changing pattern of energy demand in glasgow jim whyte 16 th july 2013
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Changing Pattern Of Energy Demand in Glasgow Jim Whyte 16 th July 2013

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Changing Pattern Of Energy Demand in Glasgow Jim Whyte 16 th July 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changing Pattern Of Energy Demand in Glasgow Jim Whyte 16 th July 2013. Background: UK Low Carbon Agenda. There is a Cunning Plan. Background: Translation to UK Energy Picture.

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Presentation Transcript
background uk low carbon agenda
Background: UK Low Carbon Agenda
  • There is a Cunning Plan.......
background translation to uk energy picture
Background: Translation to UK Energy Picture
  • Thank You National Grid For Scenario Analysis:
  • 3 scenario picture with built in Economic Growth Predictions, Axioms and Heroic Assumptions!
  • This is only one well laid out and coherent future energy picture created by National Grid (The Major Gas and Electric company in the UK).....
  • The Devil is in the detail!
background the city energy mix implications
Background: The City Energy Mix Implications
  • Heat
  • Domestic Heating transfer to Electrical Power
  • Industrial Heat use of Bio-fuels/Mass & Carbon Capture
  • Burning Fossil Fuels kept for ‘High Grade Heat’
  • Transport
  • Cars (and Buses?) all Electric or Hybrid
  • Electric Mass transit systems
  • Burning Fossil Fuels kept for Aviation & Shipping
background the future is electric
Background: The future is Electric!
  • Things Don't Take off till Electricity is Cleaned up in the mid 20’s!
  • Reduction In Electrical Demand till Then
  • Concurrent Reduction In Gas Demand
glasgow energy changes energy efficiency
Glasgow Energy Changes: Energy Efficiency
  • Minimise Energy Requirement!
  • Devices
  • Background improvement in Energy Efficiency
    • Boilers
    • Appliances
  • Buildings
  • New Development: Managed by Building Regulations
  • Retrofit: Massive Encouragement In Building Improvement
    • Green Deal
    • ECO
    • Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme for large Commercial & Industrial Users
    • Building Energy Certificates
glasgow energy changes heat
Glasgow Energy Changes: Heat

A Key area for Debate & Decision!

Community Energy Systems V Continued Individual Building Installation

  • Individual Building Installation
  • Domestic Heat Pumps
  • Single Commercial Building Level Electrical Heat/Cooling Pump System’s
  • Biomass/Bio fuel Installations
  • Energy Mix Implications
  • Increased Electrical requirement
  • Smart Grids and Reinforcement of electrical system
  • Community Energy Systems
  • CHP & District Heating networks
  • Feeds Electrical Energy in & provides Heat
  • Taps into Waste/Process Heat and Geothermal Heat
  • Flexible Technology for Energy Centre
  • Adapt as Low Carbon Requirement Grows
  • Energy Mix Implications
  • New Energy Infrastructure: Heat Network
  • Minimise Requirement for Electrical Reinforcement

Both Valid Solution’s For Low Carbon Requirement

Create a Environment for Mixed Solution Driven by Heat and Building Density?

glasgow energy changes transport
Glasgow Energy Changes: Transport
  • Increased Requirement for Electrical Energy for Transport needs
    • Individual Car Use
    • Buses
    • Mass Transit Systems
  • But....lots of Smart Grid Potential (Smoothing out the Demand Profile)
    • Overnight Charging
    • Time of Use Tariffs
    • Predictable Car Usage : Use of Car Batteries for Energy Balancing Storage devices etc...
glasgow energy changes low carbon technology penetration
Glasgow Energy Changes:Low Carbon Technology Penetration
  • Micro generation
    • Driven By FITS
    • PV prevalent in Cities
  • Community Scale generation
    • CHP: Dependant on Community Heating schemes penetration,
    • CHP: LCT Energy Technology Independent
    • Others at Low Level: Urban Wind
  • Micro Renewable Heat
    • Driven by RHI
    • Heat Pumps, Air & Ground Sourced
    • Biomass
  • Community Scale Renewable Heat
    • Waste & Process Heat
    • Geothermal
    • Large Scale Biomass
    • Bio-fuels & Anaerobic Digestion
glasgow energy changes summary
Glasgow Energy Changes: Summary
  • Now to 2030
    • Little Change in Current Energy Mix
    • Decrease in Energy Use Due to increasing Energy Efficiencies (balanced by Increasing Population/GDP)
    • Drive for Building Improvement, LCT Penetration and Background Clean Up of Electricity
  • 2030 to 2050
    • Move away from Hydrocarbon Sources (Gas and Petrol) to Electrical Energy
    • Drive for Electric Transport and Electrical Heating Systems (Heat Pumps)
    • Continued Drive for LCT Systems to support local energy Infrastructure
    • Need for Smart Grids to maximise LCT potential and minimise new Infrastructure

DECC: Updated Energy & Emissions Projections 2012

  • Decisions By the City To Influence Final Energy Mix Picture
    • How to Maximise Energy Efficiency Potential
    • Encouragement of Citizens LCT take Up
    • Mass Transit Transport Decisions
    • Strategic Decisions on Supply of Heat