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The Roundtable Secretary

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The Roundtable Secretary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Roundtable Secretary. …Not just the note taker!. Agenda. About the Presenters. James Philpott Cushman&Wakefield , Director of Brokerage Atlanta RT – currently Programs Previous RT positions: Secretary, Membership, President. Susie Sterling- Bodnar

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The Roundtable Secretary

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    1. The Roundtable Secretary …Not just the note taker!

    2. Agenda

    3. About the Presenters James Philpott • Cushman&Wakefield, Director of Brokerage • Atlanta RT – currently Programs • Previous RT positions: Secretary, Membership, President Susie Sterling-Bodnar • LeanCor, Director of Supply Chain Solutions • San Francisco RT – currently Marketing • Previous RT positions: Hospitality, Secretary, Programs, President of the Cincinnati RT

    4. Let’s try something new!– Open Spaces

    5. Secretary The Champion of a Roundtable Event Champion Website/IT Board Meeting Management Social Glue of the Board – call instead of email! President’s right hand Membership growth

    6. Event ChampionBackup Plan for speaker no show Summary of the AGC

    7. Systems Thinking – Communication Flawless event Programs are our main priority! You’re a fool if you don’t focus on Roundtable costs The defining characteristic of a system is that it cannot be understood as a function of its isolated components. First, the behavior of the system doesn't depend on what each part is doing but on how each part is interacting with the rest ... Kofman and Senge, 1993 What we need are more members for CSCMP! I love it when a plan comes together…did it ?

    8. Social Glue of the RTEffective Communication • Listen more than you talk • Clarify and confirm understanding (meaning can be lost in transmission) • Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification • Be cautious with jargon usage • Disagree without arguing • Do not blame or attack others • If you are blamed or attacked, do not become defensive.

    9. Board Meeting Management • To create value added meetings that produce actions that increase the value of work. • Patrick Lencioni • Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business(2004) • Why: • Utilize resources by honoring people’s time. • Utilize Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) thinking for all types of meetings (formal & informal) • Create visibility to action items that support plans, problem solving, and provide updates on performance.

    10. Discussion Facilitation • Start with the end in mind • Objectives, purpose, targets • Complete understanding vs. tunnel vision • Control & leverage audience personalities • Be what the audience will appreciate • Ex: Stern, funny, inquisitive, driven, etc. • Engage introverts • Listen and understand audience • Body language can speak volumes • A wrong answer may have certain “right” aspects • Discern between constructive and destructive communication • Constructive criticism can become quickly destructive banter

    11. Meeting Agenda

    12. End of Day Check-Adjust Golden Nuggets - What did we learn ? What would you like to learn more about?