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Are you smarter

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Are you smarter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you smarter. Than a. rookie ?. Are you smarter than a rookie?. 5th Level Topic 1. 5th Level Topic 2. 4th Level Topic 3. 4th Level Topic 4. 3rd Level Topic 5. 3rd Level Topic 6. 2nd Level Topic 7. 2nd Level Topic 8. 1st Level Topic 9. 1st Level Topic 10. Million Dollar Question.

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Presentation Transcript

Are you smarter

Than a

rookie ?


Are you smarter than a rookie?

5th Level Topic 1

5th Level Topic 2

4th Level Topic 3

4th Level Topic 4

3rd Level Topic 5

3rd Level Topic 6

2nd Level Topic 7

2nd Level Topic 8

1st Level Topic 9

1st Level Topic 10

Million Dollar Question

5th level topic 1 question
5th Level Topic 1 Question
  • The third successful interviewing technique acknowledged by the offenders as being "very helpful" to them in deciding whether or not to admit to their crime was?
5th level topic 1 answer
5th Level Topic 1 Answer

Showing Understanding and Empathy

5th level topic 2 question
5th Level Topic 2 Question
  • A pseudotherapeutic approach, where the investigator communicates with the offender in a ____________________ ___ __________________ _____, showing understanding and empathy, has a much greater chance of success than aggressive confrontation?
5th level topic 2 answer
5th Level Topic 2 Answer

Nonthreatening and Nonjudgmental Way

4th level topic 3 question
4th Level Topic 3 Question
  • Psychological amnesty is the ability of the interviewer to offer justification for the crimes by offering the offender _____________ ____ _____________ that morally (not legally) excuses their behavior?
4th level topic 3 answer
4th Level Topic 3 Answer

Excuses and reasons

4th level topic 4 question
4th Level Topic 4 Question
  • The second significant reason for confessing was the "_____ __ _____________" and a perception that the interviewer quickly established trust and understanding and could provide them with help?
4th level topic 4 answer
4th Level Topic 4 Answer

Ease of Conversation

3rd level topic 5 question
3rd Level Topic 5 Question
  • What was the main factor in the 36% who did not confess or make an admission of guilt? The way they were treated or questioned
3rd level topic 5 answer
3rd Level Topic 5 Answer

The way they were treated or questioned

3rd level topic 6 question
3rd Level Topic 6 Question
  • Creating a sense of amnesty _____________admissions of guilt, remorse, and a promise not to repeat the behavior?
2nd level topic 7 question
2nd Level Topic 7 Question
  • The most consistent reason offered by the offenders for why they confessed their crime was the immediate and constant ________ shown them by the interviewer?
2nd level topic 8 question
2nd Level Topic 8 Question
  • What percentage of the pedophile offenders stated that they were themselves victims?
1st level topic 9 question
1st Level Topic 9 Question
  • How many children were molested by the 45 offenders in the Maryland Heights Study?
1st level topic 9 answer
1st Level Topic 9 Answer


Bonus: one insisted there were 73 more he didn’t disclose

1st level topic 10 question
1st Level Topic 10 Question
  • What is a sexual attraction to prepubescent children?
1 000 000 question
1,000,000 Question
  • Many offenders use distorted thinking to rationalize and justify their crimes, to make their own needs most important and to minimize their behavior. Many offenders convince themselves these relationships are mutual and…?
1 000 000 answer
1,000,000 Answer

They were loving, caring relationship; that the sexual acts were consensual; or that the child somehow benefited from the relationship.


Are you smarter

Than a

rookie ?