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Tie Dye Bean Bag Chair PowerPoint Presentation
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Tie Dye Bean Bag Chair

Tie Dye Bean Bag Chair

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Tie Dye Bean Bag Chair

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  1. Tie Dye Bean Bag Chairs July 2013

  2. Why a Tie Dye Bean Bag Chair? Okay, so we all know that bean bag chairs are the coolest thing out since the mini-fridge. But did you know that you can get bean bags in various killer colors and styles? One particular style that we think is cool and youthful are tie dye bean bag chairs. Nothing screams of youth and positive energy like a good ole tie dye design. They burst with color and give their surroundings a sense of welcome, fun, and playfulness which ultimately encourages comfort. When a first-time guest sees something like a tie dye bean bag chair sitting in your house, they will automatically know that your home is a place of warmth and fun. This reflects positively upon you as this will give them a glimpse into your personality and allow them to truly feel like they can relax.

  3. Removable Covers When dealing with bean bag chairs it’s always a good idea to consider getting one that has a fully washable and removable cover. Keeping your bean bag chair clean will be key to maintaining its overall quality. With a removable cover you will be able to thoroughly clean it, while extending the bean bag’s life span as an added result. In the event that your bean bag does suffer cosmetic damage that cannot be washed away or repaired, with a removable cover you’ll have the comfort of knowing that the cover can be replaced rather than you having to replace the whole bean bag chair all together.

  4. Colors There so many colors in the world, and in the world of tye die the color combinations are limitless! Warm colors, cool colors, earth tones, and monochromatic color palettes really give a huge amount of range in the way you go about complimenting the décor in your home. While it may be harder to match tie dye with the rest of your room, if you can pull it off then it will really help to make your bean bag stand out as a highlighted piece of furniture.

  5. Who Even Likes Tie Dye Anyways!? Ooooh, just some of the biggest stars in the world, that’s all…

  6. A Quick History Lesson on Tie Dye Where did tie dye come from? What impact did it have? • Dating back to 500 to 810 AD the earliest example of tie die originated from Peru. The designs involved small circles and lines. Colors used were bright reds, yellows, blues and greens. • West Africa, as well as countries such as Japan and Indonesia have been using tie dye techniques for centuries. • By 1909, tie-dye had made its way to the United States. • In the late 1960’s, modern psychedelic tie-dye attire became popular by way of rock stars like Janis Joplin. • A modern throwback culture has been created through millennials. The internet has revived the publics’ interest in fashion and designs incorporating the use of tie die.

  7. In Closing If you are interested in expressing your youthful, care-free, and fun-loving side then a tie dye bean bag may be the right way for you to go. Having a bean bag in your home already says that you love comfort and want others to be comfortable in your home, having a tie dye design on top of that just says that you’re super friendly…and who doesn’t want to be super friendly!?

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