
  • ⑦He _______ his success_____ the good teaching he had had.
  • 他把他的成功归于他以前所受的良好教育。
  • ⑴When I said some people are stupid, I wasn't _____________ _______ you.
  • ⑵Don't _______ ______ this matter again, please.
  • ⑶I __________ _______ my watch for the exact time.
  • ⑷The original text is here for _______________.

referred to

referring to

refer to

referred to



taken on

  • 3.I feel very honoured to have been able to take on this role.
  • take on 雇用;聘用 ;开始显现;变得有; 承担(工作、责任等)
  • ①She was _________ ____ as a trainee.
  • 她受聘当实习生。
  • ②Our city has______ ___a new look since the reform.
  • 自从改革以来,我们城市呈现了新面貌。
  • ③I can't ________ ____ any extra work.
  • 我不能承担额外的工作。
  • take for 当作;误认为
  • take in 收留,收容(某人) 包括;囊括;包含
  • take off 脱掉(衣服)(飞机)起飞
  • take up 开始从事;专注于
  • take back 收回,带回
  • take place 举行,举办
  • take away 带走
  • take down 拿下

taken on

take on





  • ① .Mr. Pier has taken his son ________ from the boarding-school(寄宿学校).
  • ②. He would neither apologize nor take ____ what he had said.
  • ③. I took the book __________ to the library yesterday.
  • ④. The rain has stopped. You may take _____ your umbrella.
  • ⑤. The motorist's name and address were taken _______ by the policeman.
  • ⑥. He took _________ his glasses and wiped them again, outside and in.
  • ⑦. A helicopter is able to take ____________ and land straight up and down.
  • ⑧. The dentist is going to take this tooth ___________.
  • ⑨. The weather is perfect for taking the children __________ for a walk.
  • ⑩. The concert takes ____________ next Friday.








4.The organization is involved in peacekeeping operations to help end some of the world's most horrible conflicts.
  • conflict n 战争;战斗;冲突; 利益冲突 ;争论;抵触;论战
  • ①Can you tell me about the __________ _______ religion and science?
  • 你能告诉我关于 宗教与科学之间的冲突
  • ②She found herself ___ __________ ____ her parents over her future career.
  • 她发现自己在将来择业问题上与父母存在冲突。
  • ③John often comes ______ ___________ _____ his boss.
  • J约翰经常和老板发生冲突。

conflict between

in conflict with

into conflict with



conflicted with

  • conflict vi 冲突;争执;抵触
  • ①The two stories ___________, so I did not know what to believe.
  • 两个故事相冲突,我不知道相信哪一个。
  • ②All these actions by the NATO _________ ______ the universally accepted international laws.
  • 北约的这些行动都与公认的国际法相抵触。
  • conflict fight struggle 都含“战斗” 、“ 斗争”的意思。
  • conflict指“由于严重不一致, 而引起抵触或冲突”,
  • Their account of the causes of the war conflicts with ours.
  • 他们对于战争起因的报告与我们的报告相反。
  • fight原义是“打仗”、“战斗”, 指“任何形式的斗争”, 特别强调“短兵相接”,
  • The two boys fought. 两个孩子动手打起来了。
  • struggle本义是“挣扎”, 指“克服某种障碍或困难, 以达到某种目的”, 意味着“处境难”,
  • They were struggling for peace. 他们为和平而斗争。
5.My job with the UN is not paid, but voluntary and as I said before...
  • voluntary adj 自愿的;自发的;志愿的
  • ①She is a_________ ________ at the hospital.
  • 她是在这家医院义务服务的。
  • ②I do some ________ ______ at the company.
  • 我在公司做一些义务的工作

voluntary worker

voluntary work



  • volunteer n 志愿者 vt, vi (常与to连用)自愿去做,主动请求去做
  • ①We want some_____________ to help paint the house.
  • 我们想要几个自愿帮助漆房屋的人。
  • ②We all ______________ to paint the house.
  • 我们都自愿漆这房子。
  • ③Meanwhile, a number of university students have _________ ____ drive buses while the strike lasts.
  • 同时,许多大学生自愿在罢工期间去驾驶公共汽车。
  • ④The doctor who had _______________ to settled down in the poor village became the chief fable of the villagers.
  • 这个志愿到穷村落户的医生成了村民们的中心话题。


