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10-4-2011 Age of Exploration

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10-4-2011 Age of Exploration. What was one positive result of the Crusades? What were the two Italian cities that were part of the major trade routes from the East to Europe? Who discovered the Cape of Good Hope? What was Portugal’s most profitable colony?

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10 4 2011 age of exploration
10-4-2011 Age of Exploration
  • What was one positive result of the Crusades?
  • What were the two Italian cities that were part of the major trade routes from the East to Europe?
  • Who discovered the Cape of Good Hope?
  • What was Portugal’s most profitable colony?
  • List 2 reasons for the Age of Exploration?
10 5 2011 age of exploration
10-5-2011 Age of Exploration
  • What century would the 1500’s be?
  • What country colonized Australia?
  • What country do these people belong to – Prince Henry the Navigator, Dias, Vasco da Gama?
  • What country do we associate the conquistadors?
9 27 2012 name that country
9-27-2012 Name that country
  • Most profitable colony was Brazil.
  • Captain James Cook
  • New World
  • Bartholomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama, Prince Henry the Navigator
  • 13 colonies
  • Canada (2 countries) Circle the one who eventually gained control
  • Philippines
  • Conquistadors
  • Penal colony
  • If an event occurred in 1492, what century would that be?
10 11 2011 test review
10-11-2011 Test Review
  • What is the love and pride in one’s country?
  • What is the build up of military power and adopting warlike attitude?
  • What is a group of countries who agreed to defend each other from attack?
  • What is the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countires?
10 17 2011
  • What is having pride in one’s country?
  • Who was assassinated that led to Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia thus starting World War I?
  • What were Russian rulers called?
  • Who was Nicholas II?
date 9 25 2012 title who am i
Date: 9/25/2012 Title: Who AM I?
  • Who started a naval observatory where students studied navigation, astronomy, and cartography?
  • Who discovered the Cape of Good Hope?
  • Who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope to India?

There are many reasons why Portugal, Spain, England and France wanted to explore land in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

empire of spain
Empire of Spain
  • One of the largest empire in history
  • 1490’s – Christopher Columbus
    • Discovered the Bahamas
    • Thought he was in Asia
    • Later learned that Columbus found two continents
    • “New World” – gave Spain much wealth
  • Spanish conquistadors: conquered Incas and Aztecs
  • Claimed huge areas on North and South America
  • Empire stretched to Asia – controlled the Philippines
empire of england
Empire of England
  • British empire – largest in history
  • Controlled Canada, Australia, India, much of eastern Africa and many islands around world
  • 18th century - North America under rule of England and France
    • Great Britain won control
    • Lost the 13 American colonies
    • Kept control over Canada until 20th century
  • Colonized continent of Australia
  • By 1920’s – ¼ of world’s population was under British control – “the sun never sets on the British empire”
  • After WWII – most territories and colonies- independent
empire of france
Empire of France
  • By 1812 – controlled much of Germany, Italy and Spain
  • 16th and 17th centuries – controlled islands in Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, the North Pacific, and North Atlantic.
  • Had influence on parts of Canada, South America, Southeast Asia, and Northwest Africa
the colonization of australia
The Colonization of Australia
  • 1770 – Captain James Cook sailed to Australia
    • Claimed the east coast for Great Britain
    • Named it “New South Wales”
  • 1788 – Britain colonized Australia
    • Created a penal (prison) colony
  • 4 main reasons Britain colonized Australia
    • Relieve overcrowding in Great Britain’s jail
    • Important to have a navy established in Australia for the southern hemisphere
    • Economic base to expand trade
    • British government did not want its rivals, the French, to start a colony on the Australian continent