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Personal Trainer Rutherford

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Are you facing problems regarding unwanted fat of your body? If yes then come at The Gorilla Pit that provides their expert personal trainer rutherford for the people who want to become fit and slim.\nYou can visit here:\n

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I want to take you through the essential protocol for a beginner’s fitness training programs; be it is for stamina, losing weight, gaining fatless muscles, or for general body fitness, this body transformation program is going to aid you in figuring out the best way to achieve great health. Consistent training increases the size of your muscle’s fibers and strengthens the tendons and ligaments.
lifting etiquette
Lifting Etiquette
  • Always ensure that you have a towel and remember to clean the lifting machines and every tool that you use.
  • Do not lean on the machines for prolonged periods when you are not working out. Someone else might be waiting for and you could be an impediment.
  • Kindly keep your mobile phone away to avoid distractions.
avoid these common mistakes
Avoid These Common Mistakes

For a start, do not lift too much weight. Great force could harm your muscles or cause injury.

Again avoid using little weight; you have to do the lifting safely and intelligently. Increase the weight gradually and the increment at a time should not exceed 5%.

common mistakes
Common Mistakes

Going too fast through repetitions will do you no good. Move the weight in a controlled and slow movement; this will ensure activation of more muscle fibres and reduces shock to your tissues.

Do not rest far too long as this kills your workout. On the other hand, little or no rest is quite detrimental to your health. Actually, your rest period is supposed to be between thirty and ninety seconds.

simple tips for the workout
Simple Tips for the Workout
  • The workout should be done at least twice a week to maintain significant gains on fitness and strength.
  • Between each workout, you need to take an off- day.
  • Ensure you keep a neat record of your day to day exercises for a better progress.
workout tips
Workout Tips
  • Take a lot of water. It is important that you stay hydrated by taking eight to ten water glasses a day. Take sips of water in the midst of your workout too.
  • Eat a balanced diet, a small portion though, an hour before you start training. This will give you energy and encourage muscle healing.
  • As you progress, keep track of body weight changes and different body parts’ measurements e.g. chest breadth.