volunteered to


6.Apart from the urgent problems caused by wars and conflicts, the UN helps countries with other problems such as lack of education,...
  • lack n (常与of连用)缺乏;需要
  • ①There is no ______ _____ vegetable. 蔬菜不缺。
  • ②The ____ __ rain aggravated the serious lack of food.
  • "由于干旱少雨,缺粮问题更加严重。"
  • ③It was______ _____ current capital that defeated their business.
  • "因为缺少流动资本,他们的企业才告失败。"
  • ④Owing to ______ _____ time, we cannot do more than what we have done.
  • 由于时间不够,我们只能做到这样。

lack of

lack of

lack of

lack of

lack vt 缺乏;不足;没有
  • vi. (be lacking in...) 缺乏[少]; 没有短少;不足;需要
  • ①Their actions_______consistency; they say one thing and do another.
  • "他们言行不一,说的是一回事,做的是另一回事。"
  • ②These photographs ________definition. You'd better have them taken again.
  • "这些照片不够清晰,你最好得重拍。"
  • ③Is she_______ _____ courage?
  • 她缺乏勇气吗?
  • ④She is__________ _____ responsibility.
  • 她不够负责任。
7.One of the goals is to ensure that fresh drinking water is available to everyone.
  • ensure 使…必然发生 (亦作: insure)
  • ①Our precautions ________ our safety.
  • 我们的预防措施保证了我们的安全
  • ②We can _________ that the work shall be done in the right way. 我们可以保证把工作做好。
  • ③I fitted a new lock to _________ that the bicycle would not be stolen.
  • 我装了一把新锁以保证自行车不致失窃。
  • ④A letter of introduction will_________ you an interview. 凭一封介绍信准保会接待你。
8.The speaker can also highlight the positive aspects of the topic.
  • highlight vt. 使显著,强调
  • n. 重要部分,精彩部分。
  • ①The report _____________the major problems facing society today.
  • 报告特别强调当今社会面临的主要问题。
  • ②I've_____________ the important passages in yellow.
  • 我用黄色标出了重要段落。
  • ③One of the __________of the trip was seeing the Taj Mahal. 这次旅行最精彩的是参观泰姬陵。
  • ④The _________ of the match will be shown later this evening. 比赛最精彩的片段在今晚播出。
9.One of the jobs of the UN is to protect human rights and improve laws on behalf of people who need help.
  • behalf n (on behalf of / sb.'s behalf ) 作为…的代表
  • ①I paid the money ____ _________ _______. 我替你付了钱。
  • ②Don't trouble to do it ___ _______ __________.
  • 不要为了我去麻烦了。
  • ③My husband could not be here tonight, but l want to thank you ___ ________ ________.
  • 我丈夫今晚因故不能前来, 我代表他向你们致谢。
  • in behalf of / sb.'s behalf 为了...的利益
  • ①I thank you for all the trouble you have taken ___ ____ _____ 谢谢你为我费了这么多的心。
  • ②He saves ___ _______ ____his son. 他为儿子存钱。
  • ③He interceded __ ______ _____________. 他替我说情。
10. One of the aims of the UN is to make sure that fresh drinking water is accessible to everyone by 2015.
  • accessible adj 容易取得的; 容易接近的
  • ①He is proud that his wife is __________ ___ reason.
  • 他的妻子通情达理,为此他引以为豪。
  • ②This is a place __________ only by helicopter.
  • 这是一个只有直升机才能到达的地方。
  • ③Her poem is always _________. 她的诗歌易理解。
access n 进入;通道;接近; 达到; 进入;
  • ①There is no _______ _____the street through that door.
  • 穿过那个门没有通向大街的路。
  • ②The only ________ ____that ancient castle is along a muddy track.
  • 到那座古老城堡去的唯一通道是一条泥泞小路。
  • ③He is a man of _____ ___________
  • 他是易于接近的人.
  • ④The only _______ ____ the town is across the bridge.
  • 到镇上唯一的通路是经过一座桥。
  • ⑤Citizens may have free ________ ____ the library.
  • 市民可以自由使用图书馆。
11. These include: the International Civil Aviation Organization which sets the standards for air transport...
  • standard n 标准;水准
  • ①Our government has tried to improve the________ ____________ of the people.
  • 政府一直致力于改善人们的 生活水平
  • ②Your work is not ___ ____ ____ _____________.
  • 你的工作不够标准。
  • ③We should _____ a high ________ ___ one's work
  • 我们应该对自已的工作提出高标准的要求
  • below standard 不合格的, 标准以下的
  • come up to the standard 达到标准
  • double standard 双重标准, 不同标准
  • fall short of the standard 不够标准
  • under the standard of 在...旗下,
  • up to the standard 合格, 达到标准
12.It also aims to eliminate problems such as child labour.
  • eliminate vt 除去 ;淘汰
  • ①She has ____ ________ ________the swimming race because she did not win any of the practice races.
  • 她已被取消游泳比赛,因她训练中没有得名次。
  • ② They have made an effort to e____________capital punishment. 他们努力取消死罪。
  • ③He tried to___________all political opposition;
  • 他设法消除所有的政治对手;
  • ④John has __________ the possibility of committing the crime. 约翰已排除犯罪的可能性。
  • ⑤__________ the false and retain the true 去伪存真
13. Living conditions can be somewhat primitive and another problem is lack of firewood for cooking.
  • somewhat adv 有几分,略,稍;某程度;
  • n. 某东西; 某分量
  • ①I was ____________ surprised. 我有点惊讶。
  • ②He is ___________ ____ a musician.
  • 他可算是个音乐家。
  • ③I am __________ tired of this work .
  • 我对这个工作有点厌倦了 。
  • ④Matter is an unknown _____________ .
  • 物质是某种不明的东西。
14. If the pump breaks down, the repairing of the pump takes several days ,...
  • break down ①破坏;拆散 ②制服; (机器)损坏 ③失败;破裂 ④精神崩溃;失去控制
  • ①Chemicals in the body _______our food ____ ______useful substances.人体中的化学元素把食物分解成有用的物质。
  • ②The robbers ______ the door ________. 强盗们把门砸开了。
  • ③The peace talks are said to have_______ ______.
  • (喻) 据说和谈破裂了。
  • ④The car ______ ______ halfway to the destination.
  • 汽车在到达目的地的中途抛锚了。
  • ⑤The 8 o'clock train ______ _______ at Ferngreen station and was taken off the line.'
  • 8点钟的那趟车因在芬格林车站出了故障而被取消了。
  • ⑥Their opposition ________ ______.他们的反对意见打消了。
  • ⑦He _____ _______ and wept. 他不禁失声痛哭。
break in 闯入;强行进入; 打断;插嘴
  • break into 闯入;突然…起来
  • break of 除去(某人的)习性
  • break out 突然发生
  • break through 突破
  • break up分裂 ;结束;解散
  • ①The crowd started to _________ ____ when the night fell.
  • 天快黑时人群开始散开了。
  • ②He may _____ ____ under all this pressure.
  • 在这么大的压力下他可能会崩溃。
  • ③After the storm the sun _______ ______ the clouds.
  • 风暴过后太阳冲破了云层。
  • ④Fire ______ ____ in the kitchen.
  • 厨房突然发生了火灾。
  • ⑤World War II ________ _____ in 1939.
  • 第二次世界大战是1939年爆发的。
break in 闯入;强行进入; 打断;插嘴
  • break into 闯入;突然…起来
  • break of 除去(某人的)习性
  • break out 突然发生
  • break through 突破
  • break up分裂 ;结束;解散
  • ⑥Doctors keep trying to______him _____ smoking the drug.
  • 医生多次设法使他戒毒。
  • ⑦The crowd _______ ___cheers and the drunk bowed.
  • 观众们爆发出一阵欢呼,醉汉鞠了一躬。
  • ⑧The thieves ______ _____ the office and stole some money.
  • 小偷闯入办公室,偷了一些钱。
  • ⑨The burglar _______ ____ and stole my money.
  • 夜窃贼破门而入,偷了我的钱。
  • ⑩It's her usual habit to________ ____ ______ some ideas of her own.
  • 他常常打断别人的话来发表自己的观点。
break burst crush smash 都含“破环”、“破裂”的意思。
  • break 指“物体部分或整个碎裂、折断或毁坏”, 如:
  • If you break that vase you'll have to pay for it.
  • 假如你打碎那花瓶, 你得赔偿。
  • burst 指“由于内部压力而猛然破裂”, 多用作不及物动词, 如:
  • He watched the bombs bursting in air.
  • 他看 见炸弹在空中爆炸。
  • crush 指“外部巨大的压力造成物体压碎或压变形”, 如:
  • Eggs crush easily. 鸡蛋容易压碎。
  • smash 指“沉重的打击使某物完全成为碎片”, 如:
  • They smashed the enemy's defences.
  • 他们摧毁了敌人的防卫工事。
15. Farming is the nain occupation.
  • occupation n 占领;占有 ; 工作;职业
  • ①What is his ____________? 他的职业是什么?
  • ②The old man became bored for lack of ______________.
  • 这位老人因无所事事而感到无聊。
  • occupative adj.
  • occupy vt. 填满; 占用 使忙碌;把注意力集中于...占领, 占据; 充任
  • ①The workers were _________ ____ building new houses. 工人们正在忙碌着盖新房子。
  • ②He ____________ an important position in the Ministry of Education. 他在教育部充任要职。
16. and again no one has the means to pay for them.
  • means (单复数同形)可以指人或物,其含义为“手段”或“工具”;这个词不仅用于具体的东西,也可以用于抽象的意念。如:
  • means of production 生产资料,
  • means of living 生活资料
  • ①There is no doubt that radio and television are important ________ ___ communication.
  • 无疑,收音机和电视是信息交流的重要工具。
  • ②The local army men helped the victims of the earthquake ___ ______ _______ at their command.
  • 当地的军人用一切可能办法帮助地震灾民。
  • ③He climbed the tree ___ _________ ____ a ladder.
  • 他用梯子爬上了树。
16. and again no one has the means to pay for them.
  • means 还表示 “财力, 收入, 资产; 金钱, 财富”
  • ①Have you the _________ _____ support a wife?
  • 你有钱养活妻子吗?
  • ②He wants to go to college, but his family haven't the ________ to help him.
  • 他想上大学,可是他家没钱帮助他。
  • by all means (表示同意)当然可以, 没问题
  • by any means [口]用一切可能的方法或手段
  • by means of 通过; 用; 借助于
  • by no means 决不, 一点也不
  • by this means 用这种方法
  • by what means 怎样
17. Many of the people have fled to the mountains to escape the floods.
  • flee fled, fled vi, vt 逃走 ; 逃避;消失, 消散
  • ①The cat________ ____ the dog.
  • 猫从狗那里逃走了。
  • ②He was to _______ his native village to join the rebel army.
  • 他被迫逃离家乡参加了叛军。
  • ③The enemy________ ____ _________.
  • 敌人溃逃了。
  • ④Color______ _______ her cheeks.
  • 红晕从她的双颊上消失了。
escape vi, vt (常与from连用)逃走;(液体等)漏出;避免;疏忽,忽略
  • ①The hotel guests tried their best to _________ ______ the burning building.旅客们尽力从燃烧的大楼中逃出来。
  • ②The three brothers soon __________ from their captors.
  • 这三兄弟不久就从抓住他们的那些人手中逃走了。
  • ③Water _____________ rapidly from the drainpipe.
  • 水从排水管中迅速流出。
  • ④There is no ____________ him.怎么也避不开他。
  • ⑤Nothing ______________ his attention. 什么也逃不过他注意
  • escape, flee和run away 都作“逃跑”。
  • escape往往指罪犯逃跑或逃脱惩罚;
  • flee强调逃脱的行为,不强调成功与否;
  • run away只表示逃跑的功作,有时可和escape换用,表示兽类逃跑通常用run away.
18.and we checked the health of the babies to make sure they were putting on weight.
  • check vt 阻止;抑住;停止;检查;核对
  • ①A sudden change of wind __________ the forest fire.
  • 风向突然一转,森林大火就被遏制了。
  • ②You should __________ your bicycle before you ride it.
  • 你在骑自行车之前应该检查一下。
  • ③How does his story _______ ____ ______ the facts?
  • 他的说法经核实过后真实程度有多大?
  • ④Please _________ _____ the speech draft and correct the mistakes, if any.
  • 请把讲演稿检查一遍,如果有错误,请改正过来。
  • ⑤Has the English teacher _____________ the examination papers yet?
  • 英语老师批改好试卷了吗?
check,examine这两个词都可以表示“检查”,但check 另含有“校对”或“找错”的意思。而examine 另含有“察看或观察以了解情况”的意思。
  • ①Officials from Greenwich Observatory have the clock _________ twice a day.
  • 格林威治天文台的职员们每天对大钟检查两次。
  • ②__________ your homework before you _______ it in. 把你的家庭作业检查一下然后再交。
  • ③He went to the Congo to ___________ a new volcano. 他曾去刚果察看一座新火山。
  • ④The doctor __________ the patient carfully. 医生对这位病人作了仔细检查。
19. Looking out for bullets and running from one place to another became a way of life.
  • look out for当心, 提防 ;照料 ;寻找, 物色
  • ①You should ________ ____ _______ pickpockets.
  • 你应该提防扒手。
  • ②Do _______ _____ _____your spelling mistakes in your work. 务必当心你作业中的拼写错误。
  • ③I'll _________ _____ ______ you at the conference.
  • 我会在开会时找你的。
20. We are very concerned about the outbreak of water-borne diseases...
  • outbreak n 爆发;突然蔓延
  • ①The recent ___________ ______ hepatitis bereaved the happy family of three members.
  • 最近暴发的肝炎使这个幸福的家庭丧失了三条性命。
  • break out v 突然发生
  • ①It was almost midnight that a fire _______ ______ in the neighbourhood.
  • 昨天快半夜了这儿附近发生了火灾。
  • ②His back_______ ______in spots.
  • 他背上出现了许多斑点。
  • ③She ________ _____ in curses in her dream.
  • 她在梦中大声咒骂起来。
21.We are going to set up a temporary clinic there...
  • set up 建立(事业);成立(组织)
  • ①They ________ _____ a company last year.
  • 他们去年建立了一家公司。
  • ②A fund will ____ _______ _____ ____ the people out of work.
  • 要为失业人员设立一项基金。
  • set about 开始做,着手处理
  • set aside 宣告无效;驳回;废止
  • set down放下,搁下 ;记下,记载,写下
  • set in (疾病、坏天气或其他自然状况)开始并且(可 能)持续下去
  • set off 出发,启程 (= set out;set forth) 使爆 炸,引起爆炸
①How shall I ______ myself _______in the hotel register?
  • 在旅馆的登记簿上,我应如何写自己的身份呢?
  • ②One afternoon she _____ _____ ______ the coast in a small boat and was caught in a storm.
  • "一天下午,她乘坐小船从海岸出发,遇到了一场暴风雨。"
  • ③She is going to ______ ______ from the French coast at five o'clock in the morning.
  • 她准备早上五点钟从法国海岸出发。
  • ④The journalist immediately ____ _______ obtaining these importent facts,but he took a long time to send them.
  • 那位新闻记者立即着手去获得这些重要的资料,但是他把这些资料寄来却用了很长时间。
  • ⑤The children _______ ____ _______school.
  • 孩子们上学去了。
  • ⑥The news _____ ______ a rush of activity.
  • 这消息令人蜂拥而动。


  • Review the language points of this part.
  • 2. Read the text again and try to retell using your own words.